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Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Author: Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired)

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Your DIY Health is a daily program that airs M-F from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern time on the Peoples' Patriot Network. We also have a second network, Truth Frequency Radio Network, show that airs every Thursday from 10:00 a.m. till Noon EST. Its goal is to help people to learn how they can restore their health Naturally using Science-based, Clinically verified Medical Nutrition rather than dangerous drugs and surgery! It's based on the research of Dr. Joel Wallach, B.S.,N.D., D.V.M. who proved that everyone needs 90 Essential Nutrients every day to support and maintain good health and when the body has what it needs, it'll fix itself!
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Sarge is joined by Mike Gaddy, Brad Peoples and Robert Hudson and the begin the discussion with the Sedition of of 1798. The conversation goes in many directions including the Gun Control Act of 1968, Charlton Heston, the NRA, the recent DOJ / OLC statement that public and private entities can mandate covid-19 injections (totally false and unlawful) and much more.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by discussing the ABSOLUTELY BOGUS opinion issued on 7/26/21 by the U.S. D.O.J. Office of Legal Council to the (incorrect) effect of private and government entities being able to issue directives mandating covid-19 injections for employees of those doing business with them! This is clearly an issue where the Biden Abomination asked the DOJ for anything they could come up with that would allow public and private entities to further infringe upon the God-given Rights of Americans! What they came up with is a JOKE! Sarge takes a call from a lady during the 2nd segment and deals with questions and comments from the chat room as well as taking a look at some items in the
We're reaching a whole new level of STUPID! Sarge covers news of injected people dying within a few weeks of their last jab and calling uninjected people idiots and morons before their deaths. The government propaganda of a 'pandemic of the uninjected' when actually most of the cases in hospitals are people who have taken the shots. The whole world is upside down with 'fact-checkers' demonizing the truth and pushing the main-stream lies. Top doctors are saying the jabs don't work, are dangerous and should be stopped while the found of mRNA technology says these jabs are extremely dangerous!www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by asking the question: "What's the real agenda behind the covid 19 injections?" Why are they so intent upon injecting EVERY SINGLE MAN WOMAN AND CHILD, EVEN THOSE WHO HAVE NATURAL IMMUNITY FROM THE ACTUAL INFECTION WITH THESE TOXIC INJECTIONS? And, why is NO ONE in government standing up and TELLING THE TRUTH about the DANGERS OF THESE INJECTIONS?! Unplugged calls in with questions and comments and we cover the coming hard times, prepping, Roger's affidavit and how important it is to know the information.www.yourdiyhealth.com
This is literally the BEST RETIREMENT PROGRAM I've ever seen and it wasn't even set up to do that! Sarge is joined by John and Cathie and they discuss the protential of Hyper Fund to basically address all of your financial needs in as little as 20 months! In that short time whatever amount you put into your membership will TRIPLE and be paid back in rewards of .5% per day / 15% per month immediately! And that's just the 'tip of the financial iceberg'! Check the website for more info!
Sarge is joined by Mike Gaddy, Brad Peoples and Robert Hudson and they address the question: "2 Clauses and one paragraph in the Constitution which made everyone a slave?" This show is one of the most riveting shows we've done on Thursdays with Mike and company! It transitions to the situation today with the government, stolen elections and a potential psyop around President Trump and where things are likely to go from here! www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by addressing the idea of “Asking your doctor” about getting the Covid-19 bioweapon injection for yourself or your children. The correct answer is a resounding, “NO!” M.D.s have no more education on ‘vaccines’ than they do on nutrition; which is none. They only know and parrot what they’ve been ‘programmed’ to say by their Big Pharma instructors. You’d probably get a more reasoned and researched answer from your auto mechanic, plumber or computer technician! Sarge also presents information on the fallacy of the alleged existence of the so-called ‘Delta Variant.’ Lastly – if you don’t want to be injected you can simply adopt the ‘woke’ position of self-identifying as fully vaccinated and no one can question you or you can charge them with being a hateful racist biggot! website: yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by asking if there's any wisdom in the admonition to "Ask Your Doctor [if the covid bioweapon is right for you]"! When you consider that M.D.s have about as much training on vaccines as they do nutrition the answer is a resounding "NO!" You might as well ask your auto mechanic or plumber - they may have actually done some research on the topic! Sarge covers other items in the news and takes calls from Shane and Unplugged.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show with a clip of Attorney Tom Renz who has just filed suit against the federal government for covering up deaths related to covid injections. A whistleblower from the CDC has executed a sworn affidavit alleging that at least 45,000 have died within 3 days of taking the stabs. Sarge also plays a clip from Tucker Carlson Tonight (07/19/21 show) calling out the Dems for their lies that we currently have a 'pandemic of the unvaxxed.' Unplugged calls in with questions and comments covering everything from the germ theory to Hyper Fund.