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Author: Daniel, Lilliana and Adrian Sacco

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11 year old Lilly, 9 year old Adrian and their Dad sit down for a chat which includes book recommendations for kids, fun trivia, updates on the latest games and gadgets, movie reviews, topics of the week and much more.You can also drop us suggestions, questions or comments at or subscribe and LIKE our Facebook page.
29 Episodes
Special Guest Luca (Adrians bestie) joins us today to discuss the kids plans for Halloween.Book Week happened at the kids school and we see who the kids dressed up as and what happened on the day.Fortnite released a new update and the kids discuss the pros and cons of the new changes.Then it's another Kids News update.Support the show (
On todays show Lilly and Adrian recap their 2 weeks of school holidays.Including the ongoing accidents currently happening when going to Raging Waters Sydney.Playdates and sleep overs.We learn how many stomachs Lilly has when it comes to popcorn and Lilly tries to get out a small Kids News article without getting distracted by Adrian.Support the show (
On todays show Lilly and Adrian talk about Lillys upcoming speech she is giving at her school about wealth not being measured in possessions.Then the kids remember a time when Raging Waters was once called Wet N Wild.And Lilly's recent win at the Writers Comp at her school.Enjoy our show!!Support the show (
Today Lilly and Adrian talk about the new Ooshies available at Woolworths Supermarkets.They plug Dads new book available now on Amazon 'Bedtime for Daddy'Reviews on games Brawl Stars, The Avengers and Animal Crossing and jump online to look at the Kids News.Stay Safe and enjoy this episode everyone!Support the show (
After a long break from podcasting we are back!Adrian practises his stand up comedy routine.Lilly and Dad discuss what was happening during the lock down at our place including home schooling, pets and binge watching old Star Trek episodes........we also have a discussion about Alien life....The Truth is Out There!Support the show (
We are BACK! for a new year.It certainly is shaping up to be a strange start of the year.We catch up on current events at school and the here at home then bring on some new segments like "Disgusting Things" and "It doesn't make sense"Cheers from us all :) Support the show (
On our final show for 2019 the kids share their Christmas with you all and what is in store for their new year.We have a chat about how we can help during this hot hot summer with saving water and talk about fire safety.I find out some interesting locations the kids would like to visit someday in the future and Adrian get's confused about the Amazon being a location and not a web hosting site.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Small Pods!Support the show (
On todays show while Dad is recovering from the flu, Lilly and Adrian host the show on their own.Discussing kids news, what has been happening at school, what they would like for Christmas and ADRIAN RANTS! (dun dun)Have to say they did a wonderful job this episode! Support the show (
Hello Again!During the week I was getting hit with a few questions on our drives to school so thought rather than pretending to sound smart we should just ask Google for the answers on our show.Lilliana found an interesting article about a discovery of a new life form on the Kids News.While Adrian and I have a Rant on what cheesed us off this week.Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe and share if you like our show.Support the show (
Hi again everyone.Today we play a fun game of 'Not Parent Approved' which is the card game for kids that has the same rules as the Adult version called 'Cards Against Humanity'.And due to popular demand the kids asked for their own ranting segment so we have 'Lilly Rant' and 'Adrian Rant'.Enjoy and thanks for listening.Support the show (
This is Small Pods.And on todays show we have a special Fathers Day treat.We talk about Fathers Day at the kids school and the nice surprises I received from them on this Fathers Day.There is a special message to the Dads of their cousins and Friends.Dad Rants is back! and the kids ask me some very unprepared questions in their first Dad interview.Support the show (
Welcome Back. On todays show Lilly discusses the new Gatcha Life update and creates some new animations.Then she goes head to head with Grandma and Grandpa on a new game where I quiz Lilly on technology and TV shows back in the 80's and Grandparents on the same things from today.Support the show (
Welcome Back! On todays show the Small Pods visited the book store for some new reads they wanted to share with everyone.Adrian had a visit to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney and carried out some cool experiments.A review of the new live action Lion King movie.And another episode of Dad Rants!Support the show (
Welcome back!Just had a small break due to the wonders after you hit 40 and a hernia operation for old Dad.Today we discuss Disney remakes and a Toy Story 4 review (with some spoilers).Pokemon obsession, Kids News about how 50 years ago we went to the moon and on the same day Donald Trump is sending bad tweets. A new episode of Dad Rants and another game of Music Trivia.Support the show (
On todays show Lilly and Adrian discuss a new iPad game thats gotten popular at their school.A new segment called 'Dad Rants' discussing things that cheeses off old Dad.And we play a new game of 'Guess that Song'.Support the show (
On todays show Lilly is absent due to a sleep over at her friend Dom's house so its a boys night out with Dad and Adrian.We talk about Adrians soccer game and his great sportsmanship.Why Dads should use parents rooms at the mall.Self scan checkouts.Adrians projects.We also phone in on Lilly at her friend Dom's house during their sleep over.And what would Adrian do to improve the kids experience when shopping with Mum or Dad?Support the show (
We broadcasted this show live on Facebook so everything is unedited and as you saw it streaming on the 10th of May 2019.Bit distracted by the live post but we managed to talk about whats been happening, the upcoming elections, why council and RMS elected to have new lollipop person changes, played a game of 'Not Parent Approved' which is a new take on the 'Cards Against Humanity' which is kid friendly (and we highly recommend it).We tried out some Mothers Day jokes and one in particular had Dad in stitches due to its kid confusing content (some explaining was needed after the show).We also like to wish all the Mums out there a Happy Mothers Day! Thanks for listening!Support the show (
On todays show we are at the beautiful Megalong Valley.More Kids News, taking a Quiz on Australian Animals and a quick discussion on the upcoming Avengers End Game movie.Support the show (
On todays show we discuss a new idea for collectibles for kids, Adrians trip to the dentist, some kids news topics we would like to share, movie review of Spiderman Into the Spider-verse and Adrian performing Happy Birthday with his arm pits.Support the show (
Today we do book reviews, a quick call to Nunna Agnes, Tell some bad Dad jokes and go through some interesting Kids News topics.Support the show (
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Tim Nied

great show!!

May 21st
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