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My name is Daniel Packard and I am the founder and creator of the Inner Fitness Movement.

I want people to know that in the same way you can easily and systematically build physical fitness and strong muscles. You an also build Inner Fitness and strong self love.

Through my online school, The Love Athlete Academy, I provide tools and systems so people can simply and easily, daily build their inner fitness. Such that they can heal themselves at the deepest level. And live a live of joy and build a planet of love.
4 Episodes
It's good to be patient and understanding. But sometimes we are so patient and understanding that we never get what we want. Here is an argument to stop being patient and understanding and start standing up for what your heart really wants and deserves.
We all have part of us that we are not so proud of. Sometimes people call that side of us 'the devil.' And the way people try to deal with 'the devil' it to get rid of it. Unfortunately that doesn't work. In this recording I will show you what does work.
We all have heard the saying 'money can't buy you happiness. ' Yet we still make choices where we think it will make us happy. Here is an insight that will help you realize what 'wealthy' REALLY means. And how to be rich on the inside AND the outside.
We all want more self love. But not everybody knows how to actually build it. Daniel Packard spent over fifteen years to figure out just that. Here Daniel explain his innovative approach and philosophy of how somebody can actually build self-love quickly.
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Trisha Rae

I got to know you in the happy lawyer podcast on the science of love. The system and mechanics that you built helps me a lot in bridging the gap and in deciphering the mind of a mechanical engineer, which my boyf happens to be one like you. Your talks and advices make sense. Thanks and keep it up!

Jan 9th
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