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Team Trump's Deplorable's Dismantle the Amerikan Left.
871 Episodes
US economic recovery dependent on small businesses opening.
Trump squeezes China into bankruptcy.
Absent business confidence, both US & Mexican economies suffer.
John Nesbitt international economist and private equity advisor on US Taliban agreement, Covid-Recovery & Israeli Annexation.
Deprecation & Deflation cannot be resolved by monetary authorities.
US can outcompete anyone b/c of our dynamic domestic markets; neither Riyadh or Moscow or Beijing can.
Equity, Captial Formation still matters more than ever now, not product development or brand.
Playing Defense & exploiting isn't growth.
Isolating the pathogen & getting a fix will begin in April.
Turkey isn't in US orbit anymore; returning it to US primacy means fixing Turkey's domestic economy, which in turn may strenghthen Erodogan.
Birth of civil society is key to reforming Islam.
Forget market capitalization, US firms must strive to hold product loyality; that means strong customer service.
A post cold war united German identity is ABORTIVE.
Claims to political legitimacy are overblown; China's political model is over.
Managing Chinese military led technology is what characterizes US British fraught relations.
al-Sadr commands ethnic Shia based popular mobilization units alloyed to Iran; US needs to take him out.
Extreme specialization failed where widening scope was required.
Thatcher's most difficult battle was NOT so much about doemstic Marxism as it was about fortifying Tories about the limits of EU membership.
Leased air base in southern Turkey; Incirlik is what Putin wants.
Examining Russian & Chinese Nuclear Missile Doctrine; Socio-political vulnerabilities.
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