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Teaching you how to bring out your best when it means the most in sports, school, business and life!

Mindset Training, Sport Psychology, Performance Success, Mental Training, Motivation, Peak Performance
213 Episodes
4:46 - sport selection  27:37 - gymnastics and soccer are foundation sports  34:59 - best exercises to develop general fitness  48:36 - training with a vest  54:21 - don’t do too many repetitions when learning a new skill
Coach Brian Holman  Utah Lacrosse   Brian Holman, a veteran coach and former standout lacrosse goalkeeper at Johns Hopkins University joins Utes Lacrosse as the new Head Coach after serving eight years as an assistant for the North Carolina men’s lacrosse program. In his eight seasons, the Tar Heels won an ACC Championship in 2013 and a National Championship in 2016.  Time Stamps Below:  1:10 4 Pieces of Development. 2:10 Every Athlete is Different.  4:00 Lacrosse Red Flags  5:00 Boundaries of Risks.  6:00 Worried about letting Teammates Down?  7:01 Fear is what you build up in yourself.  8:30 Breaking Through Barriers.   10:00 Team Exercise not dealing with Lacrosse. Sanctuary Time.  12:00 Spirit, Mind, and Body. 13:20 Find your why. Purpose.  15:00 Here to Teach and Educate.  16:30 Allow your kids to fail.  18:20 No Excuses, Find a way! 20:00 Life is a daily Effort.  22:00 Priority Order.
Stuart Kohn  Owner of Miller's Rentals, Inc.   Long Time NJ Wrestling Official    Time Stamps: 0:45 Growing up and getting into wrestling.   2:40 Hiring Wrestlers and Athletes.   3:30 Mindset and getting your head in the right place.   4:30 Biggest Mental Mistakes in Business. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.   5:30 Reach out to people. No fear of rejection. Get After it.   6:00 Cocky vs Confidence.   8:30 Use your Assists and Resources.   10:40 Big Mistakes with Cold Calls, Cold Emails, ETC.   12:30 Over Deliver. Respect your Workers.   15:30 Wrestling/Sports Opens Doors.   16:45 Dealing with Criticism.   17:30 No need to overthink things.   19:00 The Past Shapes The Future.
Webinar with Zach Even-Esh and Ray Jaz    Main Lessons:  -Creating a Pre-match Routine to Quiet your mind before a Competition  -Construct a very detailed & specific Pre-Match Routine  -Pre-match Routine Checklist  -Having a Consistent Warm-Up  -The Shotgun Routine
Anne Huntington Sharma, President of Huntington Learning Center, talks about how students can maximize their potential and overcome mental struggles in the classroom. 0:30 The Start of Huntington Learning Center  1:30 The Mission. To give every student the best education possible.  3:45 Anne being a student to being the president of Huntington.  7:00 Consistently Learning and Mindset Lessons  8:20 Communication is key.  10:00 Mindset Red Flags  13:00 Adapting with the times.  15:30 Focusing too much on Test Scores.  17:20 You have to put in the work. Building the plan and the work.  18:00 Practice until you can not get it wrong.  20:00 Parents understanding expectations  23:00 Each student is different. And learns differently.  25:00 Different programs at Huntington  27:00 Making Learning fun outside the classroom.  30:00 The Key is to provide as much help as possible to students.   Huntington Websites and Resources AHS LinkedIn
Rutgers Global Sports Business Class  Winning/Wrestling Mindset How it was created and how to implement mindset in every day life.  Mindset the gift that keeps on giving.   2:00 Being Highly Success in All Aspects. 4:00 How much direct work is spent on your mindset?   9:00 How do the most successful people think?  14:00 Sale and the start stops most people.  21:00 Meeting with resources.  30:00 The Mindset Lessons and Worksheets.  34:00 Priorities  40:00 Sales Mindset  44:00 Building Confidence  48:20 Be a person of value  50:22 Communication with athletes.  55:00 Predator vs Prey Mindset  1:00:00 Negative Thoughts. What do you do?
