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Car Sales: 101

Author: Tony Storie

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A step-by-step guide on how to start in the automotive industry. Along with working your way to the top!
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Don’t be an order taker and be the true professional you are!
When faced whether to tell the customer the truth or lie to get them in the door 🚪 is 🆙 to you.
Had some thoughts 💭 on my mind 🧠 I thought I should share...
Smile 😃 and Dial 📱‼️ That is the key to winning at mastering phone calls‼️ Oh yeah, So will this Podcast‼️
Don’t think 🤔 you have to be a certain way to be successful‼️
You can dig a 10’ hole 🕳 with a spoon 🥄 but it is not the most effective way.
There is not one ☝️ size fits all but this is my take on it.
When a customer says something that makes no sense 🤔
Get the poison ☠️ out of your head and listen 👂 to this podcast to win the day‼️
Just wanted to update everyone. What to do about dealer adds and a rant to all you negative 👎 people.
My 1st ☝️ interview and it was awesome 😎 Big shoutout to Adam and sharing his journey in the car 🚗 business‼️
Just got promoted! Congratulations! Now this is how you do business in the Internet department.
You have to earn the gross that you think 🤔 you are entitled too‼️
Be proud of being what you are as a salesperson and the industry that you represent!!!
Learn to be better than your current position!
In these time and all others you need to run lean and clean 🧽
Get your feet 🦶 back on the ground and get back to work.
What is next for you and your dealership?
Celebrate the large victories and build your pipeline in the process.
Listen before you jump ship.
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Brandon Anthony Mckendrick

I’m so glad I found your podcast. You’ve got some great advice brother.

Jan 3rd
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