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Author: Steve & Marijn

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Marijn and Steve are two experienced Office 365 and SharePoint consultants. We spend about 40 minutes talking about Office 365 and then introduce you to what we hope is a Whisky you have not tasted before.
15 Episodes
Where Marijn and Steve talk about change being normal and describe how to change the people and not the technology or tools. Then they taste 7 different whiskys.
Where we discuss the annoucements from SharePoint NA conference and start a conversation about changing the people and not the technology. To be Continued in EP15
Where Steve and Marijn talk about Communicating changes to users and taste a Scottish single malt Talisker Port Ruighe.
Office 365 Distilled EP12: Seal team 6 delivering Communication Governance by Steve & Marijn
In this episode, Steve and Marijn talk about folders vs metadata. Where is all the metadata love now that Teams or OneDrive sync creates folders everywhere? We end with one of the best irish whiskies.
For this episode, we take on a reader 's question. And we taste a Belgian whisky!
Episode 9 of Office 365 Distilled. The podcast where Steve Dalby and Marijn Somers distill Office 365 and finish off by reviewing a nice whisky.
The Boys hit the Formula 1 testing in Barcelona and record Episode 8 from the morning sunshine of this great city.
Another laidback episode of "Office 365 Distilled", where we dig deeper in the why by looking at what are you trying to achieve? Improve collaboration in your organisation or better protection of my IPR / content
Office 365 Distilled EP 6

Office 365 Distilled EP 6


Welcome to another episode of Office 365, the first one in 2019 where we talk groups, groups and groups.
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