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Kenya Power's rising financial costs are expected to be higher in FY2021. Its operating expenses for FY2020 ate up all its gross profit.  We are still watching how EAPC's restructuring will mean for the company but hopes are low whereas there is hope for the long term prospects for Unga Limited despite blows from higher commodity prices and high finance costs.  Foreign investors are taking a net selling position on counters such as KCB and Equity, awaiting the financials in March following the impact of COVID-19 on Non-Performing Loans. 
In this episode, the squad discusses KenGen, KPLC and Unga Limited's results and discusses what the Nation Media Group 10% ordinary share buyback means for investors. NMG's paywalled platform is still in its early stages, with a lot of room to grow to offer sustainable revenue. The Bank of Ghana's sandbox will benefit startups in the country, opening a window for players in the blockchain, and by extension, cryptocurrency to test innovations. There are high hopes for the Coinbase Direct Listing, which is expected to attract investors, given it will be the only listed crypto platform. However, the share faces volatility risks from bitcoin price fluctuations. 
The crux of financial literacy in Kenya and Africa will be when organizations use the widespread internet and mobile penetration to educate young people on creating financial freedom, understanding taxes and fees and exploring different avenues of investment. Brian Myers and Hisa CEO Eric Asuma talk about harnessing social media to grow financial literacy, navigating high risk and high return investments and handling compound interest and debt.
In this episode, Hisa Chief Financial Analyst Felix Ochieng discusses the performance of different Indices, global markets, and top counters for the previous week. Equity turnover rose by 21.69%, with KSh 2.47 billion worth of stock traded last week, while the bond market fell by 22.1% with KSh 17.37 billion worth of bonds traded. NASI gained about 0.93%, closing the week at 165.55 bp, the all-share index fell by 0.07%, closing at 1888 bp, while the NSE 25 gained by 0.73%, closing at 3638.57 bp. The gains in NSE 25 and NASI is because of activity, such as declines in EABL by 2.29% due to upward market correction.  Highlights BAT's gained 14.06% following the 2020 results and the 34.3% YoY increase in dividend Sameer topped the gainers list, gaining 20% in price activity, closing at Ksh 3.60.  NBV YTD gains stand at 8.4%, declining 10% last week.  Gold faced downward pressure because of gains in counters like Bitcoin. Genghis and Faida Investment maintains its long term hold on Kenya Re.
In this episode, the squad and guests talk about the ongoing vaccine roll out in Africa and how governments tackled the pandemic from different fronts, what it means to have Africans leading multilateral bodies, the concept of brain drain in the continent, the averseness of African governments towards cryptocurrencies at a time where corporates are accepting it as an asset class and SPACs.
In this episode, Rufus Gitau discusses the different type of derivatives including forward contracts, futures, options, and swap contracts. Rufus points out the difference between trading derivatives and equities, and how individuals can make money through derivatives through the two-way market, when the market goes up or down. 
Int his Episode, Chief Financial Analyst Felix Ochieng discusses the Safaricom rally which saw the share hitting Ksh 39, a new all-time high, after the interim dividend announcement. The NSE all share index had a good week, gaining 4.4% in activity. NSE 20 and NSE 25 were also up gaining 1.28% and 3.87% respectively. The uptick in indices follows global trends where markets which had taken a toll are waking up. KCB, Equity and Safaricom all trading within the Ksh 35-40 range. We are likely to see more price action on the positive edge on markets as we approach the earning period for most counters.  Volatility on global markets is pushing activity in emerging markets, hence the uptick in foreign activity locally.  Faida issued a hold recommendation while Genghis Capital issued a buy recommendation for Kenya Re.  
NSE Derivatives Risk Manager Geoffrey Radier talks to the Hisa team on the New NSE Derivatives, the nature of the derivative contracts and the value of derivatives compared other asset classes. Geoffrey expounds the relationship between a derivative and its underlying asset what you need to trade derivatives. He also explains why some prefer buying a derivative contract and a stock of the same stock. 