Bob DeMarco of World Lacrosse  Bob played for Hofstra University and for the Long Island Lacrosse club, winning two club championships. He was the Head football coach at Old Bridge HS, NJ for 33 years. His teams won multiple championships. Bob was inducted into the New Jersey Football coaches’ Hall of Fame.  Bob was the Head Lacrosse Coach at York College from 1973 – 1975. In 1981, he was appointed as the Lacrosse Defensive Coordinator and at Rutgers University, coaching there until 2000.  Bob DeMarco has been a key note speaker at several coaches’ conferences and clinics. He has conducted FIL developmental clinics in Belgium, Russia, China and Croatia.   Time Stamps:  0:30 Getting Introduced to Lacrosse. Coach Myers  1:30 Being a multiple Sport Coach.  3:00 Defensive Coordinator at Rutgers  4:00 Being in International Lacrosse. World Lacrosse  4:30 Being able to transfer your coaching philosophy to and from different sports.  6:00 Growing the Sport of Lacrosse.  8:00 Being a outsider getting into a new program.  10:00 Be consistent with your rules.  11:00 No fear of losing.  14:00 Having a system Lacrosse Mindset
Mental Health Professional Oz Chavez Time Stamps Below:  3:15 Faith and Healing Process  6:15 There needs to be more advocacy  9:00 Spiritual Growth  12:30 Wrestling/Sports Teach you all Aspects of Life.  16:00 Teammates/ Competitors become lasting friends 18:20 Purpose. The Why. Teaching is a virtue.   20:00 Learn to work around difficulties  22:00 Process over outcome. All about effort.  29:00 Mental Health Affects all Aspects of life.  32:00 God Grace Holds Together The Universe CFSBHM.ORG 205.324.6561 Facebook:CFSBHM  Instagram: catholicfamilyservices Twitter:CFSBHM  Hector “Oz”  Chavez , MS, LPC-S, LMFT-S, NCC, MAC Executive Director Catholic Family Services Diocese of Birmingham 1515 12th Avenue South Birmingham , Alabama, 35205 Office- 205-324-6561 Fax- 205-323-0475
Ryan Martin Head Coach at Loudoun United An NSCAA All-American midfielder at Ohio Wesleyan under his father Jay Martin, the all-time winningest coach in NCAA history, Martin went on to play for Real Salt Lake and teams in Iceland and Germany before following his passion to coaching. He returned to Ohio Wesleyan to begin his coaching career, and the following year moved to Wake Forest University in 2007 under Jay Vidovich.  During his time at Wake Forest, the Demon Deacons won one national championship, made three NCAA College Cups and won two ACC Championships while compiling a record of 102-39-22.  Time Stamps Below:  0:18​ Coaching Philosophies. Growth Mindset  3:00​ Growing as a Pro. Having conversations.  5:00​ Process vs The Outcome.   7:00​ Passion for the game.  8:10​ Open and honest communication.  11:00​ Unique Adversity  12:00​ Taking it day by day. Small Steps.  15:15​ Soccer Mindset Red Flags  19:00​ Building Habits.​
Webinar with Zach Even-Esh and Ray Jaz Knowing your Athletes. Finding their Strength and Weaknesses Adapting workouts based on parts of the season and each Wrestler. Prehab, Warm Up, and Recovery Methods Getting out of the Comfort Zone. 
Christine Jennifer Peng-Peng Lee is a Canadian artistic gymnast. She was a member of the Canadian team that qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics and committed to attend UCLA after the Olympics, where she led UCLA to a comeback win at the 2018 NCAA National Championship. Time Stamps Below:   0:15 Getting into Gymnastics. Youth Gymnastics  1:30 Developing your Mindset. Starts with having fun.   3:00 Injuries. Refocus.   4:00 Control what you can control.   7:00 Character and Attitude   9:00 Having other skills and hobbies.   11:30 Relaxing under pressure.   13:00 The Perfect Ten. Mindset before the moment.    16:00 The Team Aspect. Watching teammates compete. Not looking at scores.   20:00 Understanding yourself and learning how to mature and have healthy head space.   21:00 Bruins Bubble. Trends    Follow her on all social media: Gymnastics
Former Blair women's wrestler takes step toward Olympics, growing sport for girls
Eric Casaburi   Founder of Retro Fitness. Raised in New Jersey. After his mother passed away when he was 15, he threw himself into fitness to take his mind off of the grief. His passion for fitness led to him competing as a bodybuilder, and eventually opening his own fitness chain. Time Stamps Below: 0:40 Early Approach to Business. 3:00 Adversity. Mother battling through Cancer. 4:00 Perspective. 7:00 Creating Certain Habits. 8:00 Action Plan. 9:20 Learning to grow. No one is really an expert. Keep learning. 11:00 Learning how to be a leader to a teacher. Training people how to lead. 14:00 Finding really good people. 15:20 Clearing your mind. The big question on growing. 17:00 Can you step away from your business and can it still be successful? Growth 17:30 Enjoying the fruits. 19:00 Mental Strategies and Struggles to get to the next level. 20:30 Freedom of Letting Go. 22:10 Owners during COVID. Controlling Fear. 24:00 Think about your first motivations. Start with why and than go to how. 27:00 Taking Some Actions Eric Casaburi Website:
Vasu Kulkarni   Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor to early stage startups and sports / media companies Partner at Courtside Ventures and CEO at Krossover. Time Stamps::  1:00 Early Entrepreneurship Mindset 2:00 Starting Krossover  3:00 From Basketball to Business Mindset.  5:00 Working Hard and Having a Clear Mind. Making Sacrifices.  6:00 Living a Healthy Lifestyle  6:40 Risk and Control in Entrepreneurship 10:20 Dealing with problems. Monetizing what you love.  12:00 Know your strength and Weakness Knowing what your team and business needs. 14:00 Company is bigger than the owner. Get it to a point where it is running with out you.  15:00 Be innovative. Someone is always working harder.
