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Author: Poor Culture

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Not everyone is into traditional preaching. Not everyone is available on Sunday morning. So Poor Culture is excited to bring to you DEEPER CONVERSATIONS--pocket-sized conversations about Biblical text, social justice issues, and interviews with people practicing a God First lifestyle.
11 Episodes
Stay Woke & Pray

Stay Woke & Pray


There is so much happening in the world today, that to be #woke can overtake us. The pain of our present situations can sometimes be too much to bear. On today's DEEPER CONVERSATION, we talk about how to survive being #woke. 
We've all seen people suffer. Today still, in many places, members of  the LGBTQ+ community is still forced to live their lives on the margins of society. How did Jesus address this kind of suffering and more? Let's talk about it. 
Season 2 Introduction

Season 2 Introduction


We heard you're feedback. You wanted more explanation of various texts. So, here is what you can look forward to on Season 2 of Deeper Conversations. 
What about the God within? How do we locate, connect with, and think about a God that is both within us and ever-present around us.
Beyond what we are told about Muslims, many of us know very little. I sit down with Mohammad Mia to discuss what it has been like to grow up Muslim in America.
The "word of God" can be inspirational and healing, but for some it can be traumatic and triggering. Words matter! So join me as I sit with Biblical Language Scholar, Dr. Jeremy Hultin to discuss "the word."
Master storyteller, Christopher Rivas, shares his perspective on where we are and how we can move forward as a community. [explicit language]
The ministry of Jesus was once considered radical. Being a Christian Atheist is truly radical today. What is Christian Atheism, and what can Christians learn from it?
Part 2 with Dr. Niang. I still had some deep questions. Questions like, "Is Christianity a "whites only religion?" And if not, how does it speak to issues plaguing Black and Brown communities like mass incarceration?
We all have questions about the Bible, right? It is the most published book in history. Few have read it cover to cover, and fewer understand it. So, what's the big deal when it comes to the Bible? Is it still relevant?
Welcome to Deeper Conversations with Karmen Michael Smith
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