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PPC Den: Amazon PPC Advertising Mastery

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The world's first Amazon advertising podcast - hosted by Ad Badger. Here we discuss the ins and outs of Amazon PPC, including tips and tricks to help optimize your ad campaigns. Whether you're a die-hard PPC fanatic or an Amazon seller looking for an edge; this is the podcast for you.
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On today’s episode, Mike & Stephen tackle a hairy situation for even the most seasoned of PPC veterans. What do you do when your products have a high Average Order Value (AOV) like $10,000 or $25,000 per sale but they're extremely low converting? The guys explain how to extend your time-frame to gather more data, ways to keep your CPCs down, and how to compare to account averages, so you can bid without worry. See you in the Badger Den!Episode Highlights:3:51 Regular bid optimization for a standard product4:47 Real products with high AOVs8:47 Expensive products lead to expensive CPCs10:21 What if you only convert every 3 months?11:58 Extended time-frame16:09 Compare to account averages19:52 Using search term reports to find keywords22:40 What to do when things do convert?24:06 Only do RPSB if you rake up 2-4+ conversions25:25 How applicable are these strategies to you?26:55 Keep these products in separate ad groups28:56 Check our Ad Badger PPC optimization toolGet all of our episodes and show notes at a question or suggestion for the show? Leave a Voicemail: or 833-BADGERZ
On today’s episode, we find Stephen alone in the Congolese jungle! Luckily he brought his hotspot and has some time to explain why lowering bids isn't a straight ticket to lowering your ACoS. Learn about how keyword visibility, ad rank, ad placement, and search term diversity all play a part in the complicated romance between bids & ACoS. See you in the Badger Den!Episode Highlights:0:25 Bids & ACoS have a complicated relationship1:07 Keyword visibility2:00 What if you've calculated your bid correctly?2:48 Effects of ad rank4:46 Considering ad placement on conversions6:06 Search term diversity & CPCs7:40 How to use search term isolation8:42 Check out our Ad Badger PPC softwareGet all of our episodes and show notes at a question or suggestion for the show? Leave a Voicemail: or 833-BADGERZ
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen talk about how to set realistic 30 day expectations for your Amazon Ad campaigns. They cover the importance of account history, the typical 30 day cycle, and how to use the glorious PPC Triangle. Whether you’re totally new or a seasoned veteran, you’re bound to learn something new on this episode. See you in the Badger Den!Episode Highlights:2:15 Evolution of Amazon PPC4:04 Avoiding overhyped clickbait5:35 Account history significance8:30 Expectations for a brand new product11:10 Accounts on an upward trend12:45 Downward trend accounts15:35 Shoot to move 1 number16:15 The PPC Triangle19:00 Know your primary goal22:50 The typical 30 day cycle25:55 Questions to ask yourselfGet all of our episodes and show notes at a question or suggestion for the show? Leave a Voicemail: or 833-BADGERZ
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen focus on the pros and cons of segmenting your branded keywords into separate campaigns. How tough will it be to manage? Is it really worth it or can you just use the targeting report? Luckily, Mike and Stephen give you the full rundown on everything you need to know to manage your branded keywords. See you in the Badger Den!Episode Highlights:3:12 Should you segment out your branded keywords?7:05 Why this is happening more frequently10:30 More control over your budget12:30 Easier reporting for “true non-branded performance”13:30 Getting as segmented as possible15:55 Biggest pro – Be intentional with your paid strategy18:20 More cumbersome to manage22:00 Tough to tell which keywords count as branded24:20 Keywords boost each other in a pack25:55 Make sure you have the right reasons30:20 Using the targeting report instead31:08 How much will it actually help your campaign?Get all of our episodes and show notes at a question or suggestion for the show? Leave a Voicemail: or 833-BADGERZ
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen are joined by the wonder guest Scott Needham, CTO of Buy Boxer and Valence Services. The guys take a leap outside of the campaign tab and tackle how to effectively use coupons to increase your conversion rates. Find out how Amazon coupons work, what types of products are good fits, typical discount values, and more in this episode! See you in the Badger Den!Episode Highlights:3:00 Introduction to guest Scott Needham5:38 Amazon coupons overview8:20 How to start incorporating coupons into your strategy10:47 What types of products need coupons13:30 Can you overdo it with coupons?15:17 Trying to game the system17:37 How to convince your boss to try coupons20:54 Common mistakes22:57 Everyone should give coupons a shot25:33 Have your cake and eat it too26:33 Coupons are the new kid on the blockGet all of our episodes and show notes at a question or suggestion for the show? Leave a Voicemail: or 833-BADGERZ
