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The Smallholder Food Business Development Institute Podcast

Author: Michele Pfannenstiel DVM

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Join Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel, food safety expert, business coach, life coach and blow your own mind with possibility. What if there was a totally different way to do a food business? Where profitability was front and center and employees and senior management work together to build the business? At the Smallholder Food Business Development Institute, we show you how. We have the technical expertise for your trickiest questions and the tenacity to ask the hard ones. Make more money, know your business inside and out, sleep better and build the business the universe is calling you to build.
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You food changes lives. How do I know this? Because it's changed mine. Yours, my clients, the whole smallholder food changes lives. And changing lives is tough work and requires a lot of you. And when the going is rough, I want you to think about the opportunity you have to be a product of your product. I am going to tell you how that process works with me, and how you can incorporate that into not only your every day work, but your SOPs and how you work in your business.
What's the mindset around being organized? That's the real question. Anyone can 5S their facility once...but it takes a lot more brain work to keep your facility and stuff under control.
We talk a lot about goal setting around here and it is easy to go down the rabbit hole of attachment to goals. Commitment though, is much more powerful. Both can be useful, but commitment will get you everywhere, where as attachment doesn't. Tune in to learn the difference. And when you are ready to a call.
Let's diving into your relationship with yourself...what are the things you build your life on? Are they what you want to bring forward into your future?​ The foundations of freedom and opportunity are pretty simple... Wealth Community Compliance When we work to understand these we build assets. PERSONAL assets.... 1) Your relationship with yourself 2) Your relationship with others 3) The products of your life 4) The processes of your life 5) The capital in your life Where are you with the personal assets in your life?
Vets- listen up! This vet is talking to another awesome vet this week. Matt runs Vet Pivot, works in finance and is the walking definition of amazing.  We cover lots of awesome stuff for non vets in this one as well, so you will all want to tune in!
Talking finance and small business today on the podcast. We've got a fun interview with John Stoj out of Sandy Springs, GA. He's a whiz at all things finance for small business. Finance and the world we live in today is no easy task, but John makes it wicked fun.
Last week I talked about the mindset around racial justice. This week is the how.  - Learn how to go through a SOP so that it works for you. - Learn the 3 key pieces of implementing an Inclusive Excellence SOP. Need the SOP? Join us at the Proofing's in the files section
The goals of Inclusive Excellence are - to center to conversations of our colleagues of color and other cultures in ways that they wish to be centered - to be an example of what is possible when we dig into discomfort - to be an example of what a white woman can do to be part of the conversation and be brave and make mistakes Join me for the transformation
Join us for this fascinating interview with Paula Horne, entrepreneur extraordinaire. Learn how she's transitioned out of the military and into a world of hot sauce. Our conversation is fun and chock full of what you need to know as you are getting your business started.
I get think monitoring and verification is wicked boring/tedious/hell of a lot of work Here's the deal, you can change your whole outlook on your business by approaching monitoring and verifications as activities that create wealth, community and compliance. Join us to learn how and the dive into those question by joining us on The Proofing Box.
Jeff Hahn is the owner and principal of Hahn Public. Jeff focuses on brand crafting, message development and crisis communications and I ask desperately is that needed right now? Grab a pen and be prepared to take notes on how you can lead through effective communications. This is so important right now.
As local food has its moment, we are finding out a LOT about value and pricing. What do we mean when we say value? How are making sure you are delivering value to your customers? How does that affect your profit? Grab your pen, paper and brain and let's find out.
This week I talk to Larry Shiller, an educator and practitioner of how grit and resilience can be used in our lives and workplaces. How gritty are you? Find out here
How does something so prosaic as trace and lotting create wealth and freedom?  Such a great question, I am glad you asked! Because this episode will not only tell you how freedom lies on the other end of a functioning trace and lot program, but, how to do one. It's VASTLY easier than you think. So get to work. Want help with that? Book a call with Dr. P to get into the Power Group for May. 90 days to build the foundation of your business.  
Are you ready to get your time management game on? Join me for an amazing interview with Christina Roman of Pique Coaching She's an expert at helping you focus and get your work done, quite getting distracted and get the results you want in your business and life
There are so many questions out there about mobile slaughter, and this episode is all about answers... Humane handling Water/sewage- and errata here...I am off by an order of magnitude it is 0.3 gallons of water per pound of value added processing. Join us at The Proofing Box with questions.
That is Critical Control Points and Critical Limits Know 'em, love 'em and execute them with perfection. Find out how...
Join us as Dr. P talks to Sheila Austin. Sheila is doing some really interesting things in small ruminants in FL. Her experience and insight is invaluable if you are thinking about going into processing.
I have a radically new approach to regional food supply chains. This is information that our communities need, right now. How do you approach your supply chain? How do you manage your supply chain? What if it isn't all as hard as you think?
Join me as I interview Barbara Shepherd a cannabis entrepreneur. This fascinating conversation covers a wide range of things you need to be thinking about as you start your cannabis venture.
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