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The Boogie Monster

Author: Starburns Audio

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Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone talk about ghosts and barbeque and maybe interview people and maybe have had a few drinks before they started recording.
134 Episodes
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Christine Hodge

This podcast has been my one stable thing for a couple years now. I love listening to the aimless rambles and hilarity that ensues with each podcast. I move around a lot because of work and this makes it less crappier. Thanks guys! Keep on going <3

Mar 18th

Chad Becker

That's not true. There have been many meteorites that have dangerous radiation.

Feb 5th

Samfia Drangus

one of the best episodes.

Jan 1st

Robert Sanquist

Love the show!

Dec 23rd

Alexandra Weber

Who the hell is Gabriel Sunday, and is his voice a joke? I honestly can't tell if his ad is supposed to be funny, or if he's serious. Whichever the case, he sounds like he trying to talk a cat into taking a bath.

Dec 18th

Alexandra Weber

Boogie Monster is my favorite podcast! I don't listen for the topics, I listen because Dave and Kyle are hilarious. They never fail to make me laugh even about dumb shit and it really helps my day at my boring job fly by. Thank you guys!

Dec 13th

Uncle Slapass

can you guys please talk about the topic? I really don't care about what pizza you order and why cyclists suck and crumbled ground beef. I want to heard about the topic of UFOs, urban legends, crazy shit happening. not why you'll never go to another resteraunt again etc. it's been 40 min in and you guys are still blabbering about nonsense.

Dec 10th

Creston Heard

Dave gets on my FUCKING NERVES with his "too cool to enjoy EXTREMELY popular things" routine As if the REST OF US are mistaken about how awesome those things are

Nov 5th
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