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The Creator's Journey

Author: Ed Ngai

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The Creator's Journey is a long form conversational podcast between host Ed Ngai and a special guest each week.

Each guest is connected to the creative sector in some shape or form, offering insights and experiences of working within the creative sectors.

This podcast is a way to help inspire fellow creators and also give an inside look to the different personalities within the creative sector.

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19 Episodes
This week Ed is joined by Amy Wragg of Getonthesoapbox events. She's a poet in her own right but also she is a passionate champion of poets and musicians with the live events she organises. In this episode, they talk about the struggles of being a live events organiser in a time of pandemic. They also talk about diversity of poetry and how performative poetry is different from written poetry but both have a place.
In this week's episode, Ed talks to NJC about his epic journey in becoming an international Music Producer to his battles of mental illness and his rebirth into a Mental Health Champion. This is a must listen for everyone and hopefully this episode will inspire you in more ways than one.
In this episode, Ed talks with Rosie Arnfield a singer/songwriter.  They talk about balancing work, parenthood and music. Why starting late in pursuing music is not a bad thing and how video games a great inspiration to the style of music she creates.  There's a surprise at the end too so stick around until the very end!
In this week's episode, Ed talks with Mark Backler (Sketchbook Games) about video games! More specifically, they discuss making video games, game jams and how they are useful for getting into the games industry. Check out Mark's game, The Lost words which is out on Google Stadia Now and coming to all platforms next year.
In this week's episode, Ed talks with Lois Cordelia, an expressive artist that specialises in speed painting and creating traditional art with sometimes unconventional tools. Lois' artwork were part of the local Elmer art trails and has since been doing it around the country. They talk about her Arabic influences, blank canvas syndrome and using expressive dance to influence her art.
In this episode Ed is joined by Rosie Alexander, graphic designer, illustrator, artist and podcaster. She is one half of the drunk art review podcast in which she discusses art in a knowledgeable and fun way while getting drunk. They talk about Rosie's passion for art, individualism, the difference between sensual erotic art and porn. Her journey of being spontaneously led and letting her instincts drive her. Check out her instagram: @rosielah
In this episode, Ed talks to Helen Oldfield, Director and Founder of Affinity PR. With many years of experience working all things PR related with many creative organisations and businesses. They discuss impostor syndrome, being an unconventional outsider and valuing your time enough to say no to giving out free advice.
In this week's episode, Ed talks to Simon Talbot, voice over artist, ex-radio presenter and creator of Rogues Gallery Online, a YouTube channel about horrible historic figures told in an entertaining way. They discuss free speech, cancel culture, following your creative heart and telling stories. Check out Rogues Gallery Online here
In this episode Ed talks with Lulu Horsfield from Rock Paper Scissors, an art programme for young people  and art lecturer.  They talk about family life and raising creative daughters, working for the community and the legacies of their work. To find out more about Rock Paper Scissors Also check out the YouTube channel - Led Creatives
In this week's episode, Ed talks to Yasmin Willis from Cheddar Creative, a Creative consulting agency that specialises in design sprints.  She is an illustrator and web designer, They talk about working in a team, contributing ideas and work life balance. Check out: Cheddar creative at and Yasmin on instagram @_willistrations_
In this week's episode we have Remi Morrison, Founder of Red Cactus Media. A video producer who bases her work around energetic, vibrant and positive content for businesses. We discuss developing people and encouraging them to chase their dreams and talk about fate and how the universe will provide us opportunities should we seek them. Check out to find out more about Remi's work.
In this episode Ed talks with Ogi Damyan, an animator who specialises in VR animation. We talk about his epic journey of his childhood in former Yugoslavia getting his first job at 8 years old, how he harnessed his passion of comic books and cartoons and found his way in animation to pioneering VR animation technology. Check out Ogi's work at
In this week's episode Ed talks with Rosy Mason a professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. They discuss her work during the covid-19 pandemic, doing free daily dance classes online on Twitch, how her family's support has been a bedrock to nurturing her creativity and how assigning roles can avoid burn out,  Check Rosy out on
This week Ed has a talk with a modern day renaissance man, Mark Aaron (Who wants to be a Millionaire, Pointless, Crystal Maze,  Pie Face) and they discuss how persistence can help you get you a career without higher education. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of not living in London while working in TV and what makes art enduring and whether art needs to be enduring.
In this week's episode, Harriet De Max joins Ed on the podcast. Harriet is a video content producer for the local county council and a documentary maker. They discuss what it's like being empaths in a global pandemic, why social media content is better now and scriptwriting.
The Creator's Journey proudly kicks off this new series of conversations with host Ed Ngai and this week's guest. Oliver Squirrell. He is an artist manager and founder of Statement Art ( and also the Artist Wingman (  In this episode we discuss what makes art bold and memorable, how to stay relevant as an artist in these times of lock down and how to cold call new clients. Theme Music was created by Lee Brade. For more about info on the makers of Creator's Journey follow @ledcreatives
Ed and Alex discuss the definition of art and how it helps us create.
What's it like starting from scratch? We discuss the doubts and the perseverance a creator goes through when starting out.
Two aquaintances, two opposite sides of the pond, two different disciplines of art, in conversation in this short intro to the podcast, 'The Creator's Journey.'
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