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The Smallholder Food Business Development Institute Podcast

Author: Michele Pfannenstiel DVM

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Join Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel, food safety expert, business coach, life coach and blow your own mind with possibility. What if there was a totally different way to do a food business? Where profitability was front and center and employees and senior management work together to build the business? At the Smallholder Food Business Development Institute, we show you how. We have the technical expertise for your trickiest questions and the tenacity to ask the hard ones. Make more money, know your business inside and out, sleep better and build the business the universe is calling you to build.
65 Episodes
An encore presentation of our 5s discussion with Charles Tidd.Join us this week on the podcast where Dr. P and Charlie Tidd talk about the basis of 5S in food manufacturing and how they can help you in your own facility.
You've formed your team. Now what.Now you have to describe what you make. It shouldn't be hard...and yet.
Why is leadership tough?How have you go about solving your leadership problems and what hasn't worked?What is your MVP and how can you use this concept to drive your business forward?
Let's not shoot for the stars just yet...Let's just start with the 3 steps to feel marginally less awful
You've decided to embark on a food business.Now you need a food safety team.Why?Food safety is a team sport!Listen in for the history of food safety planning, how we got here, and how to start on your documented food safety plan.
Episode 57- Obvious Results

Episode 57- Obvious Results


How do we look at the obvious results? - Health- Wealth- RelationshipsWhy do we look at the obvious results? Because telling ourselves truth, even if it is optional thoughts, creates clarity and allows us to manage our minds, which is the KEY asset in a business.When we serve up truth to ourselves, we have our own back. We learn that we belong to ourselves, and so many of us have a story of not belonging. Being vulnerable to the truth in our lives allows us to decide.
On today's episode we are going to cover what to feed your food animals. Primarily cattle and hogs.Let's get some feed biochemistry going my friends!
One of the best tools in my mind management toolkit is questioning assumptions. What assumptions do I make in around my thoughts? Asking this question takes thought work to the next level and can create massive breakthroughs in your life.Learn the 5 questions I ask myself during my own self coaching and work them into your life.
I've gotten a ton of questions on ASF. Well, here are some answers.The short version...if your pigs are blue and dying, call your state vet.The podcast covers a bit more than that though, so tune in!
Guess what? Negative thoughts about everything...are totally optional.What would happen if you decided that your negative thoughts, when they happen, aren't serving you?Miracles, that's what. You'll feel like you lost 20# in an instant.Join me and learn how to stop hugging the cactus.Learn how dropping negativity builds assets and creates wealth (no, I am not kidding).Learn how I drop the negativity in my headIt's an amazing episode!
Let's talk how you know you are making what you are making.It's through putting systems in place.Today we are talking on farm quality assurance systems, I promise they aren't as scary as you think!Join us to learn about PQA Plus, BQA, LQA, FQAFind out about the first, easy step you can take to create an on farm quality assurance system.Links from today's podcast:
When we choose anger over empowermentWhen we choose to avoid food safety planning by being angry it costs us a LOTIt costs our health, our wealth, and our relationships.What is your inaction or your anger costing you?
This is one of those topics where people just simply tune out. They know that they are supposed to do it, and they just don't.Why is that?Cause it is boringCause it is hard (not really)Cause they are afraid of itLet's clear that up shall we?
Food safety is all about action.Often times, we act first, believe second.So what are those actions? How do we actually mitigate risk?What does that mean for leading and serving ourselves, our teams and our customers?
Episode 48- Internal Audits

Episode 48- Internal Audits


What could be more fun for a food facility than doing internal audits? Well, I love to do them, and now you can to!But seriously folks, internal audits are the difference between the results you have and the results you want.Why? Because if you decide to do the work, they allow you to show up to your product, process and people.Be brave my friends.Come learn how to serve up truth with internal audits.
Join me on a trip through a thought download. What does it look like when I confront the thoughts that keep me up at night? Thought work is a learned and learnable skill that requires vulnerability. Join me on this amazing journey.
Episode 46- Calibration

Episode 46- Calibration


What if how you did calibration was how you did everything?Listen in and learn what I mean...
What does finding your purpose look like?Sit and thinkHealth, Wealth, RelationshipsWhat are some themes that have run through your life?What does your future self think?How did I do it?Why bother at all?
Testing doesn't have to be complicated. I promiseJoin Dr. P as as she walks you thru both FSIS N60 testing and USDA/FDA environmental monitoring for Listeria. If you are still overwhelmed, book a call and we'll get you straightened out
A follow up to the emergency call y'all heard about last week.How do you keep the doors open?1) Observe2) Train3) Act4) DocumentNow you know how to keep the doors open.
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