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If you've been on the spiritual journey for even a little while, you've probably asked one of these questions...   "When will I ever be done with all of this?"   The short answer is that you won't, but that doesn't mean it has to be an endless drudgery. Sheevaun shares her favorite tip for keeping things light.  "I should already be over this!"  This is a trap that sets you up to keep repeating negative patterns. Find out what that happens and what you can do to change it.  "Will it ever get easier?!"  You probably won't like the answer to this, but hear us out because it will mean the difference between constantly struggling and walking light and free. Which would you prefer?  "I wish I could just get it all done at once!" Hmmm....Are you SURE about that? Sheevaun shares a shocking story about this that will make you think twice.  We hope you enjoy this episode especially for all of our lifetime spiritual travelers and friends.  The Energy Mastery® System provides the very best tools so you can stay uplifted on this ever-evolving  spiritual journey instead of constantly getting knocked back down. To learn for yourself, click here. 
Have you ever had things in your life come together in a beautiful and unexpected way? Here's a better question... What would your life look like if that happened all the time- WITHOUT the stress and worry about 'how' it's all going to work out.  Synchronicity is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. Say what?  It's when the exact right person calls you at the exact right time- 'unplanned' of course.  It's when you suddenly receive the exact amount of money you needed just in time.  It's when you follow a hunch to somewhere unexpected, and then realize that you're there to get EXACTLY what you need. Sheevaun shares a great story about that in this episode that spans continents!  It's when, despite all appearances of randomness and chaos, suddenly it all makes sense.  There is a very simple, yet profound secret to having these experiences all the time. Listen in to learn for yourself.  Who knows, maybe this episode is EXACTLY what you've been looking for without even realizing it! Stranger things have happened.  To your beautiful life,  Sheevaun & Nick Energy Mastery® P.S.  To take a deeper dive, go to because you KNOW that synchronicity has everything to do with your energy.  or If you're a quick-starter and want to get right to it, apply for one of our classes here. After you fill out the form, we'll talk. 
Your 3rd Eye is an incredibly powerful piece of equipment that everyone has. It's part of the design of the human anatomy. Most people confuse the 3rd eye with intuition. They are related, but they are NOT the same thing, so we spend some time in this episode to differentiate between the two. One of the most common phrases I hear people on the spiritual journey say is, "I want to open my 3rd eye more," and they'll do anything, including experimental and dangerous practices that can damage the energetics and turn life upside down. "You can't have good intuitive hits when your energy is all mucked up." -Sheevaun Moran In order to for your 3rd eye to be at optimum capacity, the ENTIRE energetic system needs to be addressed, so that it can be clean, clear, and resilient. Here's what you can do... Get started cleaning up your energetics here. Then, when you're ready for a deeper conversation about taking your awareness and understanding to the next level, go here.
Looking for a simpler path to perfect health? You're going to love this episode!  Here are some of the topics... The amazing healing power of the human machine and how to tap into it.  The effects of radiation in our modern, electronic world.  The TRUTH about the Energy-Mind-Body system.  This episode takes a broader look at healing, and the necessary components for recovery, resiliency and wellness.  If you're an energy healer, or work with energy in some way, this book is absolutely vital to help you and your clients to achieve the fastest results and most complete healing and recovery.  If you are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there, let this be your go-to place to dump all the confusion of information overload, and re-boot your health with a fresh and easy approach.  After you listen, you can grab your copy of Sheevaun's book, "Secret Energy of Health," here:
Have you ever prayed for a blessing? If you're like most people, you may have waited until everything got really sticky first. Then, it's like calling in a favor from The Big Kahuna. It can sure help get you out of a jam, but why wait until the 11th hour when all other options are exhausted? What if you want more blessings each and every day? Big blessings, little ones, beautiful surprises, whatever your heart desires?  What if you had a formula to be blessed? Like, a step-by-step process for turning on the good juju every single day?  Blessings are like miracles; they follow the natural laws, and for more blessings, there is one law in particular that absolutely MUST be honored. And when you do, the only question is, how many blessings do you want?  In this episode, Sheevaun shares how she learned this formula, and why she created an audio mediation specially for this purpose. Click here to get the blessing meditation.  If you like this episode, be sure to share it with a friend to brighten their day. 
OK, so this episode is a little bit of a rant, because most people's understanding of chakras and the energetic system are way outdated, and SUPER confusing! Solving health challenges with outdated systems is kind of like like trying to surf our modern day internet with a dial-up connection, it's going to take a loooonnnng time to get where you want to go, and will likely be a little confusing and frustrating!  Energy healing is the ORIGINAL medicine, and even though the concepts are ancient, our techniques and understanding need to be updated just like anything!  There is a lot more the energetic system than 6 or 7 chakras, and all the little bits and pieces are important! We're in a new age, it's time for an upgrade.  Ready for your upgrade?  Join our facebook group here.  Get an alignment session here.
Illness can be very mysterious, and if you've ever been through a battery of tests only to come out with more questions than you started with, then you know exactly what we're talking about. And when something hits you out of the blue, it can be frustrating and confusing trying to figure out what happened, let alone how to solve it.  Even something as simple as a cold or flu, can show up unexpectedly seemingly without rhyme or reason. Often times, people confuse the symptoms with the cause- even skilled practitioners! Yet, every illness has a root cause, and the solution lies in the ENERGY first.  In this episode we take a look into the causes of illness. We also discuss the energy of hospitals and a fascinating triple-blind study that was done to prove the efficacy of cleaning up energy in hospital birthing rooms.  In truth, if you want lasting healing, you have to deal with the whole system. When you understand how to work with the energetics, complex issues become much much simpler.  Interested in learning to work with energy? Fill out this form to get the conversation started. 
Have you ever wondered why you can manifest some things quickly and easily, while others, often bigger goals, take so long if they ever happen at all?  There is a formula to manifesting, but most people leave out the the most important piece! As a result, you wind up with endless inner noise and conflict.  Stopping and starting, not deserving, getting confused, letting fear take hold, just to name a few. Any one of these patterns can slow you down and prevent you from getting to your goal, but often they come all at once!  If you've practiced meditation or studied the Law of Attraction, you'll love this episode of I Love Energy Medicine™ Radio for the fresh insight and simplicity it provides. Then join us over in our Enlightened Living group to take a deeper dive into your potential for creating amazing results in your world.
If you're on your spiritual journey and making changes to take good care of yourself, you should naturally be strong and healthy, right? Yet this isn't always the case. In fact, the opposite is often true! Despite healthy eating, supplements, meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices, people seem to go through the same health challenges, and these always seem to come as a surprise at the worst possible time. 😱 We've been taught that it's just 'natural' for our bodies to get sick, but what if that's not true at all? What if the very things you're doing to stay healthy are actually working against you without realizing it?  Turns out, 98% of the time, people are missing a key ingredient that sets them up for a health challenge. Check out this episode of I Love Energy Medicine Radio to learn what it is, and what you can do to ensure you stay healthy for years to come!  Then, join us over in Enlightened Living to find your path to Enlightened Health and so much more.
How many times have you put off something really important, and knew you shouldn't have? "I'll get to it later," you say while you continue about your business. "It's not that important," you lie.  Inside, your brain goes numb with clutter; you know you missed your chance, and it's not the first time.  Part of you knows the path and the choices to be made, yet why is to so hard to listen? And more importantly, what is this REAL cost of missing your path?  Listen in to discover why it's often hard to make the choices even after you know what you need to do? And what happens to your brain, your body, your emotions and your relationships when you fail to follow through.  Then join us over in Enlightened Living™ to continue the conversation and stay on track.
Do you ever feel like no one understands you? Maybe you 'know' things, but you can't really put it into words, and even if you could, the  people in your life wouldn't 'get it.' Most of us were taught to think and act in a particular way to fit in in the world, and it dampens your creativity and dismisses your unique abilities and sensitivities as something that's "Just in your head." Yet, Energy impacts you differently, whether you like it or not, and your creativity was not made for the machine. So, what do you do?  Well, you just found your people, so enjoy this episode of I Love Energy Medicine™ Radio and then join us over at
As a parent, have one of the most important (and challenging) jobs in the world. The decisions you make on a daily basis are often difficult, and will shape the lives of your children. Kids will pick up and absorb your Energy even if you never speak about it. If it doesn't feel good to them (like frustration, doubt, fear, etc) they'll do whatever they need to do to get that energy out of them- often in very LOUD ways. :~O  The good news is that there is a much simpler way to solve seemingly impossible problems than you were taught. Join us for this episode to learn the Key to Enlightened Parenting.  Then join us over at Enlightened Living to continue the conversation:
Gratitude is a beautiful and useful emotion, so what could possibly go wrong with a generous practice of gratitude?  As it turns out, LOTS. There are actually some significant hidden perils that can really turn your life upside down and keep you limited.  Find and elevated perspective of gratitude in this episode so that you can put it to it's highest and best use, and get to your complete solution. 
Don't you hate it when things are smooth sailing, then...BAM!! You're blindsided by something and your whole life starts to spin out?  What if you knew how to see the hidden warning signs that things are just about to go sideways? You don't need to be psychic, but you do need to be willing to do this ONE very important thing.  Learn more in this episode of I Love Energy Medicine Radio. 
A Skeptic's Journey

