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Author: Yvon Prehn

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An exploration of the Bible, its history and commentary on it from Yvon Prehn.

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What do the Old Testament Laws & Odd Regulations have to do with us today? Plus Typology explained.
Genesis and the first part of Exodus were interesting to read, but now it’s getting a bit strange…..What do all these laws about what to eat, sacrifices, and how to build the Tabernacle have to do with us today?Why should we bother reading them?The answer is SO much more than you can imagine! Not in that we should follow the laws and regulations in the same way the Children of Israel did, but in what these things foreshadowed in what was coming. The study of this foreshadowing of what was coming is called "Typology." It clarifies how things first shown in the Old Testament became reality in the New Testament. For example, in the Old Testament the people sacrificed lambs as an atonement for sin and in the New Testament Jesus is called the "Lamb of God" who truly and finally takes away sin. This podcast will explain Typology and help you see how it can make the Bible come alive to you in ways you won't see if you don't understand it or read the whole Bible to see how it unfolds. The Old Testament prophets will make more sense (instead of appearing to simply rant about issues that don't relate to anything we are familiar with) and you'll see in the New Testament how the events of Jesus life were not random, but a fulfillment of prophecies illustrated thousands of years before he was born.Many people bail out on their good intentions to read through the Bible when they finish the story of the Exodus, but don't do that! Listen to this podcast, hang in there in the coming weeks and you will be richly repaid with additional understanding of the rest of the Bible.Please go to for notes, previous podcasts, and additional information. Please tell your friends about the podcast and invite them to join us in the adventure of reading and understanding God's Word! Become a supporter of this podcast:
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