DiscoverUnErased: The History of Conversion Therapy in America
UnErased: The History of Conversion Therapy in America
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UnErased: The History of Conversion Therapy in America

Author: Focus Features, Stitcher, Limina House & Jad Abumrad

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Over 700,000 people in America have been subjected to conversion therapy, the dangerous and controversial ex-gay treatment. UnErased tells their stories.

7 Episodes
Subscribe now in your podcast app, Episode 1 premieres November 2nd. Over 700,000 people in America have been subjected to conversion therapy, the dangerous and controversial ex-gay treatment. UnErased tells their stories.
UnErased First Listen

UnErased First Listen


Get the first listen to a new series revealing the hidden history of conversion therapy.
This is a modern day story of Job. It starts with Garrard Conley, a young gay kid growing up in rural Arkansas, trying to find a place to stand between a devout father and unforgiving God, and ends in a dramatic escape from an ex-gay camp and the smuggling out of a book that overturns an industry.This episode is sponsored by Care/Of ( code: UNERASED), Audible ( or text unerased to 500500), Casper Mattresses ( code: unerased), and RXBar ( code: unerased).
What if you’re a mother who’s a leader in the Christian community and your kid comes out as gay? Who do you call? The Mama Bears. This is the story of one woman who created a supergroup of like-minded mothers who faced down threats of excommunication because they refused to disown their kids, and will step in if you disown yours.This episode is sponsored by Audible ( or text unerased to 500500), Away ( code: UNERASED), Simple Contacts ( code: UNERASED), and Hello Fresh ( code: UNERASED60).
This is one of the rarest stories of all: a man who publicly experiences a profound change of heart.This is a profile of one of the gods of psychotherapy, who through a reckoning with his own work (oddly enough in the pages of Playboy magazine), becomes the first domino to fall in science’s ultimate disowning of the “gay cure.”This episode is sponsored by RXBAR ( code: unerased), Casper Mattresses ( code: unerased), Audible ( or text unerased to 500500), and Care/Of ( code: unerased).
4. Smid

4. Smid


You’re openly gay. Then you become the leader of the largest ex-gay organization and, under your leadership, many lives are destroyed. You leave that organization, come out as gay - again - and find love. Do you deserve to be happy? This is a story of identity, making amends and John Smid’s reckoning with his life.This episode is sponsored by HelloFresh ( code: UNERASED60), Simple Contacts ( code: UNERASED), Away ( code: UNERASED), and Audible ( or text unerased to 500500).
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didn't care for this ep, has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Sep 18th


is this podcast returning?

Aug 26th

Andrea Corbo

thanks for sharing!

Mar 19th


This podcast is everything. Thank you for it. Very touching and very moving.

Feb 14th

George Lee Oliver III

Glad you all are back

Jan 25th

Jamie Kessinger

Are there going to be more episodes?

Jan 14th

Anna Blankinship

Well done. Someone above already said this, but everyone*should* give a listen.

Dec 26th

Eve Dineen

Everyone should hear this!

Dec 12th

Hilary Manlove

thanks for all the people who made this possible.

Dec 7th

paul beck

terrible background music

Dec 2nd

Forest Schweitzer

Thank you for making this. Such a well done podcast and taken from so many angles!

Nov 24th

Kat Whitacre

I remember in 2005, I was a new student at a Texas high school near Fort Worth. In my speech class, we were supposed to pick a social problem that meant something to us. I wanted to talk about marriage equality. The librarian quietly explained to me that if I were to choose this topic, my classmates might assume that I am homosexual. She talked me out of it. Thinking back, I wish I would have been brave enough to make that small stand as a 15 year old. An early and loud ally. This podcast is great btw, keep it up!

Nov 16th
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