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Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Your DIY Health with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) on PPN

Author: Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired)

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Your DIY Health is a daily program that airs M-F from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern time on the Peoples' Patriot Network. We also have a second network, Truth Frequency Radio Network, show that airs every Thursday from 10:00 a.m. till Noon EST. Its goal is to help people to learn how they can restore their health Naturally using Science-based, Clinically verified Medical Nutrition rather than dangerous drugs and surgery! It's based on the research of Dr. Joel Wallach, B.S.,N.D., D.V.M. who proved that everyone needs 90 Essential Nutrients every day to support and maintain good health and when the body has what it needs, it'll fix itself!
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Sarge is joined by Historian and Constitutional Scholar, Mike Gaddy along with Brad Peoples and they discuss the Articles of Confederation and whether it was actually a better form of government than our current Constitution.www.yourdiyhealth.com



Sarge opens the show by covering a story of a Detroit TV station who put out a request on its FaceBook page asking for accounts of families who had uninjected family members die of Covid, but what they got was over 180,000 responses of people who had lost friends and family to the Covid Injections! “Why aren’t you reporting the truth?” wrote one commenter! Sarge goes on to cover items in the news about the vast number of people who are succumbing to these toxic jabs – over 70 per day in just the last 45 days! Good doctors and nurses are losing their jobs for refusing the jabs and those who have taken the jabs don’t want to treat the ‘uninjected’ and just wish they would die! What are we coming to in this country?!website:
Sarge opens the show by giving a comparison of new cases of Covid on 9/7/20 and 9/7/21. There were 12 times more cases on 9/7/21 and 170 million people injected - the injections are causing the spike in new cases! Sarge also covers nutrition, lack of nutritional minerals in our diets of today compared to 100 years ago and why. He also covers questions from callers on a number of topics.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by discussing all the craziness going on around the Covid situation. He plays several clips of people talking about what's happening in the hospitals in the U.S. and Australia as well as a clip from the 9/13 Tucker Carlson show on 'sleepy Joe's' injection mandates. A lose plug results in a few minutes worth of technical issues but it gets fixed and 'the show goes on.'www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge is joined by John, Cathie and Tonja and they give an overview of the fantastic new program that will triple your membership amount in just 20 months or less! This program is creating millionaires all around the world and is a passive system that requires no selling, monthly auto-ships, or any of the other things that have always been stumbling blocks for many. Just pick the level you want to start with (as little as $300) and watch it grow daily!www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge is joined by his usual Thursday guest, Constitutional historian, Mike Gaddy who proceeded to give Sarge and some brave listeners a test on the Constitution. While they know far more than most attorney's and 'average' Americans about the Constitution Mike's questions were far tougher than our knowledge! By our own admission none of us did better than 50%! Most Americans including those professing to be scholars wouldn't have done as well as we did! Take it for yourself - NO CHEATING! and see how you do!www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by discussing the recent Rolling Stone article that demonized Ivermectin and anyone who used it for the treatment of Covid-19 even though there is ton’s of scientific evidence that points to the drug’s safety and efficacy in that use! Sarge plays media clips that show several media personalities doing their part to continue the illusion and lie that ‘nothing works for Covid except what WE say works fo it”! He covers how more reports are surfacing that indicate that Sen. Rand Paul was right all along and that Anthony Fauci has been lying to Congress and the public for the last 2 years and he did, in fact, provide funding for gain of function research on corona yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by discussing the fact that the so-called 'anti-vax' movement has been around since 1853 and was started by doctors and parents who knew the truth about the dangers of 'vaccination.' The truth is that no vaccine has ever stopped or irradiated any illness and actually caused up-surges in illnesses that were on the way out. Polio is also discussed - it comes from toxins like DDT and polio vaccines! The board comes alive with questions and comments and we have a good discussion about many topics.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Our friend, John Kacarab was able to attend an event in California yesterday (09/05/21) that Judy Mikovits was speaking at and managed to get a good recording of the talk and Q&A. Today's show is the entire recording. Enjoy and share far and wide! This info needs to get out to everyone!www.yourdiyhealth.com
