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Author: Josh Denny

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Welcome to the Darkest Hour Podcast! Take a weekly look at the humor in EVERYTHING, from the most evil news stories to personal tragedies. This podcast sets out to prove that ANYTHING can be funny. Join host Josh Denny and guests to hear their most tragic stories, traumas, or hilarious takes on the horrible world outside!

Josh Denny (@JoshDenny) is a Stand Up Comedian, Podcaster, and TV Host living in Los Angeles, CA and originally from Philadelphia, PA.
63 Episodes
#21 - Sademy w/Jayde Adams

#21 - Sademy w/Jayde Adams


British Comedienne Jayde Adams joins us to talk about the “depression” trend in comedy, which she has adequately dubbed “sademy,” which is way less fun that sodomy. We talk about Bo Burnham’s not-so-special, and the brilliance that was Jayde’s special on Amazon Prime entitled “Serious Black Jumper."
LA Comedian Chanler Raper joins us for this episode, and the guys quickly jump into discussing their budding cyber friendship. Chanler and Josh have been mixing it up on Twitter for years, so his appearance is long overdue. The hot button topic of the week is the cancelling of comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, for reminding people how Asians be. When is this madness going to end? Let’s Discuss.
Josh jumps on the stream to recap his trip to the East Coast, doing Cumia on Compound, visiting the Stand & Joey Roses, East Coast cleanliness (or lack there of), and why breaking a toilet seat isn’t always the rock bottom it should be.
We’re joined by NYC comedian Natalie Cuomo, who joins us to talk about her transition from Theatre Kid to Comedian. Josh forgets that school kids have to get on the subway in New York. We share stories from our early comedy days, including awful early premises for jokes. Josh shares the secret of long term relationships, which centers mostly around giving up.
Comedian Julia Pels joins us to talk about her cancellation in the LA comedy scene, and how domestic violence isn't always what it seems.
On this episode of the #DarkestHour podcast, Josh is joined by survivor of human trafficking Eliza Bleu. Eliza does her best to help shed misconceptions about human trafficking; like the myth that they all start with an abduction. Eliza tells us a bit about her activist work, and what lies ahead for her.
#15 - Played Out w/Kevin KautzmanComedic playwright/podcaster…podwriter? It’s an emergent genre, and he’s doing it. Kevin Kautzman joins us from an undisclosed New Orleans Air BNB to talk about his talk about his new Podcast Play “Moderation” which can be found at We discuss that, but after Josh spends the first half of the podcast talking about his most recent failed legal endeavor, and what’s wrong with our newfound big brother legal system.
Recently twitter banned comedian Matt Savage joins us on the show to talk about his ban. Surprise! He’s just too Savage. Josh opens the show talking about his recent business dealings, and how his passion for free speech strikes again. Are babies meant to float? We hope so, because they’re going to have to. The guys talk about their favorite standup specials as of late, and wrap up this quick episode talking about the similarities between combat sports and comedy.
Josh is joined by actress Jearnest Corchado, best known for her roles in Little America on Apple TV+ and Sneakerheads on Netflix! We talk about immigration, and the what’s wrong with the stories told on TV and how they can be better. We have a great conversation about the importance of not “othering” groups in the name of progress. Rejection is hard, but quitting is even harder. Enjoy this episode!
Actress Margo Quinn joins the pod to talk about filmmaking during the pandemic. She shares dark stories about shady auditions, and the importance of having a buddy system when visiting studio lots. We talk about acting roles, and Josh thinks he has the perfect biopic casting to put Margo over the top.
Ok, so it’s not that bad…or is it? Writer and Producer Jeff Schimmel is here to talk about the current state of affairs in the business of Hollywood and how politics plays a part today. If you think the anti-semitism threat in our country is long gone, boy does Jeff have some news for you. This one episode has more Judaism than a Shabbat dinner party, but it definitely isn’t Kosher.
Comedian, Podcast, and Relationship banter guru Kristen Carney is here as we countdown to the pending apocalypse in America. Josh has recently gone viral for railing against cancel culture (again), and Kristen weighs in. We have NO idea why things go viral. What do you do with your junk when you transition? We ponder life’s bigger questions. We talk about how wild the internet has gotten, and how each day it pushes both of us further to the right (side note: the “right" is just having common sense).
Actress, Comedian, and Human lab rat Laura Rishell is here to tell us all about her experience on the Netflix show “100 Humans.” She explains what it’s like to take a bunch of random people from all different walks of life that also happen to be actors or actor adjacent and put them into a summer camp for weirdos. She tells us about her volunteering to be tortured, and we laugh over some of our favorite human meltdowns - both on the show and in real life. Laura shares some of her darkest personal stories that contribute to her sense of humor and artistic sensibilities.
John Tole is in the studio today, but you can’t really hear him because this episode only exists on Facebook! But stay tuned in for some really cool updates on the Darkest Hour show and all the ways to consume it!
NYC Comedian and podcaster Chrissie Mayr joins us to talk about what comedy looks like now and after the quarantine shutdown. Between sexual assault allegations, COVID-19, and city ordinances, who will be left standing? Will any of them have penises?
Comedian, Author, and Podcaster Brian McKim joins us for another apocalyptic episode; this one not so gloomy. We talk about the effects recent legislation has on gig-economy workers and entertainers; specifically California’s AB5 bill, and what it’s secret agenda might include. We talk about all things Corono, what to fear, and what not to fear. Either way, you’re probably doomed. Enjoy!
Comedian Carl Spitale (@bigspit) joins us to discuss all things Coronavirus and economic decline as we brace for the apocalypse. It doesn't get any darker than this! Thanks a lot, China!
Comedian and Founder of the Dojo of Comedy in Hollywood Trevor Keveloh is in the studio today to talk about how death just won’t leave him alone. Somehow, he forges ahead with a great attitude.Follow Trevor on Twitter
Actress, Blogger, and newly sober person Nicole Samra is here to talk all things sobriety and fetishes. The only ever guest whose episode was taken down is back for a do-over!Visit her blog at
Comedian, Sketch Performer, and Actress Jen Murray is here to share a great story of turning personal tragedy into hilarious art.Follow Jen at and @somejenmurray on Twitter!
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