Main Lessons: - Verbally & Nonverbally Communication - Praise their performance, not their outcome. - Opinion vs. Criticism - Mental Recovery - Being positive & supportive - Dealing with forums, newspapers, rankings, box scores - Drawling the line - Dealing with match/tournament days - Knowing when to give your wrestlers a break
Vasu Kulkarni  UPenn Walk On: Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor to early stage startups and sports / media companies.  Owner/Founder Crossover
Christine Jennifer Peng-Peng Lee is a Canadian artistic gymnast. She was a member of the Canadian team that qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics and committed to attend UCLA after the Olympics, where she led UCLA to a comeback win at the 2018 NCAA National Championship.   Follow her on all social media:
Jim Scherr is the  CEO of World Lacrosse Former CEO of the USOC and   Former Executive Director of USA Wrestling.   1988 Olympian   0:48 Transition from Wrestling to Lacrosse  2:00 Growing The Sport  3:20 Have a Vision for yourself and your Organization.  4:00 How to Get People to Follow your Vision.   5:00 How to have Sustainable Leadership   6:16 Building a Culture of Teamwork. Molding Personality.   7:00 Crisis Management   9:00 Humility   10:00 Organizational Success vs Personal Success    Jim Scherr Website:  Twitter:
Ken Shamrock THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS MAN UFC LEGEND & HALL OF FAME FIGHTER Ken Shamrock discusses with Winning Mindset Owner/Founder Gene Zannetti how to take your own success and help others achieve theirs. Ken also discusses his upbringing, getting into sports, learning how to train. developing an unstoppable mindset, and the will to be the best regardless of weight classes or circumstances. 0:45 Growing up. Sports at a Young Age. In and out of Juvenile Hall 2:00 The Natural Potential. Losing in the Finals. 4:15 Be in Control and Learning Discipline. 7:50 Staying with in the rules to be successful. 8:15 Connecting Life and Sports. 10:10 Getting into MMA 12:10 Fighting in Japan. (Funaki) 15:12 Molding the Toughness 18:45 Preparation for Fights. Training as a Unit. 20:38 Lions Den Try-Outs 21:50 Losing to Royce Gracie 22:55 Trusting my Training. 23:34 Dealing with Losing 26:00 Wanting to Fight Royce Gracie Again 27:30 Dealing with Trash Talking. Be Real. 30:00 Not caring about Weight Classes. Wrestling up when in HS. 38:40 Purpose. Knowing The WHY. Keep Challenging Yourself. "I believe we all been put on this earth the be success. Once you get there. It is your responsibility to turn around and help as many people to achieve the same kind of success".
Jake Bloom  Mental Health Professional  Winning Mindset Coach  Former College Athlete    0:30 Getting into Mental Health Field 1:30 Red Flags and Prevention of Substance Abuse  3:00 Winter Affects during COVID and Mental Health  4:18 Failure Rates with Virtual Learning. 18-24 Losing Social Connection  6:30 Young Kids Ordering Food at Restaurants. 7:26 Routines. Sleep.  8:10 Discipline and Motivation  9:11 Honesty on Feelings. Coming up with Solutions. Mindfulness and Meditation.  12:00 Self Knowledge and Self Awareness. You are not alone.  13:30 Mindset and Mental Health are hand in hand.
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