A Skeptic's Journey


Are you curious about Energy Healing and mysticism, but your inner skeptic just can't seem to get over all the vague and 'woo woo' talk? Would you like to be able to understand it in simple, real-world terms? We created this episode just for you! Listen in as Sheevaun and Nick open up about their skepticism and how it has actually served them along the way. They'll shed new light on this subtle and elusive practice in a way that anyone can understand and verify for themselves. Listen in to see if YOU have the qualities needed to be successful in energy healing and the mystic arts.
Chakra balancing is made out to be the panacea of energy healing by well-meaning practitioners and enthusiasts alike. But what if the practice of chakra balancing is actually keeping you stuck and struggling? Sadly, this is often the case due to common misunderstandings and ineffective practices. Get the TRUTH about Chakra Balancing on this episode of I Love Energy Medicine Radio.
With the costs and dangers of conventional healthcare on the rise, people are turning to alternative healing like never before. However... ...unskilled and unethical practitioners can really turn life upside down. Learn what to look out for, and what you can do to find the best alternative methodology for you in this episode of I Love Energy Medicine Radio
Do you have a stack of self help books that worked for a minute, then stopped. Or maybe you have a wall full of certifications that you're not using because you're STILL not confident enough to get started. Self help has it's limitations, and you're it! So, how do you get beyond it and become self-sufficient in your journey of growth and development? Find out here...
Urgency or Emergency?

Urgency or Emergency?


Why do so many people wait until a situation becomes unbearable before they do anything about it? More importantly, how do you break that cycle so you can affect positive change in your life BEFORE things spin out of control? The answer is simple, you have to find your sense of URGENCY for the most important things amongst the noise or everyday life. This is a game changer for positive growth and transformation.
How to Recover From Anything Without Dangerous Drugs, Doctors, Gurus, Expensive Prescriptions or Specialists. Have you tried EVERYTHING under the sun without getting the results you want? You're not alone, and the reason for this is more obvious than you might think.
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