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Good news from Dana and Jay on the SUNNY 99.1 Morning Show in Houston.
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Some crazy person on Tik Tok is calling out all the 'lamest' cities in Texas....and we lost Ronnie Spector lead singer of the Ronnette's
Overwhelming support came out for the dog named Betty White when the Houston Humane Society posted the the dog......and a 10-year-old terminal cancer patient is trying to finish another patient's dream
A customer went viral for his Tik Tok that he posted showing he broke a 23 car pay-it-forward chain and people are divided on it......and it's finally here - Rodeo Houston tickets are now on sale today!
If you're wondering what else could be making you feel lousy - it could be Cedar Fever.....and the virtual waiting room to buy RodeoHouston tix opens up tomorrow morning
An 8-year-old up in Spring is being honored for saving their neighbor from a terrible house fire....and Texas had some winners in the national contest for the best librarians
Have you adopted any new healthy habits in the new year??? Lady Gaga has expressed interest in working with Tom Hanks and we're trying to figure out what kind of movie it would be...
Really cool that this weekend's marathon runners will be the first to utilize those new land bridge tunnels at Memorial Park......and the community is supporting a teacher who put her son in the trunk after a positive COVID test
We had quite a few players from the Houston area in last night's Championship game....
We're wondering what is the coolest prize you've won in your life??? And Goldfish releasing an Adult Size version of its popular snack
People are chiming in on our Facebook page to tell us what they would love to spend $1000 on....and Mattress Mack is offering up free furniture again depending on the outcome of the Alabama game
There's another new lovely Whataburger charm that you'll be able to grab from James Avery....and the Montrose MarketPlace is offering up free space to sellers for the month of January
Today it begins! We're paying your Holiday Bills and wondering if there's something else you would rather spend $1000 on? And people have been showing themselves peeling raw eggs on Tik Tok to see who can do it the cleanest
Bun B will be joined by Paul Wall and a few other legends in our community to come help him celebrate Black Heritage Day at the Houston Rodeo on Friday, March 11th
Great Wolf Lodge waterpark has locations in Grapevine and around the country - and pretty soon will have a location in Webster.......and where to get the REAL designer clothes and accessories, but for MUCH cheaper
We've been focusing more on just single WORDS in the New Year as opposed to a cliche resolution...and Dr Dre has taken an insurance policy on his upcoming halftime show at the big game, but it doesn't cover COVID
The Brookwood Community is super excited from the Rodeo returning as it's a big source of income for the group and the Astros 2022 Fanfest & Caravan has been postponed
We're loving the new offerings from Alex Bregman....and we're finding out that the Houston Rodeo is back this year and will be operating as normal
We finally know who all is going to be performing this year now that the Rodeo is back and Travis Barker posted an amazing cover of Adele's 'Easy On Me'
Mattress Mack is collecting supplies for Kentucky at his I-45 North location.....and people have been discussing their favorite holiday drink(s) on our Facebook page
There's someone out in the legendary neighborhood of Pecan Grove that's actually earned the title of the 'Clark Griswold' house
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