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Author: Yvon Prehn

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An exploration of the Bible, its history and commentary on it from Yvon Prehn, writer and teacher for Jesus. For the notes on the podcasts, go to Support this podcast:
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What makes you truly happy and satisfied? Is its financial security? A loving family or relationship? A beautiful home?Though all of these things, financial security, loving family, beautiful home are what most of us want, we’ll see in our podcast today that these are not what creates true happiness and inner satisfaction and peace—but we won’t stop with being negative, but will talk about how we can achieve not only what we want, but what we are created for.Our source of for this lesson is the Prophet Haggai and that's what our podcast is about.For downloadable notes and more, go to Support this podcast:
When someone makes a promise to you, do they always keep it?What about God? Does He always keep his promises?In our podcast today we’ll see how God kept his promise to return people to their homeland after they’d been taken captive for 70 years.But as for the people of God, we’ll see how well they kept their promises to God and then we’ll end with some applications on how we might all get better at making the changes in our lives we want to make, but have trouble following through on.For a PDF of the notes for this lesson and other materials, go to Support this podcast:
We know hard times will comeThe question is, How do we respond?Two characters in the Old Testament, Ezekiel and Daniel, whose stories started when they were teenagers give us some encouraging examplesIn the midst of unimaginable challenges, we’ll see how…..They didn’t whine; they faithfully worked, their lives became a witness, the wonder of God was then revealed to and through them.Our podcast today will show you how this happened!For notes and more, go to Support this podcast:
Is it OK to ask God “why?”Why do you allow evil?Why do evil people get away with things?Why do good people get caught up in the mess others make?In this podcast we’ll look at the prophet Habakkuk and what happened when he not only asked God “Why?” but when he kept asking God when he didn’t like how God answered him the first time.Go to to download PDFs of the lesson.--- Support this podcast:
The bestselling book the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People totally revolutionized the lives of millions of people and one of the habits Steven Covey, the author, talked about is a great summary of our podcast today.The habit I’m talking about is Habit #2—Begin With the End in Mind Join me as we look at the challenge of how to Begin with the End in Mind in the books of Zephaniah and Joel in our podcast today.For notes and additional information on this topic, go to Support this podcast:
People ask, if it really matter if the events talked about in the Old Testament took place in the times and ways that are described in the Bible?And some wonder if it isn’t the spiritual message of these stories that is most important?In this podcast, we are going to talk about how it does matter tremendously that the Old Testament describes true stories that took place in recognizable places that we can date in true history. Once we understand this, it helps us understand the view of our great God and shows that he can be trusted with the details of our history in the past and the eternity of our future with him. For downloadable notes and more go to: Support this podcast:
How can we please God? How can we know if we are doing enough in our Christian lives?Fortunately God doesn’t play games with us and doesn’t leave us guessing as to what he wants us to do. We’ll talk about that today in our lesson.We've been looking a lot at the history of what has happened to Israel and though that is important, what is even more important is how we apply the lessons we learn from history. The book of Micah gives us specific advice on how to do that. In particular, we'll drill down deeply into understanding and applying Micah 6:8 a verse many are familiar with that tells us that God wants us to: "Live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God."For copies of the show notes and much more, go to  --- Support this podcast:
Does it matter if the stories in the Bible really happened? Isn’t the important thing the spiritual truth taught in them?It seems to be a common belief today that objective facts aren't nearly as important as how we feel about our spiritual beliefs, but as you'll learn today our Bible is based on historical realities and God cares very much about how we live our lives based on those realities.For notes from the podcast, go to Support this podcast:
 How are we supposed to live our daily lives if our faith in Jesus is real? If God saves us as a free gift of grace, dependent on Jesus death on the cross, does he really care what we do after we accept him? Can we do whatever we want, knowing we’ll be forgiven?On a more serious note, what if, after we have trusted Jesus as Savior, we truly want to live a life that pleases Him—how do we do that?To answer the questions I just asked is vitally important for every Christian if we believe, as the Bible clearly teaches, that one day each of us will stand before Jesus to give an account of our lives. Though we are saved from eternal death by the grace of Jesus, he does have expectations of how we should live after we accept the gift of salvation and that’s what this podcast is about.I’m doing this special edition because what I have recently learned I found so helpful in my Christian life that I wanted to share it.  For notes from the podcast, please go to: Support this podcast:
Do you have trouble believing that God loves you? That he forgives you no matter what your sins?Many of us have problems believing God really loves us, but with the prophet Hosea in the podcast today we will see an incredible example of God’s love that not only applied to Israel when it was going through a very hard time, but that applies to us today also.For notes and other materials related to this and other lessons on the prophets, go to: Support this podcast:
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