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen breakdown bid optimization! The guys give some insight into the seven common personas when it comes to bid optimization, some good and others not so much. Should every bid for your account be the same? Do you think the lowest ACOS possible is the most profitable? Find out the answers to these questions and learn some valuable bid optimization strategies in this episode! See you in the Badger Den!Show Highlights:2:33 Send us your questions! 833-BAD-GERZ3:52 Introduction to bid optimization5:44 Why bids are so important7:58 Four bad models of bid optimization: Neglectful Natalie11:14 Guessing Gary13:18 Wild Willy17:23 Penny Pinching Pete and Anxious ACOS Andy20:20 Three good models of bid optimization: Historical Henry24:00 Expected Value Evan27:18 Anticipatory Amy29:32 A core thesis on effective bid optimizationHave a question? Give us a shout! 833-BAD-GERZ or
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen cover four areas where Amazon Advertising outperforms Google and Facebook. Amazon brings a unique mix of customization and optimization to its advertising platform. Of course, there are some areas where Google and Facebook shine, and we cover those too. Find out which platform best suits your individual needs and the strategies you can implement for each one. See you in the Badger Den!Show Highlights4:40 Intro to the Four Areas Where Amazon Excels5:13 The $100 Test9:02 Sponsored Products: Amazon vs. Google11:15 Bulk Files with Amazon14:25 Native Ads with Amazon18:40 Consumer Anxiety on Google vs. Amazon19:40 Where Google Shines - Ad Support20:34 Google Platform Customization23:48 How Google Manages Size and Scale25:47 Mulit-Account Management with Google28:22 Facebook Audiences and Targeting30:40 Ad Types on Facebook33:08 Amazon and Ad Quality Score35:35 Final ConclusionsNext week’s episode will be a Q&A! Send us your questions at
On today’s episode, we have our first ever guest on the podcast! Kiri Masters, Founder and CEO of Bobsled Marketing, gives a comprehensive breakdown of Amazon DSP and Amazon brand marketing. What are the benefits of DSP? What is the downside? Kiri and Mike dive into both of these questions and discuss DSP’s effectiveness compared to PPC. See you in the Badger Den!Show Highlights:1:47 An introduction to Kiri Masters4:43 Overview of Amazon Ads and Amazon DSP9:30 A quick rundown of Amazon Ad product definitions10:56 Amazon Display Ads15:30 How to manage Sponsored Products and DSP17:48 Some use cases for DSP: Targeting and Placements20:45 The purchase side of DSP25:07 The silver lining to DSP26:29 How large companies use DSP27:55 How to allocate your advertising budget28:20 Closing
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen break down a straightforward strategy to improving your Sponsored Brand ads. Have your Sponsored Brand ads been overlooked and thrown together? Don’t lose valuable conversions and implement our single keyword brand ad strategy. The guys walk through the theory behind the strategy and then give some real world examples of how you can increase your conversion rate by using it. See you in the Badger Den!Show Highlights:3:58 One simple tip to boost your Sponsored Brand ad performance6:10 Single keyword brand ads6:59 How Google Ads handles single keyword brand ads8:15 Amazon Ads single keyword brand ads11:03 Comparing single keyword sponsored brand ads with how most sellers do it13:00 How people think about Sponsored Brand ads13:53 Walkthrough of single keyword campaign strategy17:29 A case-study for single keyword Sponsored Brand ads strategy26:20 Some final thoughtsHave questions about Amazon PPC? Ask us! Go to and we'll answer your question on the podcast.
On today's episode, Mike and Stephen answer frequently asked questions about Amazon PPC! Should you be concerned about click fraud? What about adjusting your PPC strategy by the time of day? The guys answer these questions and many more. See you in the Badger Den!If you have a question about Amazon PPC, send us a voicemail at highlights:3:27 Leave us a voicemail with your questions!6:59 Question 0: What information should I include in my question?9:45 Question 1: How can product page listing quality issues affect CTR?14:30 Question 2: Should I change my fixed bids to dynamic bids?21:06 Question 3: Why am I only getting clicks for ASIN-suggested sponsored products?25:48 Question 4: When should software or an agency manage your campaigns for you?32:05 Question 5: Should I split my campaigns by keyword search volume?35:16 Question 6: Should I pause my campaigns during certain hours?39:38 Question 7: Is click fraud a big deal?40:40 FAQ and voicemail
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