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I recently read a book that spoke to my broken heart. Losing anyone in your life is hard, but what happens when the person is your rock? They say the first year is the hardest. How do we get through it? By reading books that speak to your heart. Hope you enjoy. Here is the link to purchase the book. --- Support this podcast:
Camille Baker has a book called The Moment We Met that you are going to love. There are so many pieces that make up who we are. When we concentrate on just one aspect are we letting ourselves down? And why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? We talk about all that and more. Hope you enjoy! Kiki --- Support this podcast:
Chef Diaz joins us today to talk about summer grilling and how cooking a great meal can be the perfect way to bring our friends and family together. --- Support this podcast:
Today is what I would call a blue day. And that is alright. Recognizing what you are feeling and going through it is always better than beating your self up. --- Support this podcast:
Today we are chatting Joel Silverman. Joel is a celebrity dog trainer with some great ways to keep our dog’s entertained and happy this summer season. He also has a great connection to our favorite Golden Girl Betty White! Hope you enjoy this episode. I know I did! Kiki --- Support this podcast:
John “The Builder” Malecki is a former NFL player turned builder. He joins us today to chat about the importance of trade schools and doing something that you love. --- Support this podcast:
Catherine Bybee is an ER Nurse turned novelist who speak to the heart with her relatable stories of family and love. I had a chance to sit down with Catherine to discuss her latest, When It Falls Apart. Hope you enjoy. Kiki --- Support this podcast:
Influencer Shanisty Ireland always has great cooking advice for us. For Father’s Day she is coming in strong with a great simple recipe that dad is going to love. Hope you enjoy. Kiki --- Support this podcast:
Father’s Day is right around the corner. Experts say we are going to spend 20 Billion dollars finding dad the right gift. Today Dude Dad Taylor Calmus is with us to guide us in the right direction. --- Support this podcast:
It is that time of year, allergies are getting a lot of us down. But we cannot be our best selves when we are busy with a runny nose. I sat down with Dr Ashley Brissette to gather some info to ease the pain of allergies. --- Support this podcast:
Former intelligence officer MP Woodward’s first novel just came out, and it had me holding by breath through most of the 400 + pages! I had a chance to chat with him about inspiration, the future, and the pleasure of getting lost in the pages of a book. Hope you enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Marcus Bridgewater, creator, educator, motivational speaker, and plant enthusiast, wrote a book that will change the way you look at your garden and the world around you. Marcus is an inspiration who radiates positivity. Hope you enjoy our chat. --- Support this podcast:
Around the holidays I had a chance to chat with Food Network’s Claire Robinson who had tons of tricks to make the holidays extra special. Enjoy this throwback! --- Support this podcast:
Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring Clean Your Diet


Influencer Olivia Nichols helps us Spring clean our diet and also shares a delicious snack that is going to hit the spot while trying to stay on track, Barney Butter! --- Support this podcast:
Influencer Tomeka Cherry sat down with me to share some helpful hints on keeping the stress level low while trying to relax on summer vacation. Tomeka also shares her secret weapon when a migraine is about to ruin your plans. --- Support this podcast:
To say I have been through a lot in 2020 is an understatement.  I am not the same person I was and I want to share my new way of looking at life with all of you.  I want us, together to start a journey of self love, adventure, and most importantly being there for one another.  If you are ready, let's do this!!   XOXO  Kiki --- Support this podcast:
I was able to do some exploring on the strip while all the hotels and casinos are shut down.  How was it?  What was the feel of the strip?  Find out in my latest episode. --- Support this podcast:
I had a chance to speak with Jammin' 105.7's Paco Lopez about Las Vegas.  Paco shares his opinions on opening the city PLUS he tells us all about the Las Vegas Raiders new stadium! --- Support this podcast:
No one knows more about Las Vegas than radio host Chet Buchanan.  Chet wakes up everyone, everyday, on 98.5 KLUC on The Chet Buchanan Show and has his finger on the pulse of this great city.  I had a wonderful chat with him about the Covid-19 Pandemeic and the future of the city. --- Support this podcast:
Feed The Frontline LV

Feed The Frontline LV


I spoke with Giuseppe, founder of Limoncello Fresh Italian Kitchen, about feeding the frontline.  Take a listen and find out how you can help! --- Support this podcast:
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