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Author: Heather & Patti

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Patti Crouch and Heather Dragulescu host a podcast about their crazy lives as stand up comedians and foster adopt mothers to three children each! Patti is the Hispanic mama with African American children and the youngest has a disability called Fetal Alchohol Spectrum Disorder. Heather is the Hapa tiger mom with Mexican children that were adopted together as an older sibling set. Both Patti and Heather turned to standup comedy as an outlet for the frustrations they felt at home. Listen each week as they discuss comedy, motherhood, foster care, adoption, and whatever else is bugging them.
73 Episodes
Patti has struggles... with toothpaste. 
Episode 37 - Hell Week

Episode 37 - Hell Week


Quickie: Small Talk - Happiest MemoryIt's been quite a week for the MEs. With school ending and balancing work/comedy/life, Patti and Heather have been struggling to get through it all. On top of that, things reached a boiling point with Heather's mom. Listen to find out the difficult decision she had to make about their relationship. 
Summer is here so the kids need to get in their daily quotas of fighting. 
Patti grills Heather on what's in her fridge and then is appalled by Heather's favorite cereal selection. 
Episode 36 - Summer Lovin'

Episode 36 - Summer Lovin'


Quickie: Small Talk - FundraisersSummer is here! Which means the MEs are running a touch behind each week. Thank you for your patience with us as we edit and upload our episodes. This week Patti and Heather talk about their summer plans and how to survive the many long weeks till school starts up again. 
Marissa spills the tea on some of the families she's had to interview.
Patti and Heather went to see improv... willingly! Cast members of THE GOOD PLACE performed a charity improv show called the TOTAL FORKING SHIRT SHOW. The event easily became one of Patti's "Top 5 L.A." moments. 
Quickie: Book Club - Marissa's Top Three BooksBeing AdoptedThe Colors Of GriefChild Called ItBonus: The Primal WoundPatti and Heather interview Marissa this week, the FFA Intake Coordinator who matched Patti with her twin daughters! They discuss how Marissa ended up working in foster care, get some specifics on how potential foster parents are viewed, and then find out what Marissa is currently up to and how she now feels about foster care after working with the system.
Heather wins the Worst Mom Of The Week! Bella was caught with a secret email account. 
Quickie: Rant - Tantrums

Quickie: Rant - Tantrums


Patti and Heather do a deep dive into what defines a tantrum and when to let your kids run away. 
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