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The Everchosen: An Age of Sigmar Podcast
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The Everchosen: An Age of Sigmar Podcast

Author: Jeremy Cooper

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Three friends talk about their favorite game and all the happenings of the mortal realms.
41 Episodes
Episode 40: Waagh's Up!?

Episode 40: Waagh's Up!?


We all take a dive into the addled mind of Gorkamorka's most fervent adherent as Marco shares the life philosophy which is Ironjawz! So hide your kids, hide your wife, we are talking green skins baby, LET's GOOO!!!
Marco & Matt fill us in on the happenings from Hammerfest 2021.
Episode 38: What The FAQ

Episode 38: What The FAQ


The boys discuss the latest FAQ, how they think it does...or does not shake up the meta, along with some local tournament news.
The guys are joined by Houston's own Kyle Valdez to pick the ultimate TX Masters teams. With big prizes on the line who will come out victorious in this initial Masters Fantasy League. Also tune in for a little LRL pretty much what Marco does every episode.
Matt, Marco, and Jeremy sit down with the reigning TX Master and newly crowned winner of the Lone Star Open, Matt Robisch, to figure out what makes him the most successful player in the Texas meta.
The boys reunite to discuss the 3.0 games and tournaments they have played thus far and how they see the new meta evolving.
Marco, Matt, and Jeremy reconvene to discuss some local tournament results, how they see AOS 3 affecting their armies, and most importantly NEW BATTLE PLANS. Get hyped and Let's Go!
Marco and Jeremy recap some local tournaments they played in over the weekend and the guys talk about the new AOS 3 rules that have been teased.
Matt and Jeremy talk about a local tournament Matt attended and then dive into Soulblight and AOS 3.0 rumors.
The team returns to full strength to talk about games played, army rules vs player strength, and sharing some potential destruction army ideas.
Matt and Jeremy spend some time exploring the things that they love and the things the do not on this exciting episode!
The boys reconvene to catch up and talk about everyone's favorite Slaves to Dar...I mean Khorne Mortals lists. 
Episode 28: Who Dat Who Dat

Episode 28: Who Dat Who Dat


Marco and Jeremy are joined by a new fantastically handsome co-host to discuss DoK and Slaanesh.
Episode 27: Our Bad!

Episode 27: Our Bad!


Jeremy and Marco jump back on the mic to discuss hobby progress, games played, and the winter "FAQ". Tangents and amendments abound.
Marco and Jeremy catch up and look forward to what is coming up in the AOS scene world wide. PSA: Marco still can't beat OBR
Episode 25: Headed West

Episode 25: Headed West


Marco and Jeremy jump on the air waves to discuss what has been happening in the land of AOS and give a few personal updates.
Marco and Jeremy are joined by an old companion to talk about GW releases, hobby in the time of COVID-19, and join together in a rowdy game.
Marco and Jeremy chat recent events, Texas Masters and dip their toe into the Seraphon.
Jeremy and Marco are joined by a long lost friend to discuss their exploits at the Texas Masters invitational tournament.
Jeremy is joined by two members of the Texas Masters Council to talk about what's happened so far during Masters weekend, 2020, and all the new goodies GW as been releasing.
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