DiscoverConcussions: The Many Faces of TBIs, Concussions and Brain Injury
Concussions: The Many Faces of TBIs, Concussions and Brain Injury
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Concussions: The Many Faces of TBIs, Concussions and Brain Injury

Author: Frances Citrone

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A journey from impact to recovery: A discovery on aiding the brain through the recovery process and the stories of courageous survivors and their families.
In this community, you’ll discover encouraging stories and personal interviews from other brain injury survivors and get helpful tips and real life solutions to help you through your recovery process.
Hear how others have journeyed and found strength to persevere through their brain injury recovery.
Whether you have suffered a brain injury or are one of God's angels and a caretaker, this podcast will assist you along the way.
14 Episodes
Join me as we get up close and personal with Dr. B and Ethan O'Brien, Amazon Best Selling Authors of Dr. B's Concussion Breakthrough. In this episode Dr. B and Ethan will share their personal relationship with concussions and discuss the beginnings and most recent developments in Dr B's Concussion Breakthroughs. They are lighthouse influencers serving those suffering from concussions and post concussion symptoms.  
An interview live from the brain health summit discussing brain functioning; thoughts, feelings and the subconscious; your mind, the brain in action; thoughts, hormones and feelings; how to be present in the process of life, and learning cycle tips; the health segment is how your gut impacts your brain.
Part 2 of a 4 part Series; How to Live Happy and Passionate Through Recovery: Discover the secret to creating achievable goals and what fuels you through the journey. I'll give you a clue...DESIRE
Discover how to transform your mind and replace resolutions with real life implementation. Even if injured, your mind is still the most powerful tool you have to transform and heal. 
An up close and personal interview with TBI survivor and author C. Rae Johnson through the many phases of her concussion journey.
In this episode we discuss one of the most mysterious partners of concussions and PTSD: another look into The Concussion Recovery Guide; How to Identify and How to Prepare for Post Concussion Syndrome
Episode 2

Episode 2


A "Personal Story" and the creation of The Concussion Recovery Guide
Episode 1 Sneak Peek

Episode 1 Sneak Peek


Get a sneak peek into The Concussion Recovery Guide to see how your brain works and why concussions can be so devastating.
In this don't miss episode you will meet Dr Ann McKee and learn about CTE, what she has discovered in her research at Boston University about CTE, who it is effecting and what others are doing to help her research. 
An enlightening conclusion to the 4 part series; find your passions and desires and create a deeper relationship with yourself and those you love.  
Discover how happiness and joy walk with you and learn how to discover and connect with your desires and live passionately throughout your recovery and for the rest of your life. 
You are not a victim. Our next step in this amazing recovery journey. Check out part 1 of a 4 part series on How to Live Happy and With Passion Through the Recovery process.
Your Road to Recovery

Your Road to Recovery


Get started mapping out your road to recovery, the foundations of recovery and listen to the exclusive interview with Emily from Emily's Corner.
Discover how Vivian Joy lived over 20 years before the diagnoses of her smashed skull plates and her steadfast journey with a TBI.
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