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The Smallholder Food Business Development Institute Podcast

Author: Michele Pfannenstiel DVM

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Join Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel, food safety expert, business coach, life coach and blow your own mind with possibility. What if there was a totally different way to do a food business? Where profitability was front and center and employees and senior management work together to build the business? At the Smallholder Food Business Development Institute, we show you how. We have the technical expertise for your trickiest questions and the tenacity to ask the hard ones. Make more money, know your business inside and out, sleep better and build the business the universe is calling you to build.
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I have a radically new approach to regional food supply chains. This is information that our communities need, right now. How do you approach your supply chain? How do you manage your supply chain? What if it isn't all as hard as you think?
Join me as I interview Barbara Shepherd a cannabis entrepreneur. This fascinating conversation covers a wide range of things you need to be thinking about as you start your cannabis venture.
In this week's episode we are covering some discussion about corona virus to start and then we are diving into justification for decisions in your hazard analysis. Really...why are hazards NRLTO or RLTO? Even know what that means? Well listen in and find out!
Felicia is an amazing coach who really gets performance. She started her coaching business from a conversation about clean eating and body image. Do you know what conversation your target market is having about their foods? Tune in to find out.
Anxiety. It might actually be a public health crisis. I have anxiety, you might, or someone you know and love might. Join us for a magical conversation with Kelly, a superb life coach who focuses on transforming anxiety from something something you can live with.
We've gone through the five pre-steps of HACCP and now we are on to the meat of the matter as it were. And here is where everyone gets stopped. Stopped in confusion and overwhelm and regulations and AIGH ISN'T THIS SUPPOSED TO BE A CCP. That overwhelm all comes from a fear that you are going to do it wrong and nothing is going to work and all your efforts will be for nothing. Stop. Breathe. I get it. I've been there. I was once new at this too. Listen, you aren't writing the Bible or any other Holy Book. You are writing a food safety plan. It is ok if it isn't right on the first or even 10th try. It won't be. Write it anyway. Write it in fear and loathing and failure. Know that is what you are going to feel when you write a hazard analysis. Plan on it. It is the tax you get to pay for building the business of your dreams.
Branding. Live by it. If your brand ain't working for you, it ain't working. Join us as I chat with David Lemley of Retail Voodoo on how to get your brand squared away. And then of course, it is off to the welders with you so you can get one for your cattle! JK, we freeze brand them now.
Negative emotions can be in us and drive us forward and... nothing is going wrong. Feelings always create actions. You get to figure out if they are going to drive actions that move you forward.
I get it, folks are worried. But, listen, this doesn't have to overwhelm you. Simple measures around handwashing and biosecurity are the name of the game. If you've got questions head on over to The Proofing Box and ask 'em!
A verified Process Flow Diagram. You either have it or you don't. Many is the time I've walked through a plant and said "did anyone actually LOOK at this?" because "umm, no" is usually the answer. Let's fix that shall we? 
Are you ready to create results? Leaders create results.  What would your life look like if you stepped into leading yourself? It sounds simple, and it can be. But, acknowledging and stepping into your own leadership is a profound journey. Local food needs leaders, it needs you. Join me on this journey, won't you?
Seriously, what could be more fun than process flow diagramming? The ANNOUNCEMENT I am coming out with for my veteran community. How do we do it around here? We build community.
In this episode I go over the STRIVE questions and the thought management process that I use to create trust and credibility. It doesn't matter what you are selling, you need to manage your mind to achieve the results you are looking for.
What if everything you knew about marketing and sales was wrong? Join me for this first in a 4 part series on exactly how to sell to grow and scale your business .
Join me with Charlie Tidd (my awesome brother) as we talk about managing inventory inputs. This episode is going to change everything about how you see all that stuff stacked up in your walkins, your coolers and freezers.
Step 3 of pre planning for success is understanding your customer and understanding how your customer consumes your food.  The bigger question here is how are you providing value to your customer, and then tying that value to your food safety plan.
The underlying stability of The Proofing Box is the mindset management around leadership. What is it, how do you understand it and how do you practice your own leadership?
An encore presentation of our 5s discussion with Charles Tidd. Join us this week on the podcast where Dr. P and Charlie Tidd talk about the basis of 5S in food manufacturing and how they can help you in your own facility.
You've formed your team. Now what. Now you have to describe what you make. It shouldn't be hard...and yet.
Why is leadership tough? How have you go about solving your leadership problems and what hasn't worked? What is your MVP and how can you use this concept to drive your business forward?
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