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Author: Jacob Collier

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Germany has been a major player in the last 100 years for the world and is well known for its role in World War 2 and creating the world we know today. But how much do you know about the Germany before? Or about the Germany after? Did you know that the German tribes conquered most of Roman Europe and Africa? What about Prussia, the nation to unite Germany, was formerly abolished in 1947? This podcast will cover aspects of culture, politics, military, gender, and day to day life from when we first have findings for the archeological records all the way to modern day.FIRST PODCAST WILL BE OCTOBER 2ND!
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Marius has just defeated the first half of the Grand Alliance army in southern Gaul. As he is celebrating his victory he receives word.  He has been reelected as consul and the Cimbri have broken through the Alps and are threatening the city of Rome itself.  The Roman Republic hangs in the balance as the Cimbri flood into Northern Italy and the Roman army quakes in fear behind the Po River. For the first time in over a century, a 'barbarian' army has control of the Alps and can conquer Rome. Will Marius have enough time to unite the Roman armies or will Cimbri march in and sack Rome? Join in as we discuss the final battle of the Cimbri wars and a point in history that decided the fate of western civilization as we know it. ​
Join us as we continue our discussion of the third phase of the Cimbri Wars!  In today's episode we look at the lead up to and the battle of Aquae Sextiae.  Marius and his green army sit at the banks of the Rhone river probably not far from the fields of Arausio.  He has waited for 2 years for the Cimbri to come back and fight.  However, the Cimbri are not coming alone.  They have formed an alliance with the Teutones, Ambrones, Tigurini, and Toygeni along with several other tribes with the one goal of crushing the Roman army and settling in Northern Italy.  As this alliance marches towards the Alps, Marius must figure out a way to defeat a force that out numbers his own and has shattered his men's will to fight.  Who will win on the plains of Aquae Sextiae? 
Rome has lost four legions to the Cimbri.  There is nothing standing in the way between Cimbri and the city of Rome.  Panic spreads throughout the peninsula and an empire that had defeated Carthage now looks like it will crumble to a roaming tribe from the north. The senate and the Consul Rutilius Rufus have to scramble to save the Republic from collapsing.  In today's episode we look at the Roman's response to the aftermath of the disaster at Arausio and discuss what happens to the Cimbri as they decide to move into Spain and try to set up a new home.  
Join in as we look at the third battle between the Cimbri and the Romans in Gaul.  This battle represents the first confrontation of the Cimbri Wars that actually has a breakdown of the battle from Roman sources.  This battle could decide who will ultimately control Southern Gaul.  For Rome, if they win, they can expand their dominion further into Gaul and finally earn a rest from the last few years that have seen them fighting on all fronts.  Meanwhile the Cimbri could push the Romans out of Gaul for good and even threaten an invasion into Northern Italy.  Both sides are out for blood and will find enough to last a life time on the fields of Arausio.If you have not done set please go to the Facebook page ( and vote on who you think will win!  Will the Roman Republic eliminate this pesky tribe and continue to expand or will the Cimbri crush the Romans and force Rome to abandon Gaul?  Vote and then find out!
In this episode we deal with the return of the Cimbri after defeating the Romans at the battle of Noreia.   These wars have deeper effects on the growing Roman empire than just one defeat as we see Gaul starting to break away at what they see as Rome growing weaker and weaker. All of this combines into Rome falling into a crisis unknown since the times of the Punic Wars.
Join us as we step back into the first possible encounter of the Germans and the Romans as Papirius Carbo, Consul of Rome, marches north to investigate the newcomers that threaten the Alps.  This episode contains the 1st battle of the podcast at a place called Noreia where Carbo decides to destroy the Cimbri before they ever become a threat to Rome and her expanding empire.  
In today's episode we deal with King Louis's family issues which range from his conniving brother, his ambitious daughter in law, and his cousins who have risen to power with the death of Emperor Lothair.  
Join in as we take a break from the internal strife of the Empire and deal with those pesky outsiders who dare to challenge King Louis's reign.  Obotrites, Sorbs, and Vikings oh my!
Finally going to talk about those Huns.  Enough people told me to do it so here we go! Final thoughts on them: Over rated.  Listen to the episode to find out why.
Join in as we look at the culminating event of the decade!  The highlight of these past few episodes we have been hinting at!  It is going to be epic! It is the highlight of the century! I am lying!  But listen to the episode to find out why.
Stilicho goes from things are bad to things are worse to can I get a break!  Highlights include the Spanish collapse, the Senate gaining power, Emperor of the East is dead and oh yeah Alaric decides it is time for Stilicho to pay up for abandoning him in Illyricum when he shows up with an army in Northern Italy once again. Stilicho is in for a terrible year.
Join us as we look as Stilicho at the height of his power suddenly get the wind knocked out of him when his planned Civil war falls flat and another unplanned one losses him half the empire.  Chaos ensues as German tribes take over Gaul and news leaks that Alaric, King of the Goths, is dead....or is he?
 In today's episode we deal with the years leading up to one of the worst decades in the history of the Roman Empire and introduce two of the important players of the upcoming decade; Alaric and Stilicho. 
 378 was suppose to be the Roman's year and it started out that way.  But follow along as we see how 378 went from Rome's turn to glory to a nightmare. 
Follow along as we continue with the Goth War as all of Thrace is thrown into chaos with rebellions suddenly sparking as slaves and soldiers abandon the Roman Empire and join ranks with Fritigern and Avivus. While his own capitol grows nervous, Emperor Valens sets up a plan to trap the Goths.  Will it work? | 
Goths show up on the Danube and the Eastern Roman Empire has only one one question. Why?  Well find out in this episode what brought these Goth tribes to the Romans begging for sanctuary and how Rome's abuse leads to the disastrous Goth Wars and the death of Emperor Valens.
For the first episode of the show of 2020 we have a short overview of the 26 years before the arrival of the Goths at the Danube begging to be let in.  In this episode we discuss how the Romans developed a system for dealing with the Germans who were a source of pesky annoyances and unlimited manpower and will help us answer the question of what the Romans will do with the Goths in 376.
Hey everyone! Welcome to the last episode of 2019! Last episode we looked at the physical evidence and the frontier of Rome and Germania for the 1st century AD to the 3rd century.  Today's episode is discussing the actual written history and what we have to build off of it.  Which is not much. Despite the lack of evidence we do get a picture that the northern frontier, the border that should be easily secured, is breaking apart.  Along with the failure of the Roman Empire we get to meet some new players like the Saxons, Franks, Alamanni and the new guys from the east; the Goths.
 Hey everyone! New episode is out and we are breaking away from our written sources to study the frontier that is built to separate the northern boundaries of the Roman Empire and the barbarous Germans.  Is this a solid wall of defenses to keep the ever dangerous horde back or a second rate line?  What, if any, is the interaction between the two neighbors now that things have settled?  And why are we covering several centuries worth of history in this one episode?! Listen to find out! 
 Hello everyone! Despite the title of the episode we will wrap up the lives of Germanicus, Maroboduus, and Arminius.  Three important characters who played a significant role in the reestablishment of the Roman Northern border and only one of them will live 10 years afterwards.  We will be discussing the price paid by these three and the immediate aftermath within Germania after the Roman threat is no more.  
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