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Messages from Pastor Greg! We seek after knowing Him and making Him known!
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POINT #1 The POWER of the PERSON OF THE HOLY SPIRIT is essential to fulfill the PURPOSE of your life found in God’s PLAN.POINT #2 Every follower of Jesus RECEIVES the Spirit of GodPOINT #3 A Christian’s default position should be a RELIANCE on the Holy Spirit.#1 Reliance on the Holy Spirit means to be committed to a COMMUNITY of Jesus followers! (Acts 2:1; 42-47 - Hebrews 10:23-25)#2 Reliance on the Holy Spirit means that no matter what--embody LOVE! (Matthew 22:26-40; John 13:35; Gal. 5:22-23; Acts 3:1-6)#3 Reliance on the Holy Spirit means to call on the Lord in PRAYER! (Acts 4:31)#4 Reliance on the Holy Spirit means to be FILLED with the Spirit who testifies of the person and work of Jesus (John 15:26)#5 Reliance on the Holy Spirit means to do what is RIGHT and then trust that the Lord is at work in ways beyond what you could measure. (Acts 4:18-20)
POINT #1 Jesus is the KING of RECLAMATION & RENEWAL (Nothing is too hard for Him!)POINT #2 God uses adversity to change the way we THINK, while He continues to change us and grow our lives.POINT #3 God uses adversity to TEST our faith--which never fails, because our faith is in God--who never fails!POINT #4 God grows our lives and matures us amidst adversity so that we are not “PUPPETS” being controlled by our feelings and circumstances...POINT #5 God uses adversity to draw us closer to the FATHER in prayer--who is the One who guarantees an answer to our cry, “Lord, give me wisdom!”
MAIN POINT: The Fear of God (being overwhelmed by the truth of who God who is perfectly Just) results in TREATING OTHERS with respect, care, compassion, value, justice...MAIN APPLICATION: A good indicator of whether or not you fear the Lord, is how QUICKLY you make a WRONG into a right!THREE Reasons to “Let Us Rise In The Fear Of God (The Overwhelming Truth of Who He is)”#1 The Fear Of God brings into focus the reality that JESUS IS IN THE ROOM!#2 The Fear Of God makes the things that are not REAL be overcome by what is REAL -- the Lord, who is the greatest REALITY of all!#3 The Fear Of God brings a godly RESTRAINT and the right BOUNDARIES in order to live RIGHTEOUSLY. (Pr. 3:7; Pr. 9:10)
1. Condition - A man or woman of God can FEEL far away from God, even though God is not far away ...2. Causal Factors - That a person can feel that God is far away but it’s not due to a moral or spiritual problem but to OTHER factors ...CAUSAL FACTOR #1 Disruption Of CommunityCAUSAL FACTOR #2 Disillusionment over the events of life.CAUSAL FACTOR #3 Physical Depravation3. The Cures - Psalm 42 instructs us with the needed wisdom to reboot so to experience emotional and spiritual balance and health ...CURE #1: Vs. 4 “I pour out my soul within me.”CURE #2: Vs. 6 & Vs. 11 Begin to identify your hope by asking: “Why are you cast down, O my soul ...”CURE #3: Vs. 8 Remember “His lovingkindness” (Hebrew word for “Covenant Faithfulness”)CURE #4: Vs. 5 Preach to Yourself: “Hope in God!” (You’ll never get out spiritual dryness until you do this - You have to bring God’s grace to your own heart!!)
POINT #1 Protect what you allow inside in your heart and mindAPPLICATION #1 Renew the consecration of your eyes - your ears, and how your managing your thinking: work it OUT!POINT #2 The most important ability in the work of the Lord is availabilityAPPLICATION #2 Look for opportunities in your sphere of influenceATTACK #1 They attempt to demoralize Nehemiah by devaluing his efforts (Neh. 4:1-3)ATTACK #2 They threatened the people with bodily harm to create confusion (Neh 6:8-11)POINT #3 Renew your allegiance to the authority of THE KING (Jesus!)APPLICATION #3 THE KING is in the REVIVAL business - He has given us victory over the enemies of death and sin - so do Revival things!