In this episode, the squad talks about Central Bank of Nigeria's Crypto Ban and how African countries need to take a friendlier stance on crypto. We also discuss KenGen's dividends and Rebecca Miano's leadership and Kenya Power's entry into the solar power space. 
The NSE turnover will continue to increase driven by foreign investment. The new broker connectivity network will improve how fast trades are settled locally which is positive to the market and the NSE. EABL was the top gainer week-on-week. EABL rallied because of corporate investors after the price release, driven by a buying rush after price drop because of its strong fundamentals. The Carbacid-BOC buyout will form a significant player in East and Central Africa but faces numerous hurdles. The coming week will come with significant activity in the banking sector as results come out. Earnings are expected to be lower, but the worst is behind us, with the hope of recovery. 
Edith Predorf talks about the different ways to promote trade between Kenya and Austria, how startups in Kenya can benefit from Austrian markets, and improving visibility of business in both countries. 
KenGen's results and dividends drove its rally. The shilling is likely to come down during the week, driven by volatility in global markets which might increase foreign inflow in our markets. Safaricom was the top mover last week. However, we are waiting to see the effect of Citi's degrading on the stock due to its regulatory risk. Investor interest in the banking sector is likely to peek as the earnings session start.
In this episode, the squad explores the battle between WallStreetBets and Wallstreet Giants, what it takes to attract retail and millennial investors on the Nairobi stock exchange and how GameStop is a case of decentralizing investment likely to replicate itself. 
Kenyan Wallstreet's Eric Asuma talks to MediaPal CEO Maurice Juma on the status of Adtech in Kenya, MediaPal's expansion plans to the rest of the continent, the MediaPal partnership with Twitter, and how programmatic advertising is changing the Adspace. 
Mwakaneno talks to insurance experts from Zamara and AiCare on insurance lines that would benefit from Peer-to-Peer Insurance models in Kenya, successes and learnings from P2P insurance implementations globally and how tech can support and improve the delivery of P2P insurance models in Kenya. 
Kenya Association of Manufacturers CEO Phyllis Wakiaga talks to Ally Mwakaneno on journey of becoming the Associations' CEO,  promoting women businesses in the manufacturing sector and the importance of recognizing the achievements of women. 
Safaricom could be a case of profit-taking in the short term, while its long term prospect looks good, considering its previous performance over time and Ethiopian expansion. Kenya's energy segment is ambivalent, with optimism towards given KenGen's plans of selling directly to consumers. On the other hand, there are dim prospects of KPLC, which awaits tariff reviews and suffers huge debt.  Globally, Biden's new tax policies are likely to affect foreign companies' income in the US, which could bring back more foreign players in the foreign market. We are looking forward to a number of companies releasing their results this week. 
In this episode, the Kenyan Wallstreet Squad Discussed : The local and regional market. The oversubscribed infrastructure bond. Kenya’s debt service deferment. Cleantech and EVs. BTC BlackRock accepting Bitcoin in two funds Biden’s Inaguration on markets.
Kenyan Wallstreet's Ally Mwakaneno talks to KOA co-founder Delila Kidanu on Kenya's savings culture and challenges in the regional savings space. Delila gives her insights on creating savings products for digital natives and how Koa promotes effortless saving in Kenya and Africa. 
Inhouse Chief Financial Analyst Felix Ochieng talks to Kenyan Wallstreet CTO Eric Jackson on what to expect in this week's markets, including Safaricom's bullish prospects until March, gains in Bamburi Cement shares which had earlier declines because of COVID-19 and its performance. They also discuss opportunities in the construction industry, the impact of foreigners exiting KCB and how markets will react after Biden's inauguration. 
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Modestar Kimani

I think we should also expect to see a relatively slight decline in share price of big tech companies like google, facebook and the likes, due to the biden campaign on the expansion of the antitrust cases against this big tech companies.

Jan 12th

Bond Nthenge

I'd love to listen to this podcast but it's hard to listen with all the banging around, it takes away from the conversation....I stopped listening 2 minutes In

Feb 14th
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