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Author: Michele Pfannenstiel DVM

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We are leveling up to make food safety simpler, easier and more fun.

You hear that...FUN

You should see how much I laugh with my clients.

We take our work seriously

But we take our work fun too

Because when you have fun with all doesn't suck so much

It's all a lot easier. And that feels awesome. And guess what?


Simple, easy, fun
146 Episodes
Do you find your plant finances to be a black box? Are financial statements accessible and transparent? Do you know what to measure or how to tell if you're making money? Join us today, as we interview plant finance and project management expert Dane Creighton about his experiences as a new plant manager and how we recommends wrapping your head around your financial statements.
This leadership series is going to change your life. Let's get real on what it means to create results. It doesn't mean what you think it means. It means showing up as who you are meant to be and getting ish done till the result is created. That is it It's no harder or easier than that. 
I have been doing a lot of thinking and coaching on leadership. And, I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people are failing at it in our food plants...not because they aren't trying...but because they are trying too hard. What? Heresy...I know. Here's the thing though...leadership is a learned and learnable skill. I just think we've learned the wrong lessons. I think people are making it way too hard and are suffering a LOT as a result. This series is designed to start to fix that. We are going to start with how I help my clients set their course of direction and then talk about the process we use for figuring anything out. Finally, I am going to introduce you to a new way of thinking about how to make any decision.
This week, we talk to Travis Stockstill, AKA American Butcher! Travis is an expert butcher and production manager who has overseen several high-complexity plants in his highly accomplished career, including Ready-to-Eat facilities. He shares some of his personal experiences and gives advice to food production managers of all skill levels.
One of the most awesome things about my life is that I am a graduate of Wellesley College. Being in the "W Network" as we call it brings certain advantages. Not only can I find alums almost anywhere in the world doing anything that I might have a question about, we also have professors that do very interesting work and are more than happy to talk to grads...even ones decades out! Meet Professor Robert Paarlberg, a political science professor and researcher of ag policy. He and I discussed his new book "Resetting the Table: STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT THE FOOD WE GROW AND EAT" This discussion was fascinating because we are absolutely more alike than we are different and there are so many solutions on the table for feeding people...not just calories...but food. More about the book and Professor Paarlberg here
In this week's episode of the New Plant Manager series, we address all of your recent questions by taking a deeper dive into what exactly a gap audit is! In this episode, you'll learn about: Gap Audits and why need do them Risk Analysis Elements of a Program Elements of a Standard Operating Procedure What auditors are looking for Tune in to find out how to make management life much less difficult and time consuming!
What is the next step in breaking through to make money as a food producer? Thru questions Important ones (because yes, there are dumb questions...the ones you don't want answered with the truth) Questions empower On today's podcast, I'll teach you the ONE question I ask that changed everything Ready to get going... Well, you have a great OPPORTUNITY here... join us at food safety university TODAY.
In part 3 of our New Plant Manager series, we'll continue on our internal gap audit. This week, we'll be taking a look at the first portion of our Operations Structure, the Facilities Programming.  We'll take this opportunity to discuss the most important elements of any program: Risk Analysis Risk-based policies Prerequisite programs SOPs sSOPs Verification and Calibration Validation Work Instructions they pertain to your physical assets, such as equipment, facilities and the ground you're built upon.
If you are thinking about opening a business, going into co-packing or thinking about what it is like to work with me...I want to introduce you to some of the best women in the food space on the planet. Go deep with Jennell and Alicia as we talk about how I have coached them to grow and build their business.  If you've ever wondered what it is like to be my is your chance to listen in! Then go check out Casco Bay Creamery.
Have you ever walked into a new management job and wondered, 'Where the heck to I start?' If so, this episode is for you. In this week's installment of The New Plant Manager series, David discusses the first part of the New Plant Management Model, the Organizational Gap Analysis.  In other words, we find out about your company's reporting structure and determine what you already have for a robust personnel management program, and what you need and then how to bridge the gap.  It's the first steps to stepping into your new role as a manager in a new plant.
In this week's episode of the podcast we are going to take making money as a food producer even further than the beliefs we talked about last week. Beliefs are first. Next we've got to talk about dreaming much money do you want to make? How do you set a goal without killing yourself?
This episode of The Food Safety University Podcast is the first of a new weekly segment called' The New Plant Manager' with David Zarling. David is a Senior Associate at Dirigo Food Safety with a background in production management, plant management, and all levels and forms of butchery, including USDA inspected field slaughter.  In this series, David will discuss everything you need to step into a plant management role or assume the GM role in a plant new to you. We'll discuss a model that lets you confidently become the manage that your team, your shareholders and you need you to be. 
Great news all, this is another peak behind the scenes look at Dirigo Food Safety and what we are doing, where we are going and how we are run. David Zarling, plant manager, butcher and leadership coach extraordinaire is joining me today to talk shop. And, we have some pretty cool announcements for the podcast. Listen up and share, because we are doing all sorts of good things around here.
Why are you making food? Why on earth are you putting all this effort into your business? In part 1 of our series I am going to tackle this issue head on with you. These episodes are going to make your THINK. And then they are going to make you GROW.
You know who LOVES a well executed food safety plan? Your future self. The one who can deal with any problem thrown at them because they've got a great foundation. But how do you even develop a relationship with that person? Who are they and how do you think about them?
Are you arguing with reality and spending your time re-litigating the past? Many clients do this frequently. It makes total sense because...that's how you were taught to think. But what if you could stop doing that. What if you could stop focusing on the stuff you can not change, and focus on the stuff you can. That's what happens when you decide who you want to be in your business, before you decide what you want to do. Who before how...always.
Today, I am bringing my coach, the wonderful Maggie Reyes, on to the podcast to talk about communication. Maggie brings a world of experience to the topic of communication, from her position in HR in the cruise industry, to being a life coach for Type A women who are creating better marriages, and now she's bringing it to food manufacturing! Because food manufacturers are people...who need to communicate with other people. All of Maggie's goodness can be found at and check out her Marriage MBA program 
Calibration...what a thrilling topic! It's pretty rad though that there are all sorts of devices out there that measure whether or not our food meets our critical limits though!  But the deal have make sure those devices are working. How you ask? Well, good thing you can find out.  And, when you want to stop worrying about whether your SOPs are ok and just want the swipe files...time to join us at Food Safety University. Enroll today and get Certified HACCP training Certified Preventive Controls Training All the SOPs you'll ever need for your food safety plan The 90 day validations for passing your audit Live support from me...answering any question, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month Click here to check it out
I am delighted to bring you this interview with Jill Stuber, the Food Safety Coach. Jill, like me, knows that it is the people who are the key to making your facility work. Listen in as we talk about how we coach our clients and the transformations coaching brings. You can catch all Jill's goodness at the Food Safety Coach.
Competence...Does your workforce have it and do you know? And for that matter...why is it important? A competent workforce is your key to saving time, money and a lot of energy. So how do you get a trained and competent workforce? Listen in!
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