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“54665" is a podcast for entrepreneurs who are on the go. Whether you are at the idea stage or are having the seven-year itch, “54665” is about meeting people where they are. All of us are just trying to get through the day— be good people, spouses, parents, friends, citizens. One of the biggest barriers for people looking to start a business or who have amazing ideas, or want to grow their business or are looking for support with an existing business is TIME. That is why our podcast, “54665” is all about accessibility and getting businesses, potential businesses and start-ups the information and resources that they need to be successful. We are going to talk about the fun stuff, the ugly stuff, and the heartbreaking stuff. The show will educate with topics that range from marketing to LLCs, from balance sheets to best hiring practices and everything in between. We are going to laugh, cry and figure it all out. This is rural development Viroqua style.
60 Episodes
Luke Zahm chats with Congressman Ron Kind about COVID -19, the CARES Act, the election and everything in between.
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Luke Zahm chat with Julie Emslie from WWBIC.
Nora Roughen-Schmidt chats with Nicolas Enjalbert, PhD and Bjorn Bergman from Seed Linked. To learn more about Seed Linked please visit www.seedlinked.com
Nora Roughen-Schmidt chats with 4th-grade entrepreneur Elliot, answers all of his questions and they share a few laughs. This is one of our favorite episodes. Enjoy!
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Luke Zahm chat with Enoch Elwell CEO of Co.Starters about his experiences in economic development, as an entrepreneur and as one of the leaders in grass roots economic development and business support.
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Luke Zahm welcome Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to the 54665 podcast and ask him about what he loves about Wisconsin, his thoughts about economic development in rural communities, the Wisconsin Idea and who he admires most. 
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Luke Zahm chat with Todd Mandel about servant leadership. Todd is the founder of Building Mighty Communities. https://mightycommunities.com/ Todd will be teaching a 2 part workshop with the Viroqua Chamber Main Street all about servant leadership. For more information visit our Facebook page.  https://business.facebook.com/viroqua
Luke Zahm chats with serial entrepreneur Lars Bergan. 
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Luke Zahm interview Pete Taylor about his business. Pete is the co-owner of Bluedog Cycles and co-founder of Vernon Trails. Enjoy!
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Luke Zahm chat with Mark Dennis of the Wisconsin Procurement Institute.
Episode 48 - KIVA

Episode 48 - KIVA


Nora Roughen Schmidt chats with Errin Welty of the WEDC and Julie Emslie of WWBIC about all things KIVA. Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Kiva acts as a micro-lending platform or a place where people who need a loan and people who want to loan money can find and connect with one another. 
Nora Roughen-Schmidt chats with Anne Katz. Anne is the Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin. 
Nora Roughen-Schmidt chats with Susan Townsley of Stonehouse Counseling in Viroqua about mental health and how the stress of owning and operating small a small business can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Listen as we unpack root causes, childhood experiences and other things that lead to mental health challenges and how family and loved ones can support the people they love with mental health and depression.
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Dave and Jen Tubbin discuss all things related to starting a business, the dynamics of owning a business in a small town, how they got started and how they continue to grow and change. An inspirational story about starting small and loving your work.
Nora Roughen-Schmidt chats with Gayle Nielsen owner of Zero Point Hypnosis. Gayle Nielsen is a Hypnotist, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner,  Kundalini Reiki Master and martial artist of over 30 years. With degrees in both Electro-Mechanical Technology and Visual Communications, and a past corporate career in laboratory materials testing and Information Technology, she brings a solid science background to her work in understanding consciousness. She works with clients in private practice and group to access resource states where observable change takes place.
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Luke Zahm chat with Senator Jennifer Shilling.
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Peter Ruud chat with Sue Noble from VEDA. 
Nora Roughen-Schmidt and Lacey Steffes have worked together in community development for several years and the podcast proved to be the perfect opportunity to talk about all of the many hats that Lacey wears as the owner of Spa Serenity, the brains  behind many of the most successful events in Baraboo and don't forget the community and economic development, and Greatest Place on Earth product line that she handles in her spare time. 
Nora Roughen-Schmidt chats with Dan and Jacob Kanis from Nelson Agri-Center. This father-son powerhouse will provide not only the history of Nelson-Agri Center, but what it means to own a business in a small community, the highs and lows, the responsibility of local businesses to their communities, as well as advice for all things related to entrepreneurs and starting a small business.
Nora Roughen-Schmidt chats with Tim Murphy and Noelle Kehoe owners of Kickapoo Kind.
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