It's "Tough Question Thursday!" and Sarge is joined by Mike Gaddy and Brad Peoples and they discuss several questions regarding our government and our seeming lack of control over it and who's fault it is for where we are at this point in history! While there is some division as to who's at fault all agree that we're in DEEP DOO DOO and there doesn't seem to be an easy solution as to how to fix things. The key is to STOP DOING WHAT WE'RE CURRENTLY DOING!www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by discussing the fact that New York has abolished religious exemptions for anyone in the ‘health care’ arena who are subject to that state’s unconstitutional Covid injection mandate. The discussion continues to discuss what’s happening in other countries like Australia who allowed themselves to be disarmed. Governments are doing whatever they want because the people are unable to fight back – EXCEPT IN THE U.S. where, hopefully, people will begin to sit up and take notice of what’s being done to us before it’s too late! The rest of the world is counting on America to stand up and fight back or it’s GAME OVER! Sorry about the static on the first and third segments. Network issue beyond my
Sarge opens the show where Roger's show left off; a discussion of Ivermectin and Hydrogen peroxide. Both great for fighting viral infections and other things. From there Sarge discusses prevention via nutritional support of the immune system and using what God gave us to stay disease free and healthy vs constantly being on the defensive and trying to fight illness with Big Pharma products or even natural things. Prevention is always better than 'cure'!www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by having a wonderful discussion / interaction with a new listener, Manju. Many topics are covered from Covid injections to marriage licenses! A great chat the was beneficial to all. Sarge also discusses Hyper Fund with another listener on the Jitsi board and goes on to cover some items in the news.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show with a discussion of Hyper Fund and the importance, especially in this day and age, of not have all of your financial eggs in one basket. He takes questions from the Jitsi board and has a lively discussion about Hyper Fund and the current Covid situation for the whole two hours!www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge welcomes Mike Gaddy and Brad Peoples to the show. Brad brings up an issue he's facing as a county commissioner in a small Ohio county regarding the potential of Covid injection mandates especially now that the FDA has allegedly approved the Pfizer jab. Sarge lets him know that it hasn't been approved and it's all smoke and mirrors and government lies. The conversation expands from there to other constitutional issues as well as other topics of interest. A great show with lots of input from the chat and callers.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by discussing the alleged ‘FDA Approval’ of the Pfizer Covid-19 jab. This may come as a surprise to many, but THEY LIED! The only approval was for a BioNTech jab called ‘Comirnaty’ which won’t be available till around 2024! The current jabs just got their EUA (emergency use authorization) extended until the pandemic ends or until the EUA is rescinded! Yet more smoke and mirrors out of the government to further traumatize and enslave the American people. Sarge touches on the so-called Spanish Flu and how its death numbers were inflated over the years by politicians to promote their agendas. He also looks at items in the news including how O’Biden is looking at putting the ‘unvaxed’ on no-fly and NO-GUN lists!website:
Sarge opens the show by giving more information on the 'alleged' FDA 'approval' of Pfizer's Covid-19 jab. They approved a shot called 'Comirnaty' that doesn't even exist as of yet and probably won't until 2023 and merely extended the EUA for the currently available Pfizer jab. Sarge covers other items in the news like a WA state high school that is requiring unvaxed athletes to wear ankle monitors to track them. He covers basic foods to stock up on for the coming hard times. The Jitsi board comes alive with questions and comments and it's a great show!www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge opens the show by digging into the much talked about 'FDA "approval" of the Pfizer Covid-19 Jab' and, as it turns out, WE'RE BEING LIED TO YET AGAIN BY THE GOVERNMENT AND THE MSM! I have the so-called 'approval' letter in my possession and it is simply a CONTINUATION OF THE EXISTING EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION and NOT FULL FDA APPROVAL as the 'Lieden Abomination' and the main stream media are telling everyone! Sarge also covers indications or what may be coming our way based upon what's currently happening in Australia and other countries who have been disarmed. STOCK UP ON FOOD, SUPPLIES, AMMUNITION and even toilet paper folks! We could be in for a rough time in the coming days, weeks and months!www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge is joined by John and they discuss Hyper Fund, the membership rewards program that will triple the amount of your membership (as little as $300) in just 20 months or less! I can literally become the best retirement program you'll ever find! After John leaves Sarge continues on with items in the news and the coming potential for social upheaval. Sarge recommends that people be prepared for a time of supply chain breakdown as a result of protests against the medical tyranny being promoted by the Biden regime.www.yourdiyhealth.com
Sarge is joined by Historian and Constitutional Scholar, Mike Gaddy and they discuss, "The Lawyer's Constitution." During the last 1/2 hour they consider what we can do about what's happening in today's America. Things are getting real and we need to stand up and be counted!www.yourdiyhealth.com
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