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Author: Gregg S. Fisher

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Every part of our world today is being driven, optimized, and upended by data. Host Gregg Fisher, a pioneer and leading thinker in factor investing, has been looking at the world through a quantitative lens for over 25 years. Join him in conversation with leading thinkers across different fields on all the remarkable ways that data is reshaping the modern world.
14 Episodes
Is your teenage daughter's TikTok usage tipping the balance of power to China? How much of our personal information is being funneled to the Chinese government? In this episode, Gregg Fisher of Quent Capital speaks with Dr. Adam Segal, Director of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy program at the Council on Foreign Relations, and one of the world's foremost authorities on China and cybersecurity. The war on privacy may be a cold war - but it's being fought every day, and the consequences are massive. 
Surely at the heart of the nationalist, anti-globalist fervor that has gripped the US in recent years is income inequality: the widening gulf between the wealthy, and those the 21st century has "left behind." Not so fast, says Dr. Rawi Abdelal, Harvard Business School professor and noted economics scholar. Perhaps there is a deeper issue animating the anti-globalist movement. Host Gregg Fisher dives deep into the the subject with Dr. Abdelal in this episode of THE Q FACTOR.
Leadership and culture can make or break a business. But how can we lead and foster a positive culture in a world of distributed work? Host Gregg Fisher (Founder of Quent Capital) speaks with renowned scholar and author Dr. Frances Frei of the Harvard Business School, who serves as a consultant to some of the most respected companies and leaders in the world today. Dr. Frei's new book, co-authored with Anne Morriss, is called UNLEASHED: The Unapologetic Leader's Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You.
A look at what lies ahead in Season Two of the Award-winning podcast, THE Q FACTOR, hosted by Gregg Fisher of Quent Capital.
It's among the biggest questions our species faces: is there intelligent life in the universe, away from our planet? Data has been powering mankind's search for intelligent life in the universe ever since we first gazed up at the heavens, and began to ponder our place in the cosmos. In this episode, Gregg Fisher speaks with Dr. Carolyn Porco, who for decades has been one of the most accomplished and distinguished members of the US space program. Dr. Porco is a Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, and the former leader of the Cassini Imaging team. In this episode, Dr. Porco takes Gregg from her humble beginnings in the Bronx, through her remarkable experience looking for signs of life on Saturn's rings, all the way up to the questions she continues to wrestle with, including the meaning of life, which - believe it or not - Dr. Porco claims to have an answer for.
As Chief Analyst of 1010Data, Afshin Goodarzi's job is to keep track of every move you make. Does that make him a bad person? On the contrary, Afshin is a deeply moral, thoughtful human being. It just so happens that he works for a company, 1010Data, that serves as the big data "eyes and ears" for enormous multinationals like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and JP Morgan.In his conversation with host Gregg Fisher, Afshin talks about how your smartphone is actually a homing device, allowing companies like 1010Data to track your whereabouts. He and Gregg talk about how China uses data to give every citizen a "social credit score." And they weigh in on how data is being used to track how decently and courteously companies are treating their employees.
Gregg speaks with Matan Parnes, PayPal's Head of Global Risk and Data Sciences, about the ways that money is being revolutionized - and put at risk - in the digital age. Topics include: how PayPal is developing "story based" technology to detect good people from bad; China's headstart in adopting a zero-cash economy; and a new generation of digital criminals, tasked with reaching same kind of quarterly revenue targets as the law-abiding people and companies they're trying to defraud.
Gregg speaks with Jesse Redniss, EVP of data strategy at Turner and head of WarnerMedia's Innovation Lab, about the myriad ways that data is upending, disrupting, and optimizing entertainment. 
Hosted by Gregg Fisher, The Q Factor is a series of conversations with thought leaders from all walks of life, exploring the ways that data is transforming, disrupting, and revolutionizing our world. Awarded BEST PODCAST at the 2019 Mutual Fund Industry and ETF Awards.
Two titans of finance, host Gregg Fisher and BlackRock's Andrew Ang go head to head on the white-hot subject of factor investing. Gregg and Andrew discuss how factors first captured their imaginations; trade perspectives on growth, value and momentum; and compare factor investing to music and cooking.
Many of America's struggling rust belt cities are being transformed by data from the inside out. Gregg's guest today is Dr. Satish Tripathi, renowned data scientist and President of the University at Buffalo. Tripathi talks about how quantititative thinking is bringing higher education into the 21st century, and powering a growing tech sector in Western New York.
A bona fide living legend, Dr. Robert C. Merton was one of the first true scientists to enter - and revolutionize - the world of finance. A distinguished professor at both MIT and Harvard, Merton was awarded the 1997 Nobel Prize in Economics. Merton breaks down what he sees as a looming potential financial crisis, just over the horizon: the underfunding of the baby boom generation's retirement savings.
Gregg speaks with Anne Milgram, former Attorney General of New Jersey, about her pioneering work bringing data science into the world of criminal justice. Topics include: the US's incarceration dilemma, the development of a pretrial "risk assessment tool," and how even smart data can be contaminated by racial bias.
As the 2018 midterm elections approach, Gregg engages Ethan Roeder, political veteran and National Director of Data for both of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. Ethan offers his unique perspective on the intersection of data and politics, and how information is being leveraged for political gain.
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