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Author: Rhonda Farr

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Connecting men to the women they love.

Want to create amazing intimacy both inside and outside the bedroom?

You’re in the right place!
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Dan talks to us about some raw and vulnerable dysfunctions that came up as he and his wife were trying to create an intimate connection they both could enjoy. Every listen is sure to relate to this messy truth. Get on my calendar so I can help you create the marriage that makes you happy again
Is it possible to heal after sexual trauma? What’s it like to be in marriage after sexual abuse? How can I live and support my wife who is a survivor or sexual abuse. Tune in for all these answers and more. Cami , . Merrill
To learn more about Dr. Finlayson-Fife's men's sexuality course, get on her waiting list here To learn more about one on one intimacy coaching with me, head on over to www.rhondafarr.con
Has this time of “togetherness” got you noticing all the flaws in your wife? Are you both on edge more often? Today I’ll teach you a new way to handle it all.
Women ask me all the time why they felt such a physical hunger for a sexual relationship before marriage, but have no desire now. Well, here’s your answer! For more questions or to work with me contact me at
Ever wonder why she doesn’t seek out sex, but enjoys it once she gets started? Ever wonder if your desire level is normal? I’ve got answers today!
What does mindfulness really look like when trying to improve a relationship. Today I’m sharing a personal and true story of how Jane used mindfulness to allow herself to create more intimacy both emotionally and physically. Want to talk to me?
Today's episode is all about empowering those who struggle with patterns of pornography use, to find change and resolution in their lives.  We discuss the controversial topic of the addiction model and talk about the underlying reasons so many are turning to porn these days. To learn more about Life After Pornography online, guided course click here
Focusing more on sex will not solve your sexual problems, but it might make them worse! Get your free Top 10 Intimacy download here: Email me here:
What do you really have to pay, to feel more love, connection, happiness and romance? Listen to find out. Want me to speak at your next event? Contact me at
Having trouble getting your partner to speak your love language? Listen up. Want to chat with me?
Please don’t believe everything you think. Open your mind to other possibilities and you’ll be one step closer to connection and solutions. Get in my calendar by tapping here
The key to having a strong sense of interpersonal intimacy is knowing yourself intimately first. Sound weird? You probably need to listen! I invite you to talk to me in person by signing up here
Difficult Spouse?

Difficult Spouse?


It’s hard when you have a difficult spouse, right? What if you are a difficult spouse? Today I’m talking about how we are changed just by labeling another person as difficult.
Gifts of Gratitude

Gifts of Gratitude


Want to give a meaningful gift that will transform your marriage? It’s free. Today I’m sharing all the details and stories behind changing your relationship by being grateful. I’ll even tell you how to wrap it up with a bow!
Judgement and Shame

Judgement and Shame


Do you ever judge yourself? Are their things about you, you hope no one ever finds out? Today I’m shining the light on how self-judgement leads to shame and effects all our relationships.
Wrapping up the series about mismatched desire in marriage, I talk about owning your own wanting to bridge the gap in your relationship. Want to schedule an appointment with me? Do it here
Are you the lower Desire Partner in your marriage? Want to better understand your lower Desire Partner, so you can fin solutions to bridge the gap? Make sure you have a listen to this one. Want to get on my calendar and chat with me in person
Are you the high desire partner in your marriage? Want to understand your high desire partner better? Today we’re talking about it all and even taking a look at what lies beneath the mismatched Desire.



Want an easy way to connect with your spouse when life seems hectic. I’ve got 10 great tips to help you have more fun and connection in your relationship today! Find me on Instagram rhondafarr_the_intimacy_coach
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