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Author: Marinda Ragsdale/Jim Ragsdale

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The PurpleState Podcast is where you can hear from people who are changing politics with a social network where voters can crowdsource policies and candidates outside the two-party system with blockchain technology, reality TV and social media.
3 Episodes
If you’re looking for political alternatives, listen to the full interview with Neal Simon, independent candidate for U.S. Senate in this year’s midterm election in the great state of Maryland. Neal discusses a wide range of topics, including how nonpartisan candidates give voters a very specific way to break the gridlock in congress, his experiences on the campaign trail talking with voters, and his work with effective and exciting nonpartisan reform organizations. We also discussed how PurpleState can help the nonpartisan movement.
This year the midterm elections are all too often referred to as the latest in a series of “most important elections in our lifetime.” Although it’s safe to say that it’s wise to treat every election as the most important one, we think that statements like these demonstrate the level of polarization between Democrats and Republicans. That’s why we are very pleased to bring you the interview we had with Craig O’Dear, 2018 Independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri. Craig spoke passionately with us about the reasons why he is driven to give the people of Missouri a way to get back to their tradition as a state that no party could rely on to be red or blue. He talked with us about his experiences working with nonpartisan reform organizations such as Unite America and about PurpleState’s efforts to provide a multimedia alternative to what the reformers are calling the Political Industrial Complex.
Turning America Purple

Turning America Purple


Can one platform using blockchain, crowdsourcing and reality TV deliver what 61% of American voters want: a real alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties? PurpleState is gaining traction as it seeks to become the framework for the exploding nonpartisan reform movement organizing for a political reality beyond any party. How did an idea for a competition reality show turn into a national initiative? What is the status of the independent movement and how it could it help change the partisan political industrial complex? Find out more in this premiere podcast episode with the initiative’s founders and independent U.S. Senate candidates Craig O'Dear and Neal Simon.
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