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TheresaRockFace Rock/Alt Artist Interviews and all extended Off Air Talk! Thanks for subscribing.
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Shinedown are hitting the road so I spoke to Brent Smith about that and everything else. I also took the time to tell him about the time I was mistakenly kicked out of the backstage area at one of their Houston shows. Check it ....
I hate zoom interviews! They are always awkward. This one was awesome. I had a great chat with Gavin Rossdale! We talked about the upcoming co-headlining tour with STP, doing more music for the next John Wick film and being the bad guy in his new film. He will be a washed up drug dealing actor in the new film, HABIT, which comes out Aug 20th.
20 Questions Podcast: You asked, I answered! Jared Leto, Dave Grohl, Matt Sorum, Food Allergies and More. P.S. Was totally having some allergic reaction to something while doing this podcast so bear with me.
This podcast comes full circle! I have a ghost cat in my new home and once I revisit a horrifying paranormal event that happened to me while living in a haunted area of Kansas City, everything just comes together! That was a huge run-on sentence and I apologize! Don't judge me after listening to this episode. xoxo T
This is a 20 Questions Podcast. I took your questions and answered as many as I could to stay under 60-minutes. I talked about the A-hole Band people, the greats, my Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice and answered your questions about my departure from the morning show years ago. xoxo T



What happens when I google The Vagina at 11pm at night? Pretty good stuff! Celebrity Vagina Nicknames and more ...
I'm calling this THE CHEATING PODCAST! Based on real events including me and my friend.
I did not watch the Oscars. Nobody did. Allow me to give you the highlights based on my Instagram feed.
Amy Lee and her band, Evanescence, have released their first new album of original material in almost a decade. Theresa talks with Amy Lee, Co-Founder Of Evanescence about being voice twins, recording and producing during the pandemic, and the new album 'Bitter Truth'.
I have received so many messages from my loyals thanking me for being open about my Panic Disorder and Anxiety. I felt like maybe this could help a ton of you. I was diagnosed in 4th grade, been hospitalized numerous times and have learned some good coping mechanisms over the years.
I got to talk to The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo about everything. The Spirit images she would see as a young girl, how spirit decide to contact her and how you can see her live! I even asked her about me being on the cusp of talking to those who have gone to the other side.
It's crazy to think that I have been married for 5-years. Well, I have and Adam comes in tell everyone how great it is to be married to me and explain why threesomes keep coming up at the dinner table.
Remember going to Blockbuster? Netflix has something for you this March
Hey TikTok people, stop whipping around tiny animals for comedic purposes!
I had an idea! It's about voting, but hear me's also about naked celebrities.
Chris Cornell's brother Peter wrote their new song. Kevin said it was kind of helped him heal in a way. We also talked about Madonna (they were the first band signed to Maverick). Listen!
I am so shook from what I am seeing so far on Bravo's Housewives of Beverly Hills. I'm venting it out like a Burn Book! Let me know what you think about this season so far. @TheresaRockFace on all socials. TEAM DENISE!
TBG joined my podcast to play a HUGE game of catch up! If you're an O.G. 94.5 The Buzz listener, then you remember our early years on the Rod Ryan Show. Travis and I were like Forest and Jenny without the sex! He actualy is the modern day Forest Gump and you'll hear why right now.
Matt Hardy talks about returning to TV soon, career highlights, what the future holds, and WWE Royal Rumble coming to Houston.
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