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The Kundalini Consortium Podcast

Author: JJ Semple

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A podcast on human potential and energy cultivation techniques: meditation, yoga, consciousness.
12 Episodes
In neuro-biological terms human potential is limitless and our subconscious mind knows it. Where does the subconscious mind get its information? From time to time, the kundalini, dormant in most of us, nudges our subconscious. Some of these contents come to us in the form of dreams and inspirations of various sorts, including comic books and movies. Whatever the source these contents are not mere figments, but the signs of a deeper reality, one that constantly beckons to us.
Changing Human Nature

Changing Human Nature


The reason human nature varies so greatly among individuals is because nature is subordinate to the individual's current state of consciousness. The higher the state of consciousness of the individual, the nobler his nature.
Drugs and Kundalini

Drugs and Kundalini


Some impulse keeps driving us to know more about what lies beyond the boundaries of our perceivable material world. Intuitively, we know we can’t accomplish this without stopping the mind. And that’s why we turn to drugs — because they stop the mind.
Each part of the body is governed by a specific area of the brain. If either the part of the brain or its corresponding body part is damaged, the related part also suffers. The answer lies in the way the two are connected. How are they connected, by the way? The nervous system. That’s right, when one node — the brain or the limb it governs — is damaged, the other atrophies either because it’s deprived of vital growth energy or it no longer has any work to do. In the case of brain damage, it is no longer able to govern the related body part because the neurons themselves are damaged. In the case of a damaged limb, the brain simply shuts down that part of itself because it no longer has to use the particular neurons to control a limb that can no longer function. 
As noted in the previous episode on the Science of Breathing, debilitating respiratory conditions are multiplying: COPD, asthma, infections like influenza, the deviated septum, pneumonia and tuberculosis, anatomical irregularities like malocclusion, sinus, allergies, and even lung cancer. 
The key to preserving bodily symmetry, or adherence to the blueprint, is breath and breathing, an autonomic process that activates at birth.
Kundalini doesn’t just awaken on command or through a practice of some sort. You are not selected because of something you did or didn’t do. Nevertheless, if it does happen to you, think of yourself as a conscript in the evolutionary upward march. You are not prophet or a victim.
Birth and Rebirth

Birth and Rebirth


Contrary to conventional wisdom, kundalini is never dormant, never completely inactive. It’s either in a maintenance state (Prana Shakti) or a creative state (Kundalini Shakti).h If it stopped working altogether, you’d be dead.
Alone and Unloved

Alone and Unloved


I had to sink real low before rebounding. Finding yoga and meditation were instrumental in my recovery. When kundalini awakened, I immediately felt unbounded. My consciousness had changed, and along with it, my Being. Washing the dishes became the same as going to a party.
Lives are being shattered because not everyone in whom kundalini is active wanted it to happen. Problem is: there’s no known way of mitigating these energy surges. As a consequence, people who’d never even heard of “kundalini” are suffering from overdoses of pranic energy, especially in spontaneous cases.
Violence and Self-Hate

Violence and Self-Hate


All violence is self-hate. Upon arousing kundalini in 1971, that thought was the first insight I had, the first thing that popped into my head. I wondered why.
In my 40 years of listening to Kundalini awakening stories, I've heard so many trigger variations it is nearly impossible to categorize them. Everything from meditation to drugs, physical exertion to sexual ecstasy to Shaktipat to minding one's own business. My trigger was meditation.
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