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A blog talk broadcast for creative conscious awareness and awakening for the Evolving Self.This show is about Using your tools through the "Growth periods" or "transitions" in life and allow for a more Self Empowering clarity to come through. This is a small part of the whole on the path to the Evolving Self. Through this show you will pick up tools, tips, listen to guests, live healings, and participate in a community of creative conscious awareness. Thank you and Welcome to Peace Of Mind Broadcast Radio. My deepest gratitude extends to all on this journey. This is an extension of Om Aroma Co.
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Welcome to Peace of Mind Broadcast! Join us on July 14th at 2 pacific as we talk to Tina Powers about being a medium and how it can help us in our life". It is my belief we all have intuitive psychic gifts. Somewhere along the line we were told not to use them. It became more important what other people thought about us, instead of what we thought and felt. Our value was dependent on others viewpoints. I am hoping we turn that concept around. Learning to trust ourselves, what we sense and how we feel. Our psychic gifts are our inner compass. Our freedom. Recognizing the signs from the other world is uplifting, inspiring and freeing. In my new book, "Reporting for the Other Side", I write about the transition from the television newsroom to reporting what I am hearing and seeing from the spirit world. On your journey- I hope you learn to read the signs for yourself and know life does not end here on Earth."www.tinapowers.comMy Deepest Gratitude,TamaraAuthor of Flow Notes;A Collection, ReikiMaster, Yoga /Pilates teacherTo donate: PayPal
Welcome to Peace of Mind Broadcast! We will be speaking to Akashic record healer, Shelley Crane on what are the Akashic Records , how you can access them, and how it can help change your life.July 7th @2pm pacific timeShelley studied under Christina Cross, through the Center for Akashic Studies in Chicago, an organization dedicated to providing excellent training for those seeking to work in the records. The Akashic Records are a vibrational field that contains a record of all things that have ever taken place for everyone.  It is an infinite resource from a spiritual perspective from the highest point of view.www.shelleycraneakashicrecords.comShelley Crane, Grief recovery Specialist, certified professional coach, ReikiMaster,Akashic record practitionerMy Deepest Gratitude,TamaraPublished author of Flow Notes;A Collection, ReikiMaster, Yoga/Pila 
Welcome to Peace Of Mind Broadcast! Join us, as we interview Marc Marcel on his new endeavor, "Gurus". June 18th!One of the world’s most recognized, prolific and consciously aware Spoken Word Artist of his generation, Marc Marcel finds it difficult to restrict himself to the labels of the art form. Published author of "THE BOOK THAT DOES'T EVEN MATTER", we will discuss Marc's new animated creation, "Gurus". :link to Guru Short on You Tubefor more information www.marcmarcel.comMy deepest Gratitude,Tamarapublished author of Flow Notes:A Collection
Welcome to Peace of Mind Broadcast!!On Friday I will be hosting Adam Sommer. Adam is an atsrologer whose interests are Healing Arts, Plant medicine, and Qi Gong. He will be joining us on Friday to talk about The Astrology of 2014 and Mercury going retrograde on Thursday the 6th. I hope you all can join in and listen in to this wonderful discussion.For more information about Adam Sommer please visit Deepest Gratitude,Tamarawww.tamaranotes.wordpress.comDonate thru Paypal @ to support more shows like this.
Welcome to Peace Of Mind Broadcast!!On February 28th, I will be hosting published author Marc Marcel about his book: The Book That Doesn't Even Matter.We will be discussing his philosophy on life and higher consciousness.I will be opening the lines fo ryour questions!! 646-378-1287One of the world’s most recognized, prolific and consciously aware Spoken Word Artist of his generation, Marc Marcel finds it difficult to restrict himself to the labels of the art form.The author of, ‘The Book that Doesn’t Even Matter,’ a philosophy on life, Marc states, “I always wanted to understand what we are doing here…now I’m just sharing what I think I know.”marmarcel.comNamaste,TamaraBUY MY BOOK on the link below support this programme please donate
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