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Author: Michele Pfannenstiel DVM

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We've got changes afoot my friends...

We are closing some stuff, updating some stuff and leveling up to make food safety simpler, easier and more fun.

you hear that...FUN

You should see how much I laugh with my clients.

We take our work seriously

But we take our work fun too

Because when you have fun with all doesn't suck so much

It's all a lot easier. And that feels awesome. And guess what?


Simple, easy, fun
116 Episodes
This is the most 2020 thing to talk about. How we dress and how we protect ourselves and the product at work is a learned and learnable skill. You just need to DECIDE to learn it. You need to make the choice that doing PPE and personal hygiene the right way, every single time you do it, is an activity worth doing.
FSU Episode 1

FSU Episode 1


Wait what??! Episode 1? That's right folks...we are having a rebrand. The Smallholder Food Business Development Institute Podcast is now... Food Safety University Let's do it!
In food manufacturing you need a Customer Complaint program. It's something you've got to think about and document. I see so many of my clients freak out about them that they routinely get caught short in all the things they could learn from them. If that's's the podcast that fixes that.
Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions... What are the steps?  What do you need to think about? Because for your program to be need to have harder conversations than you are having. You need to dig deeper and GO THERE. Stop pencil whipping this stuff. Use your mistakes to get better.
There is jurisdiction and there's authority. Who has what where in your business and what does it mean for you and your relationship with your regulators?
In the 6 step framework I introduced in Episode 103 I said it can be used for anything. Well, today we are going to deploy it for how to keep on keepin' on as COVID is our reality for some time. Today's episode will go over who is on your response team, what the scope of the problem is, who solutions apply to, what the heck the solutions are and the steps for implementation and continuous process improvement. This is a very important episode folks. Tune in, take notes and think. Helpful Links:
Matthew is one of my favorite people and I am delighted to speak with him about his journey. He and I have worked together on a number of projects. His wisdom and care and heart centeredness in the agricultural world is a breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs everywhere. Need more goodness? Check out his brand new podcast on Heritage Radio Network: Jupiter's Almanac
Do you do what you say you are going to do and is it helpful... I am sorry to say that it isn't enough to just write your HACCP plan. You've got to make sure it works. And you've got to make sure all the SOPs that support it work to. You do that by doing a 90d validation. Learn how and where you can get more help on this episode.
There are 6 steps to ANY food safety project whether it is SOPs, or HACCPs or employee training... Learn what they are and how to get them to work in your business.
If you are a company trying to pass an audit...tune in because you need a food fraud vulnerability assessment. And I got a program for that. In today's episode we are going to cover... What is food fraud? What are the commonly adulterated foods? How do you do a food fraud assessment?
Ready for the next 100 episodes? Because I am.  Let's set the stage though... Goals. You've got 'em. You love setting them, they feel awesome. Are you using them to beat the stuffing out of yourself? Probably.  Which makes you feel bad. So you set more goals for yourself because that makes you feel good and productive. Welcome to The High Achiever Goal Cycle. Let's get off that hamster wheel and onto running awesome businesses. Listen in, and start observing where you are doing all.the.things. and whether or not that is working for you. Then join us over on The Proofing Box (the FREE Facebook group) and let's talk about the goals. Over the course of the next 100 episodes we are going to talk about food safety and business planning What's working What's not working And what are we going to do differently. HACCP Business planning Life Get ready
It's been 8 1/2 years on our business journey It's been 14 1/2 years on our marriage journey What works? What doesn't work? What are we going to do differently? Tune in and find out.
Are you ready for a 3rd party audit? Well, if you've ever wondered what you need to do to prep, this is the episode for you. Join me as I interview 2 auditors from ASI on what goes into an audit and what you can do to make the whole process easier.
When I last covered testing and environmental monitoring we talked a lot about the how of what you do... Today we talk about the why... Doing product testing and environmental monitoring well gives a lot of insight into your food safety culture. Get on board with how to do the testing and what it means for your company.
How much time do you spend in preventive maintenance...and how much in urgent and emergency maintenance... Next awful does all that emergency maintenance feel. Awful, right? What if you instituted PM and made this all suck less? What if your maintenance dept had FUN at work once in a while? Imagine how much more they'd get done my friend! Join my on this week's episode live on The Proofing Box and let's talk about how to make that happen.
I say HACCP, you say HACCP...and we mean different things... Say wha?! Crazy, I know. But join me for this podcast and learn about the vocabulary! Let's clear all that up so that you can get your plans written!
You food changes lives. How do I know this? Because it's changed mine. Yours, my clients, the whole smallholder food changes lives. And changing lives is tough work and requires a lot of you. And when the going is rough, I want you to think about the opportunity you have to be a product of your product. I am going to tell you how that process works with me, and how you can incorporate that into not only your every day work, but your SOPs and how you work in your business.
What's the mindset around being organized? That's the real question. Anyone can 5S their facility once...but it takes a lot more brain work to keep your facility and stuff under control.
We talk a lot about goal setting around here and it is easy to go down the rabbit hole of attachment to goals. Commitment though, is much more powerful. Both can be useful, but commitment will get you everywhere, where as attachment doesn't. Tune in to learn the difference. And when you are ready to a call.
Let's diving into your relationship with yourself...what are the things you build your life on? Are they what you want to bring forward into your future?​ The foundations of freedom and opportunity are pretty simple... Wealth Community Compliance When we work to understand these we build assets. PERSONAL assets.... 1) Your relationship with yourself 2) Your relationship with others 3) The products of your life 4) The processes of your life 5) The capital in your life Where are you with the personal assets in your life?
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