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Presented by the Brother's Stew, a podcast about the life and times, trials and tribulations of life in the Big Apple Baby... mostly food and musical theatre...
58 Episodes
Okay, we're not gonna lie. This is not a hilarious episode. In this episode we discuss the food pyramid as well as expose some bad-for-you-foods that have been masquerading as health foods.
Thanks to COVID-19, the Brother's Stew are stuck in side. But have no fear, they are here to cheer you up and poke some fun at this crazy situation. Childhood friend, Christian Paul is the guest this week to weigh in on the Brothers' ridiculous banter. Hang in there, stay healthy and buckle up!
Fatty Fatty No Friends returns this week with more laughs and talk about food! This week, the Brothers talk about bizarre food purchases available on Amazon! You won't believe some of the shit you can buy online!!!
New York City Ballet dancer gone Broadway dancer, David Prottas joins the boys this week! All you need to know is that David LOVES beer and LOVES acting.
It's our first shot at turning our favorite segment of into it's OWN SHOW! This week on Fatty Fatty No Friends, The Brothers Stew are gonna talk about the best and worst food trends of the past 100 years!
Josh Walden is our guest this week. The boys drink Coors Light as Josh talks about his career on Broadway and as a choreographer. Josh also sheds some light on "A Chorus Line" and what he looks for when casting a show in New York. Hope you're ready for some PINGY voices!
The Brother's are back this week with more ramblings of food and musical theatre! Ringler has the brother's try his home made Mac and Cheese recipe, Tim talks about celebrity sightings at his Broadway job and Alex is still funemployed. The boys also have an audition themed "Long Enough" and play a few electrifying rounds of "Kidz Bop Lyrics"
The Boys are back in town! All three of them. The Brothers Stew return to New York Shitty with producer, Alex Ringler for more frolic and fun. The boys are coming at ya with "What Do You Meme", a "Word of the Day", a very personal "Did You Know That" and much more... such as a new favorite, "Kids Bop Lyrics"! Buckle up, folks!
God! Finally we're back! Jeez! We finally got around to putting out our New Year Episode (now that its the end of January)! We talk about fast food (obviously) and Irish Good-Byes!
Episode 40 - Dear Mr. Ho Ho

Episode 40 - Dear Mr. Ho Ho


Our Christmas Episode is finally here! The Brothers Stew discuss Christmas Past, hors d'oeuvres, and letters to Santa! (safe for those who still believe)
Coming at you with Christmas carols and onstage mishaps! The Brother's talk about some embarrassing onstage moments during their current runs of "A Christmas Carol" and also discuss some of their favorite and least favorite Christmas songs. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, bundle up and, as always, buckle up!
Episode 38- F*ck Trees!

Episode 38- F*ck Trees!


More Holiday Shenanigans this week as the Brother's Stew discuss classic Christmas movies, food and tech week for both of their "Christmas Carol"s. The boys bring back some bizarre fun facts in "Did You Know That" and talk about backstage pet peeves that any actor can relate to. Pour yourself some hot chocolate, bundle up and, BUCKLE UP.
It's our Turkey Day episode and we talk Thanksgiving Day side dishes! Also an all new "Did You Know That?" and "Let's Talk About Broadway"!
The Boys are back for Season 3! After several weeks off, it's time for more frolic and fun! The banter includes, Timothy's substitute teaching mishaps, an impromptu "Fatty Fatty No Friends" as WELL, a NEW segment "Kidz Bop Rewrites", a foot-on-the subway inspired "New York is a Great Big Pile of Stink". Buckle up!
The final episode of season 2! The Brother's are back (better late than never, right?) as Alex has just opened "A Chorus Line" and TUTS in Houston and Timothy emerges from his solitary cocoon in Sacramento. Tune in for your a "My 600 Pound Life" inspired "Fatty Fatty No Friends", some first world social media complaints in "Long Enough" and a Times Square inspired "New York is a Great Big Pile of Stink". The Boys also continue on with a riveting and insightful "Did You Know Thaaaat?". We will see you in a couple of weeks for episode 1 of SEASON 3!
Ya'll... this episode is some nonsense... just gonna leave it at that...
Episode 33 - Almost a Month

Episode 33 - Almost a Month


Another all new episode including a all new "DID YOU KNOW THAT..." and "HOW TO NEW YORK" where the boys teach you things you never knew you never knew. And maybe some things you did...about Trader Joe's.... Also, what's a "Sex Teacher?"
The Brother's are back this week with a "Mini NINY" as Alex records from Houston and Tim is still lost in the big, bad city of Sacramento. Alex has a difficult time pronouncing large words and continues with part two of "30 Bizarre Facts About Life" in this week's "Did You Know That?". Timothy shares a Mormon-inspired "Fatty Fatty No Friends" as well as a weekly "Theatre Feature". Buckle up!
The Brother's are FINALLY back in the same room and coming at you this week with Funions and fart jokes! A particularly bizarre Fatty Fatty No Friends and Broadway news coming your way as well! Hang on to your hats... And barf bags...
After having to (unfortunately) skip a week, the Brothers are back with more shenanigans! The Boys banter... a LOT in this one and still have plenty of Broadway news, food talk and laughs. Buckle up! 
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