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Author: Erika Reva

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Discussing DID- Dissociative Identity Disorder, Navigating life after trauma. No longer surviving but living.

Dissecting and chatting all aspects of Trauma, Recovery and educating on lives complicated by traumatic experiences.

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43 Episodes
We Reads - Paddington

We Reads - Paddington


Greetings and Salutations everyone!Here we are with another "We Reads," show for you and yours. We hope your littles, your children and anyone else you may like to share these with continue to enjoy these episodes. PLEASE NOTE: This particular story does have some emotional ups and downs within its pages. SPOILER: Paddington's uncle does in fact die in this story so take proper care for this information as it is within this first episode. If you have any story suggestions you'd like to hear please send it to us here on anchor via the new voice message feature or tweet us @TheWeinMe you can of course find us on our new website theweinme.orgCheers everyone, enjoy!--- Support this podcast:
This episode comes with a trigger warning. Drug use, religion and trauma are discussed throughout the episode. If these topics are not something you can safely handle please turn off the episode and we'll see you next time!This week I sat down to discuss psychedelic drugs, meditation and religious trauma as well as the damage done via dogmatic systems. Andrew Jasko's WebsiteAndrew Jasko on Twitter--- Support this podcast:
Kevin & Co from Twitter: @Onelilpill produced this episode of the second book from The Little Engine that Could, entitled - "I Knew You Could."We hope you enjoy this weeks episode and don't forget to hop on over to Kevin's blog to find the activities that accompany this weeks episode.ACTIVITY PAGE <3Enjoy your weekend and beginning of summer everyone!--- Support this podcast:
The Absent Present Father

The Absent Present Father


Happy Father’s Day... Please be advised this episode comes with a light trigger warning.This week's episode is another of the "We Reads," segments. This post comes from a piece we wrote for Defying Shadows over three years ago now. We no long write for this site, but if you're interested in seeing more about them and their work follow the link!Don't forget to check out our new website and subscribe!People had reached out and enjoyed the poems we read for the Therapy episode, so I decided to read two others this week.Ad Finem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence ThayerThey're two of my father's favorite poems. He used to read poetry to me when I was very small and throughout my years. One of my most cherished books in my collection is a copy of "The Best Loved Poems of the American People." This was the book he read to me from as a child, though it's my own copy not his original one.Twitter: @TheWeinMe--- Support this podcast:
Well here we are...I wasn't certain I'd be able to get this episode completed for this weeks release, but here we are. I hope you lovely listeners enjoy this week's show and get at least a little something out of it. Whether it be hope, confidence, fear or folly take what you need to hear.Please be aware that this week's show may be triggering for some, though I won't be going into trauma details I will be discussing some about how certain things were worked through. As you'll come to hear we didn't work in the "standard of care," type way, but we found a doctor who did work with me collectively and that dear psychologist is the best thing you can give to a client living with DID, in our opinion.Throughout the episode you'll hear some of our favorite works of written word, and I do hope you enjoy them. Please heed the trigger warnings placed throughout the episode and skip ahead to the next section if necessary for you! We'll see ya next week wonderful people! Thanks for listening...Twitter: @TheWeinMeWebsite: theweinme.orgSupport our NAMI Chicago Fundraising HEREWalk Day Information: NAMI Walks ChicagoDon't forget you can leave us voice messages now with Anchor's new Voice message feature! We're also available on podcoin and just about anywhere else you listen to your podcasts!--- Support this podcast:
The Crisses

The Crisses


This weeks episode I sat down with The Crisses to discuss some about their life and story as well as what it's like compiling an event like the Plural World Positivity Conference. Enjoy!The Crisses:Twitter - @TheCrissesFacebook - Criss IttermannWebsite - kinhost.orgPlural Events on youtube--- Support this podcast:
Story Time

Story Time


Hey everyone! We’re back with another episode of Story Time for all the younger ones out there who want to be included! This weeks episode were joined by Kevin & Co @onelilpill on Twitter! Stay tuned for an update we’ll be adding his blog here. You’ll be able to access all of the Story Time episodes in one easy to find location! In this episode we hope you Enjoy the Little Engine that Could and Goodnight Moon ! Until next time lovely Littles & young ones. --- Support this podcast:
Here we are with the second session of typically asked Dissociative Identity Disorder questions...This week we'll be focused on relationships, mainly mine and my husbands. Thanks for joining us stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear about some exciting new apps we're pleased to be sharing with you!Twitter : @TheWeinMeFind out more about Podcoin!!! Download the app on android or apple and use code: Erikabyx to get 150 bonus! It's free, fun to use and can donate to some great global charities or get gift cards just for listening.The One Project <on twitter. You can also go to Mighty Network, in the App Store and join The One Project group in that app. Simple and easy to use, plus so far an enjoyable experience for me.--- Support this podcast:
Here we are another week into Season 2 of the show... This episode we want to put a trigger warning on before you proceed because Cult abuse and different types of trauma will be discussed as well as triggers in general and some specifics. As always, please stop the episode if you find it is too much, ground yourself, and come back at a later time (or not at all). Thank you to everyone who has continued supporting us in our work and stay tuned for much more this season of The We in Me podcast, as well as, season 3... We've got much more to come for your listening pleasures.If you have questions, comments concerns or would like to be/recommend a guest for the show you may reach us at Cherry good day to you all! big thanks to Sarah from Sarah'sGoodBadLuck for allowing us to use her music. To hear her album and the full length version of the song, Repetitive, GO HERE!Vennie's website: venniekocsis.comTwitter: @VennieKocsisAmazon: Cult Child For further information on Vennie visit her website listed above and follow her on twitter! I'm sure we'll see wonderful things from her in the future. <3 Until next time lovelies.--- Support this podcast:
Story Time - Toe Shoe Mouse

Story Time - Toe Shoe Mouse


I imagine the excitement is grand, but bare with us and read this little description of the first Story Time!Welcome, we're glad you're here, but let's discuss this weeks book for a moment and what is best for all of you...1. This book may be a bit frightening at times for very young (young thinking) individuals, parts/alters/headmates, what have you. 2. There are a few chase scenes, it can be quite exciting to picture our little sweet mouse, but don't worry this story has the best ending of all.3. If at any point the story becomes too much, please be aware of this and turn off the episode until next week!4. The new "Story Time" episodes will air once a month, typically, on the third Sunday of every month. If this is something you want to enjoy don't forget to help littles mark the calendar.5. Stories will vary from month to month (& yes we are considering adding a special segment for those who just enjoy being read to, stay tuned) but if you have suggestions please feel free to reach out to us! -Do so with the help of an adult, if that is the situation.6. Have fun and enjoy! I'd love to see any artwork yous create that came from the story of the month. Please share it with us via Twitter: @TheWeinMe or theweinmeblog@gmail.comUntil next time, Little Ones, we hope you enjoy these episodes!--- Support this podcast:
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