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Author: Johanna Marie Frejoles

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audio-bite rants of a fed up travel writer
12 Episodes
I like it when people comment on my blog because I feel validated as a blogger. Haha! But there's this one blog reader who attacked me because she was angry by the fact that foreigners have to pay more to get to a certain island in the Philippines. As if it was my fault for simply posting the regulated fees imposed by the local government!But it got me thinking; should foreigners pay more than locals? What do you think?Learn more about this podcast at BeanBites on Facebook: 
When was the last time you checked your phone?
More than ten years ago, my friends and I got involved in a religious movement that we think was a cult. When we got out, most of us struggled with depression and some of us had a hard time adjusting to the real world. As our way to cope up, we just decided to forget about it and never look back. But to be able to move on and have closure at something, one must acknowledge that certain things happened and understand why it happened.This is the first time we actually sat down and talked about this certain event from our past.LINKS: me on Facebook:
I originally planned on publishing a 2-hour long podcast which I recorded with my friends last month, but I am not done editing it yet, so I decided to publish this instead. Haha! I recently gave up rice to see what it would do to my body. I want to reach to a point where I will eat rice again but I don't really feel like I need it anymore. I'm trying to give up one thing every month and giving up rice  this month sounds like a good idea. Learn more about this podcast at me on Facebook:
I didn't plan on recording a podcast in Taiwan because I wanted to have a proper vacation. But whatever you do, you really can't run away from being a content creator. Haha! Bernadette, one of my best friends, asked us a question and it led us to record this podcast in the middle of the streets of Taipei. Enjoy!Learn more about this podcast at BeanBites on Facebook: 
If there's one thing we all can agree, it's that we don't want to work for money. We want to just sit back, relax, and let money work for us. And if you are like me who does not want to work too hard, lazy investing sounds like a good idea. You don't need to do much to become a successful lazy investor. But, you need to make some tiny tweaks in your life to get started. Reading A Lazy Investor's Way gave me an insight on how to do just that. In this episode, I will read some excerpts from three chapters and also talk about some ways to invest while traveling. P.S. I'm trying to maintain audio bite-sized episodes (beanbite episodes 😁) so I decided to write a blog post to better talk about it. 😬 stay tuned. Learn more about this podcast at BeanBites on Facebook: 
I couldn't think of a good 'Valentine's Day' content for this month so I decided to just share you guys a cringeworthy travel story - that one time a married man professed his love to me. Ew.Learn more about this podcast at BeanBites on Facebook: 
Episode 3: Zoom Out

Episode 3: Zoom Out


It's so easy to get lost from all the mundane stuff we do every day. Too many times we are so zoomed in, so focused on one aspect in our lives when in fact, there's still so much more. So I decided to zoom out. Sometimes, you only get to see the big picture, see more context, and know what to do when you zoom out.Learn more about this podcast at BeanBites on Facebook: 
It's been awhile. I've been pretty much MIA for the past 2 months. This is why. Learn more about this podcast at BeanBites on Facebook: 
Filipinos are known for a lot of things. And one thing that you can associate to the Filipino culture is the Pasalubong tradition. Pasalubong teaches us a lot about thoughtfulness, reinforcing bonds and friendships, as well as gift giving. But as nice as it sounds, this tradition is also toxic. Filipinos put a lot of value to this tradition, when most of the time, it is no longer necessary. Learn more about this podcast at BeanBites on Facebook: 
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