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Author: Matt Hartman

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Every weekday morning Matt Hartman talks to one person about one article that they found interesting.

Why read articles when Matt's friends can just tell you what's in 'em?
28 Episodes
Article:  "The Murky Ethics of the Ugly-Produce Business" by Amanda Mull of The Atlantic.
Allison Behrenger talks about the article  "Do You Know What's in Your Cosmetics?" by The New York Times Editorial Board
"The circle of brand life:  retail is dying as retail is thriving" by Eric Feng
"Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?" by Rowan Jacobsen.
"Drudge Report" by Erin Griffith
"The Dream Machine" by Mitchell Waldrop
"Lost Connections" by Johann Hari
Article:  "How to talk to Chloe Condon on Twitter" episode of TLDR Daily with Matt & Co
Erik Berlin from Breaker talked about the Techcrunch article Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them. Here's the original article:
Should I do more of these?

Should I do more of these?


This was an experiment. Should I do more of these?
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