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Author: Brian Muldoon

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I'm Brian Muldoon and this is Clicks and Funnels Podcast.

I love to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve real success offline and online through my coaching and support that will help you do just that!

If you're looking for dependable tips and strategies that will help you succeed faster online, you're in the right place!

I want to personally welcome you to join my fast-growing community of hard-working passionate people who want more business and personal success, have a TON of fun doing it!
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Hey! It's our 3rd and final episode of goal setting and there are 4 key points I'm covering that will help keep you focused and on track toward your achieving your big goals for 2019! Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 2 of goal setting:  Ok, so today we're to dive into part two of goal setting. I'm talking specifically about 2 very important elements to help you ensure that you're truly committed to achieving your goals. Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
This is episode 1 in my series for goal setting called, "My Best Year Ever! 2019) Would you like 2019 to be your best year EVER? You can make it happen if you have the right goals and you take the right a few other things that have been essential to my own success, that I'm going to share in this mini series. It's about you getting YOU to the next level and staying there! Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
Today I have a very special guest who is, in my opinion, the definition of what it means to be an entrepreneur on a mission. He is a Speaker, Author, publisher, TV Producer and Seminar Promoter. He is the Chief Inspirational Officer at The Best You Corporation, which is one of the largest personal development events and brands on the planet! His "No B.S" and "No Negativity" approach to business and people has positioned him as a highly respected front runner who is not afraid of big risk for huge gains when it comes to success and living life without limits. So without further adieu,  join me for an in depth conversation with...Bernardo Moya. Enjoy! Brian --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to today's episode of Clicks and Funnels. You want more conversions, but it's easier said than done, right? If only you had a crystal ball to tell you what your offer needs so you could change that. Free or Paid offers can work, and in both cases it's about creating a value proposition that will make people want to say YES! Which one is right for you? Have a listen to find out. Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to today's episode. I was checking out some Gary Vee content online when a stumbled across a video where he was talking about a time when radio was the best way to get in front of customers, and how it was replaced by TV. Today, you and I have access to some of the most powerful platforms on the planet to promote who you are, what you have and what makes you cool! And the best part is that you can leverage it right now and change your business and life FOREVER!! Enjoy, Brian Questions: What me to help you put a world class marketing strategy in place for you that will get results? Go Here Now.  --- Send in a voice message:
Even if you're just getting out of the gates online, or you've been promoting you main offer for a while now. One main thing on it's own can often mean a lot going out on the front end in ad spend, and very little showing up on the backend. If you only have you main thing and not much else that you can offer right now. Then jump on to today's episode to get some tips that can help you maximise your ad spend, build your list AND help you sell the MAIN THING! Enjoy, Brian P.S Would you like me to help you build out your marketing strategy and offer? Click here to get started. --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to today's episode... I recall not so long ago when I questioned whether or not I had arrived too late to the online opportunities. If the guys with the super big lists had scooped up all the dosh. It wasn't until I really started to put myself out there that I soon realised there was a TON of opportunity and rewards available for me and anyone else who was doing the same. Fast forward and that has definitely changed for the GOOD! The information age is exploding right now, which means there is SOOOO much room for you to jump in front of those opportunities and rewards, as well. Have listen to hear what I mean... Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
When you're running all the different parts of your online business, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle and lose focus of the key areas within your online business that are an essential part of your current and future success. There are times when clients contact me to ask if they are missing something, or doing something wrong. They are often experiencing some sort of pain and frustration in their business that has caused them to get off track and lose clarity. The good news, is that most of the time it's a broke ad, a tweak in the copy or a reshoot of a video call to action... That said though, it's super important that you have key elements of your business dialed in.  I have identified 5 that are unbelievably important to anyone's online success, including yours. Hop on and hear them now. Enjoy, Brian P.S Do you have a burning question specifically about your business that you'd like to ask me? I'd love to hear from you... Email me your question to: and I'll feature it in one of our episodes. --- Send in a voice message:
Wow! I am so thrilled to be back! I've had this super bad ass cold that tried to rob me of my voice, but I stole it back! I'm also super excited to be able to record today's episode, which is all about finding the sweet spot when you're pricing your offers without having to give the farm away because everybody else is... Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to today's podcast.  Today's episode is all about looking back since the start of the new year and looking at how far you've come and what you've accomplished. Distraction is all around us but more so in our mindset than anywhere else, so I have 3 important questions I ask myself every month that keeps my mind sharp and on point. I'm sharing them with you today, so jump in and let's get started! Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
In today's episode I'm sharing 4 things that you can really focus on refining in your online business that will help you stand out in your own true authentic way. It's a great time to be online and this is your year to own it, so jump on to today's call to listen in! Enjoy, Brian P.S Thank you so much for being hear, YOU are the reason why I do theses podcast ;-) --- Send in a voice message:
I had a really interesting meeting with a client who was struggling with charging more for their service because they felt people wouldn't pay for it. He said to me, " all the guru's are charging this and giving all of that in return, you can't ignore that can you?" After some conversation, my client realised that he was worth way more than he had himself convinced he was worth because his focus was on what other people charge and letting that define his net worth.  I would say that you are worth more too and that's why I'm talking today about YOU taking a look at who you're targeting. Are you targeting your PERFECT/PREMIUM customer with the perfect message and offer that's different and unique from the next guy/gal? Here's the thing... It requires the same amount of effort to close a $47.00 sale as it does a $197.00. The only difference is when you know how to separate yourself and your offer from everyone else who's selling the exact same thing, it's like striking gold! (literally...) Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to today's episode, which I'm super excited to share with you! Clicks And Funnels Podcast is about helping and supporting "YOU" the entrepreneur to succeed and achieve in all aspects of your business and in life.  Today is all about appreciating everything you already have and realizing that it's worth way more than any kind of monetary success. Yes, grow and scale, but don't miss out on the good bits along the way... Enjoy, Brian The Art Of Unlearning Book: Questions & Feedback: --- Send in a voice message:
OBSESSED! You seen it everywhere and heard it from lots of people out there, but is being obsessed really a good mindset to have? Being committed to your success and working really hard everyday to achieve it is an essential part of any success, but when you're mission starts to consume you, you can miss out on the things that truly matter. Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
First let me say that this was my first FHL and it definitely won’t be my last. It was a first class event that delivered way more than the cost to attend.  I’ve got 3 BIG takeaways for you and let me just say that they have less to do with marketing and everything to with YOU!  Enjoy,  Brian --- Send in a voice message:
Today was EPIC!  I can’t wait to share all of it with you and today I’m talking about one thing in particular that really stood out for me. He's an amazing guy.... Dean Graziosi...  Enjoy,  Brian --- Send in a voice message:
Day 1 in Nashville and already I can tell you, that if you have never been to FHL, you need to seriously think about coming next year.  I’m going to be record a FHL wrap up of everything that was covered here at the event, but until then I’m going to share one or more big takeaways from each day and pass them on to you!  Let's get started! Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
I arrived into Nashville yesterday for FHL with Russell Brunson and 4500 other funneladdicts.  I’m going to be covering the event over the next 4 days, so be sure to tune in to hear the latest from this once a year event.  Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
I know for many people, telling people to take action can feel uncomfortable.  However, when a person is ready to take action, we have to be direct in telling them what they need to do next. Have a listen to hear what I mean... Enjoy, Brian --- Send in a voice message:
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