POINT#1 Nehemiah was deeply moved with the heart of God for his generationAPPLICATION #1 We are NEHEMIAH’s in our generation: we need to understand “the wound of humanity” at its sourcePOINT #2 Nehemiah was “Prayed-Up”- Prepared & Willing APPLICATION #2 God Blesses the making of plans (it’s the difference between living reactive Vs. proactive!)“Once I identify the Priorities that are to define my life: it clarifies my Calendar (usage of time/ “redeem the time”)- and therefore fuels my Calling- builds my Confidence- expands my Connections- improves my Competence- strengthens my Character and increases my Commitment!”POINT #3 Expect opposition!APPLICATION #3 Beware of diversions/ distractions from fighting the “Good FIght of Faith!”POINT #4 It takes a TEAM to make the DREAM APPLICATION #4 Every “Stone” makes a difference: every prayer, every dollar, every demonstration of love, every invite, every availability saying “here I am send me” POINT #5 HOLD ONTO THE PROMISES OF GOD! APPLICATION #5 What promise of God are you holding onto today? 
POINT #1 Let us RISE in PRAYER!APPLICATION #1 God purposed PRAYER to be a first priority not last RESORTPOINT #2 Prayer coupled with FASTING - turns down the background noise in life - while turning up the VOLUME of GOD’S voice!APPLICATION #2 “Do you need a BREAK-THRU?” “Are you carrying a burden for the SALVATION of a loved one?”POINT #3 Prayer is a PREP for new BEGINNINGS...APPLICATION #3 In this month of September- let us be “the REMNANT” - and LET US RISE IN PRAYER & pray the PROMISES of God! (Isaiah 40:31; Matthew 9:35-38; Luke 11:13)
POINT #1 The Lord Wants To Touch Our Lives Over and OverAPPLICATION #1 Cut out the default “it’s all’s good ... no big deal ... no problem ... no worries” and in THIS moment in your heart pray, “Lord, I need your touch today!” (Eph. 5:18; James 4:10)POINT #2 There is the TOUCH of Revelation (& Illumination!)APPLICATION #2 Ask the Father for more illumination of the greatness of Jesus!POINT #3 There is the TOUCH of further clarity in God’s planAPPLICATION#3 Where is the Lord having you to suffer that others might be blessed?APPLICATION #31/2 Being radically committed to the allegiance of Jesus is the difference the world needs: Live for an audience of ONE!POINT #4 There is the TOUCH of Security in God’s planAPPLICATION #4 Stake your TRUST on the the FAITHFULNESS of the Lord!!
Five Perspectives on How Context Impacts Our Understanding of Communion#1 The Jesus & Nisan 14 Passover Connection#2 Jesus linked God's plan from eternity past through eternity future thru Israel.#3 Jesus inaugurated the New Covenant of Jeremiah 31:31-37 at the Cross that was given to Israel thru which the world is invited into.#4 Communion in Context helps course-correct Constantine's corruption!#5 The Context of Communion helps equip the church in the work of evangelism to Jewish friends that following Jesus the Messiah is not a "new religion," but the fulfillment of God's plan.
POINT #1 The Spirit inspires pro-activeness to live our God-given potential found in God’s purposes!APPLICATION #1 BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT: “God has not given us the Spirit of fear (paralysis) but power, love and a sound mind!” (Eph. 5:18; 2 Tim. 1:7)POINT #2 It is the Spirit who stirs up the people of God to action!APPLICATION #2 Question: “What is the Holy Spirit stirring up in your life?” POINT #3 Do not despise the days of “small things!” APPLICATION #3 Our small step of faith and obedience is used in a BIG way by the Spirit: so take the step when the Spirit stirs you up!
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