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Farm. Food. Facts. And everything in between. A podcast featuring the leading minds in the future of sustainable food systems. Brought to you by the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance.
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Today – its all about natural climate solutions and how they pay off. And to introduce you to a new entity that launched earlier this year that is leading the charge.  U.S. Nature4Climate is a coalition of 10 conservation, sustainability, and business organizations, including US Farmers and Ranchers in Action that are dedicated to ensuring our forests, farms, ranches, grasslands and wetlands are an important part of the overall strategy to combat climate change.Their goal is to create a collaborative platform where conservation organizations, the farm and forestry sectors, and corporations can work together to help ensure that Natural Climate Solutions are fully integrated into broader climate action strategies. As the U.S. works to address climate change, U.S. Nature4Climate will elevate these nature-based solutions as an integral part of any comprehensive climate action plan.Natural Climate Solutions improve the health of our natural and working lands, strengthen connections between people and nature, and enhance the well-being of the plants, animals and people they support.  We have a full house today and you won’t want to miss this episode. Our guides will explain just how important and impactful this effort is, with us are:Nathan Henry, Project Manager, USN4CCathy Macdonald, Steering Committee Chair, USN4CKris Johnson, Deputy Director, The Nature ConservancyRebecca Tuuk, Forest landownerChip Bowling, USFRA Chairman
Today it’s all about our future – our future leaders that is. With us is Alwin Hopf who is working on his masters and PhD in Agriculture and Biological Engineering at the University of Florida and Alice Mei-Wong Dien a masters student at the university of California at Davis and was our YAS 2021 Ag-vocacy winner from the 2019 Honor the Harvest Forum.
There is so much to celebrate with all of the new partnerships, confrontational collaboration (thanks to Polly Ruhland at USB for that term) and focus on the next 30 harvests to create climate-smart, prosperous agriculture in the US.As marketers deeply invested in food and agriculture, we believe there is even more energy and opportunity to be gained by leveraging the untapped power of consumer engagement on these initiatives. There are large, eager customer and consumer audiences ready to recognize these efforts and celebrate the brands that invest in sustainable supply chain innovations in support of farmers and ranchers … and the larger environment.Bader Rutter is one of USFRA’s important partners to achieve these goals and help continue to spread the work from Honor the Harvest.Bader Rutter is the country’s largest agricultural marketing agency. And through nearly 50 years of steady growth, they’ve dreamed big, planned meticulously, and fiercely championed their clients’ success.  Joining us today on Farm Food Facts is JoDee George and Dennis Ryan who lead the Bader Rutter food and beverage practice which is focused on creating consumer and customer brand value from supply chain sustainability investments.JoDee has worked for 20 years worked across food and agriculture marketing and strategy for America’s largest food and agriculture companies. She brings this diverse knowledge and passion to creating a sustainable, innovative path for food and agriculture producers, brands and consumers.  Dennis has spent the better part of his extensive career telling stories for food and beverage brands from every major company in the space. After building an enviable TV-centric CPG advertising career in Chicago, he moved to Minneapolis to learn digital, social, and one-to-one marketing.  
Today is all about soil management and with us to to dig into the subject is Dr. Rattan Lal, Ph.D.  Dr. Lal is a Distinguished University Professor and Director of the Carbon Management and Sequestration Center at The Ohio State University, as well as IICA’s Chair in Soil Science and Goodwill Ambassador. He was President of the Soil Science Society of America (2006-2008) and the International Union of Soil Sciences (2017-2018). He researches soil carbon sequestration for food and climate security, conservation agriculture, and soil health. With an h-index of 157 and about 112,000 citations, Dr. Lal has authored almost 1,000 journal articles and mentored 360 researchers. He is laureate of the 2018 GCHERA World Agriculture Prize, 2018 Glinka World Soil Prize, 2019 Japan Prize, 2019 U.S. Awasthi IFFCO Award, the 2020 World Food Prize, and the 2020 Arrell Food Prize. 
