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Welcome to the Paddle Pod, where we cover all things paddlesport.

Hosted by Noah Connolly with the ADCKC.
22 Episodes
We chat with Adriana and Julia about their performances at the Junior World Champs, motivation going forward, what they learned, how they push each other, and what's next at Nationals.  Special thanks to partners Lululemon and Made With Local. 
Pssst... we are releasing power rankings! We also talk JPI, Eskasoni, Pride, and the U16 - Open regatta tomorrow! Quick listening.  Special thanks, Made With Local and Saltwire Network. 
When 4th place in the world makes you reconsider your goals and why you are competing in the sport, you know you are truly one of the best. Laurence shares her path in canoe, her excitement for the future, the Olympics, and dishes some info on how she gets pumped up for races... ***spoiler alert*** it involves dancing. 
In this quick update episode we chat about all kinds current events in paddling.  We recap the June 16th 2000m and 5000m races,  Trials #2 (upcoming National Team Trials),  top athletes here training on Lake Banook with 3 National Teams presently training on site, Just Paddle It Series National Indigenous Peoples Day, NAIG 2020, and efforts beyond to grow the ADCKC in a positive way. 
In this edition of the Paddle Pod we discuss the Atlantic Team Trials performances, standout performances, and we receive feedback from Sport Excellence Led Jake Jeannot and National Team paddler Craig Spence. 
We chat briefly about the past National Team Trials and the current National Team Trials #1 for Canadian team races. 
Peter Giles has been a lifelong contributor to the sport of paddling as a dedicated athlete, volunteer, and organizer. We chat about his experiences training and competing, where he sees the sport going and growing, women's canoe dominance, and much more. 
We chat with Sloan MacKenzie from Florida training camp. She shares the training load she's taking on, her approach to positive training, and her hopes and aspirations for the 2019 season. Definitely worth a listen!  Special thanks to episode and ADCKC partner Made With Local for their continued support of paddling in this region and their specific support for women's canoe athletes!
When Jon Pike started coaching he was an ambitious athlete turned coach looking to build the sport and invest his energy in supporting developing athletes. Fast forward 10+ years and he's built a system at Maskwa Aquatic Club that's won two national championship and has produced many outstanding athletes like rising star Andrew Billard. In this episode we chat with Jon and Andrew about their experiences as coach and athlete, and their excitement for the upcoming season.  This episode is sponsored by our tremendous partner Made With Local. As a company they produce delicious, local, nutritious healthy snack foods, and we are so happy to have their support. Check them out at If you have any feedback or want to reach out find us at, and email us at
On this episode of the Paddle Pod we talk to two canoe sport enthusiasts who have a big vision for how the sport of canoe kayak can grow in Sackville at the Sack-a-wa Canoe Club.  
Talking club fitness championships. How the event unfolded, the excitement, the title winner, and more. Plus ADCKC is hiring in case you are interested. 
We chat with new ADCKC coach Kevin McIntyre for a quick rundown on his new role, approach to coaching, and why the East Coast is as friendly as advertised. 
A quick rundown of some things to get excited about for the 2019 season.  We briefly mention Olympic qualifier, Olympic hopes, Pan Am Games, Just Paddle It, volunteering and more. 
How do you bounce back from a disappointing Olympics, and continue to pursue your dream of winning Olympic Gold? Mark de Jonge shares what he's got in store for the next couple of years.
Host Andrew Russell talks you through a list of 2019 resolutions on how to set yourself up for your best year yet.
Imagine racing for Olympic Gold and knowing it was your day. Larry Cain shares his lifelong experiences with paddle sport. Here are some highlights: 00:00:49 - Winter paddling. 00:02:45 - Early start in canoeing. 00:08:15 - Remembering John Wood and the 1976 Olympics. 00:10:00 - Early breakthroughs. 00:15:00 - Representing Canada internationally as a Junior. 00:22:30 - Harder to race as the favourite. 00:30:32 - Olympic Gold. 00:41:45 - Talking SUP (standup paddleboard). 00:44:00 - Most intimidating moment.
Craig Spence rejoins us to break down a recent National Team training camp in Florida with Team Canada. We talk motivation, training, team camaraderie, and March Madness analytics. Another great episode, and a big thanks to Lake City Cider and Made With Local. #paddlepod
After a trip to Potlotek, Nova Scotia to do some testing with youth from the community, Jeff talks about the experience as well as dryland testing ideas.
We chat with world champ and the ever-energized Katie Vincent about the road to 2020, how she got into canoeing, and what her role as a leader on the team feels like. Special thanks to our sponsor Made With Local for supporting this episode and the sport.
Pointe Claire Canoe Club athlete Lissa Bissonette joins the Paddle Pod. We discuss a building year, A finals, team cohesion, getting over the hurdles and bouncing back, metrics and journaling, Alpha dog leadership, and much more. Have a listen. Follow her @lissa_bissa and check out her social game.
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