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Accidental Disruptor

Author: Nikos Psaltopoulos

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Welcome to the new world disorder.

I’m Niko and in this podcast series I connect with founders + entrepreneurs from around the world and capture their story. Short, sharp + to the point - learn from the people who are changing the world, one startup at a time.
3 Episodes
Guest: Yolanda White, Dayo

Guest: Yolanda White, Dayo


Fashion disrupted again. Say hello to Atlanta, USA based Yolanda White [Former Assistant Vice President + Global Group Director at Coca-Cola] who recently launched Dayo - a new loungewear fashion brand that makes looking good comfortable again. [S1 E3]
Alexi is my 11 year old son who offers some sound advice for all budding entrepreneurs, bloggers, YouTubers and content creators. Alexi’s words of wisdom will inspire you and light the spark to help you make stuff happen. Do yourself a favour and listen to the amazing inspiration he is. You can find Alexi on YouTube at Alexi The Great. [S1 E2]
Like everything else around us, retail is being disrupted. Based in Sydney, Australia, Emma Sharley is playing her part with her award winning startup which offers personalisation to the max. Shopping will never be the same again if Emma has anything to do with it. [S1 E1]
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