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge is joined in the first hour by John and Cathie and they talk about Hyper Fund, the program that triples the amount of your membership in just 20 months! This program is AWESOME!In hour number two Sarge looks at items in the news including the story of Five Jet Blue pilots that have all died shortly after receiving the covid-19 injection!www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge is joined by historian and constitutional scholar, Mike Gaddy and they look into the question: "Do we have trial by jury, or trial by government?" It's great conversation that generates a lot of calls and comments in the chat room!www.yourdiyhealth.com, check out Mike's two channels on Telegram:1 - rebelmadman2 - constitutional fraud
Sarge opens the show by taking a call from Robert who asks about Hyper Fund and other topics. Sarge then plays a short video of a man who did pre and post Covid injection bloodwork and gives his findings: spoiler alert: they aren't good! He then plays a video of a lady who took the J&J jab and experienced blindness and a stroke (so far) with no end or recovery in sight. He plays an interview of a mom and house wife in CA who has had her fill of the restrictions and mandates and is speaking out. Lastly he plays a video of Peggy Hall from where she discusses the EEOC and the fact that federal anti-discrimination laws prohibit employers from forcing their employees to take anything that is against their 'sincerely held religious beliefs.' Lastly Sarge covers the story of an Amish farmer who is under constant attack from the FDA and Big Agra for producing clean, safe meats.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by playing a clip from Tucker Carlson's show from 07/12/21 on vaccines and government over-reach. He covers items in the news like training rural authorities to manage camps for unvaccinated, the Arizona Attorney General upset about U.S. gov't plans to go door to door to convince people to 'take the jab', and more items in the news. Robert calls in with questions about Hyper Fund and general discussion.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge is joined by John and Cathie and they listen to a new video on Hyper Fund! This program is AWESOME! www.yourdiyhealth.com Really good video on Hyper Fund!
Sarge is joined by Constitutional Scholar and historian, Mike Gaddy along with Robert Hudson and they consider the question: "Did the Constitution betray the principles of the Declaration of Independence?" As always, a very interesting conversation ensues and many questions are asked and answered. www.yourdiyhealth.com



Sarge opens the show by talking about a car that was in front of him on the road yesterday. The back of the car was covered with stickers that promoted taking the Covid-19 bioweapon injections. The person had even spent the money to get the ‘vanity’ license plate “GET A VAX”! Sarge covers items in the news including the possibility of full FDA Approval for all Covid injections by 01 September and if it happens that will open the door to almost definite mandating of the jabs for the military and possibly for the public – Stay Tuned! He plays a video of people who have been injured by the jabs in all 50 states begging for help and ‘to be heard’! BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!website: yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by discussing 'malignant dumb on the roads' (see photo for today's show). A guy driving his car advertising his stance on the Covid 19 bioweapons proudly was driving in front of Sarge who was just hoping the guy didn't have a 'vaxident' in front of him! He also talks about having to sit between two people who had received the shots, one of whom got sick with Covid after taking the jab, at breakfast this morning. Counting on anti-bodies and a strong immune system to protect me from all the spike proteins I was exposed to for a couple hours! Sarge covers items in the news (see links below) and takes calls from Alan and Brenda.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by discussing the fact that even though most Americans allow themselves to be directed by others who probably don't have their best interests at heart, ultimately, the responsibility for their health and that of their loved ones lies with them and them ALONE! Therefore, when it comes to the injection of questionable substance into their bodies it is prudent and wise to DO THE RESEARCH AND DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE THE INJECTION AND NOT AFTER! Samuel and Unplugged call in with questions and comments and Sarge covers other items in the news.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge is joined by John and Cathie and for the first hour of the show they discuss Hyper Fund and the way it is changing lives all over the globe as people who at one time couldn't make ends meet are now no longer having to worry about money! What a concept! During the 2nd hour Sarge takes a look at items in the news.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge is joined by Historian and Constitutional Scholar, Mike Gaddy as the looking at the question: "Why did the Federalists write the Federalist Papers?" The conversation is, as always, riveting and spell binding. It was basically a marketing campaign to support the idea of the new form of government and to dispel the argument that were already coming from the anti-federalist like Patrick Henry and George Mason. It was, in a word, damage control! Towards the end of the show Daryl Wayne calls in with even more interesting questions and comments. A truly wonderful and educational show that links the past with the present in some very unusual and unsuspected ways!
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