Today we talk with US Farmers and Ranchers in action CEO, Erin Fitzgerald, about the Honor The Harvest event and the values that will shape Agriculture for the next 10 years.
Today's guest is Rick Naerebout, the Chief Executive Officer for the Idaho Dairymen's Association. Rick grew up on his family's dairy farm in McBain, Michigan, where he learned the value of hard work, integrity, and an appreciation for agriculture that can only be learned on the farm. Rick has been with the Idaho Dairymen's Association for over 15 years, assisting with the associations, environmental legal, economic, legislative, and stewardship efforts. The IDA is a progressive association that represents all of Idaho's, nearly 500 dairy farms recently named the CEO of the association. He manages the day to day operations of the group, which includes Ida consulting services, a new division within Ida that provides on-farm services through its highly skilled staff ranging from nutrient management planning to dairy worker training and safety programs
Today, we're going to talk about fertilizer and the role, the important role that it plays in agriculture. Our guest is Mike Frank, Executive Vice President of Nutrien and CEO of Nutrien ag solutions. Mike is a global ag leader with more than 30 years of working extensively with farmers and other ag professionals around the world. And most important, Mike grew up on a farm in Canada and a passionate agriculture advocate. Mike is focused on the issues of global food security and driving environmental and economic sustainability for farmers and the ag industry. He serves on the board of the U S farmers and ranchers in action. 
Today it's all about farmers feeding families.Joining us today are John Hanselman, Chairman and CEO of Vanguard renewables, the largest recycler of food waste in the Northeast who's passionate about recycling organic once considered waste into renewable energy and low carbon fertilizer for food manufacturers, corporations, and food retailers and enhancing regenerative agriculture practices alongside Vanguard farm partners. Joining John is David Darr, senior vice president, chief strategy and sustainability officer of Dairy Farmers of America. David leads, cooperative efforts on sustainability, including environmental footprinting animal care and corporate social responsibility working together. They created the farmers feeding families program, donating milk to families in need since the pandemic started DFA and Vanguard.
My guests today are Nathaniel Doddridge, Greg Anderson and Floyd Vergara. Greg Anderson has been farming near Newman Grove, Nebraska since 1977. His form includes land that his great, great, great grandfather homesteaded in 1873. His operation consists of continuous soybeans, alfalfa grass hay, and an Angus cow calf herd is formed no till for 25 years along with being a director on the Nebraska soybean board, Greg currently serves as a governing board member on the national biodiesel board. He's a past chairman of the United soybean board having been appointed by three different us secretaries of agriculture to USB.Floyd Vergara serves as the director of state regulatory affairs for the national biodiesel board in this capacity. He manages the West coast office in Sacramento, California, and is responsible for state regulatory affairs. Focusing on programs in the Western States with over three decades of experience at California air resources board, his expertise includes the low carbon fuel standard climate change and air quality programs, renewable and conventional foods, environmental justice, and other environmental issues. Nathaniel Doddridge has been with Casey's general stores, a chain of more than 2000 convenience stores since August, 2017. He's the vice president of fuels, where he leads the strategy and execution for all facets of fuel prior to Casey's. He held several leadership positions across fuel and operations at Murphy USA.
