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Women Doing Cool Stuff

Author: Corinne Boudreau

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Shining a light on women doing cool stuff in their businesses, jobs and volunteer work
11 Episodes
In this episode, I talked to Jenine Panagiotakos of Many Hats Workspace about how she turned her childhood vision of a shared space into a reality by listening to what her body was telling her. 
Cora is the Founder and CEO of GreyLit, a software company that gives a voice and a stage to frontline research and information by allowing it to be searched, shared and reviewed around the world.  After nearly 20 years as a Public Health Epidemiologist, Cora wanted to help organizations make better decisions faster, and to turn research into action months and years sooner.  So she left the healthcare industry to venture into the world of start-ups and technology. Her learning curve has been steep, with plenty of ups and downs on the entrepreneurial roller coaster.
In this episode, Annie Lacroix of Brainy Boss talks about why and how she started a massage therapy school, and drops some great productivity truth bombs.
In this episode, Denise Pothier, recently named one of Canada's Top 100 Powerful Women for 2018, talks about how she chose engineering as a career and how strategically saying yes has helped to advance her career.
In this episode, Corinne Boudreau of Legal Essentials Inc. provides a mini-training on the Essential Contracts that you should have in your business.
Joanne Bourgault of Saskatoon talks about her journey from accountant to dentist to writing compelling copy for female entrepreneurs.
Janet MacDonald of MyCampusGPS talks about scholarship applications and how students can improve their chances to get some funds.
In this episode I talk to Krista Smith of Activate Her Awesome about how she combines her coaching practice with website skills to help women business owners show up on their websites.
I talk to Lauren Keplinger about how she created a successful Etsy shop and Etsy coaching business with an old embroidery machine she bought at a yard sale.
Anita Kirkbride of Twirp Communications chats about how she got into social media management and why she thinks many small businesses should do their own social media.
Corinne Boudreau talks about the Mother Plucker Experience and the magic of playing music with a great bunch of women.
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