Today is all about the future of food and agriculture. Our guests are Ramsay Huntley, and Andy Fabin.Ramsay Huntley is the sustainable finance strategist for Wells Fargo, a member of the sustainability and corporate responsibility leadership team. He oversees the development and execution of Wells Fargo sustainable finance strategy. He works with business partners across the bank to develop new opportunities that support Wells Fargo is $200 billion sustainable finance commitment and position the bank to lead the transition to a low carbon economy. He also has the responsibility for the bank's clean tech philanthropy programs, including the award winning Wells Fargo innovation incubator in conjunction with the national renewable energy laboratory.Andy Fabin is part of the multigenerational family owned and operated Fabin brothers farms in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Fabin brothers farms specializes in soybean processing, crop production, cow calf operations, as well as commodity buying and marketing. He's a member of the Bedford farm Bureau club's board of directors, the Pennsylvania soybean board, the Pennsylvania Cattleman's association, the beef quality assurance, Pennsylvania beef council, Indiana County farm Bureau and Pennsylvania farm Bureau is young farmer and rancher committee
This week we interviewed two members for the National Prok Board, CEO Bill Even and Brad Greenway, the2016 Pig Farmer of the Year.  Listen as they discuss the importance of collaboration during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
As a Partner at Ernst & Young LLP, Rob Dongoski has over 20 years of experience serving clients in the food and agribusiness sectors. He works with a number of Fortune 500, Global 1000 and private companies in advisory and transaction capacities.He has helped clients develop growth strategies, complete buy-side and sell-side transactions, designed digital strategies and lead significant enterprise transformations. His experience provides clients and colleagues with a unique perspective on their business, innovation and growth issues.As the founder of the EY Global Agribusiness Center, Rob leads EY professionals in all regions of the world to serve agribusiness clients.
Townsend Bailey leads sustainability strategy for McDonald’s North American markets. In this role, he supports McDonald’s US and Canadian businesses as they leverage the size and scale of their supply chains and 15,000+ restaurants to positively impact issues important for people, animals and the planet.  He plays a critical role driving the sustainability strategy and integration into these markets’ supply chains and operations from farm to restaurant through cross-functional collaboration with product leads, communicators, suppliers, industry, and NGOs.
Each week we explore the issues and trends that agriculture faces through frank and honest conversations with thought leaders across our nation. And who better to discuss this than the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in President Barack Obama’s administration from 2009 to 2017, Tom Vilsack - along with the CEO of US Farmers and Ranchers in Action, Erin Fitzgerald. Secretary Vilsack is no stranger to serving our country. He began his political career as mayor of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, then on to the state Senate and then as Governor of Iowa for two terms.  As leader of USDA Vilsack worked to strengthen the American agriculture economy and create new markets for America’s farmers, ranchers and growers, provided food assistance to millions of Americans, carried out unprecedented conservation efforts, made record investments in our rural communites and led the efforts to provide a safe, sufficient and nutritious food supply. Sec. Vilsack now serves as the CEO of the US Dairy Export Council the non-profit, independent membership organization that represents the global trade interests of U.S. dairy producers, proprietary processors and cooperatives, ingredient suppliers and export traders.
Bayer Youth Ag Summit

Bayer Youth Ag Summit


Today we talk with two members of the Bayer Youth Ag Summit.•Matt Foley, Program Director at Invest Nebraska, joins us to speak about the Youth Ag Summit. The summit gathers diverse agriculture leaders and youth interested in the industry to discuss the future of agriculture and how the next generation can inspire change.•Davyn Surdidjo launched a startup in 2017 called Etani Agro Nusantara. Etani utilizes technology to liberate farmers in his home country of Indonesia from the grasps of middle markets which are far less regulated than those in the United States.
Former Secretary of Agriculture, Dan Glickman, chats with us about the future of the food and agriculture industry. New opportunities for farmers continuously emerge as consumers change how they think about their food.
Robert Bonnie from Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions joins us today on Farm. Food. Facts. He discusses his research which answers the question: is an urban/rural divide around the environment, and if so, what is it?
Anne Swanson, VP of Feeding America, and Carrie Calvert, Managing Director and Government Relations of Feeding America, join us today on Farm. Food. Facts. They describe how foodbanks are working closely with farmers to secure food to those in need during these drastic and unprecedented times.
Karianne Fallow, CEO of Dairy West, discusses their innovative Curds & Kindness program that directs surplus dairy products to those in need throughout Utah and Idaho. 
Matt Coldagelli, Senior Vice-President at Edelman, discusses their Trust Barometer study that measures how trustworthy the public feels towards government, NGOs, business and media. The Spring 2020 update shows that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, government trust surged 11 points to an all-time high of 65 percent, while, even with a four-point increase, there is marked disappointment in how the private sector has performed during the crisis. 
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