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Hosts Steve Glynn, Adam Derus, and Tia highlight cool Milwaukee things to experience.
104 Episodes
Love. Ghost kitchen. Gooey butter cake. And chicken. Put them together and you have all the ingredients for success. All in the Fiserv Forum. Listen in as Adam and Steve chat with some of the Milwaukee Bucks and Cream City Cluckery crew to learn more about how they worked together, adapted to the circumstances, and brought this idea to life. Also, Adam and Steve learn what a ghost kitchen is.
Ok, before we get started, this is NOT episode #90 as Adam and Steve proclaim in this episode. It's episode #103!!! And this is a good one. Jump in for a fun chat with Jim Neumeyer from Beans & Barley. Get the incredible history on this long-standing East Side establishment that's been a unique, important (and delicious) part of Milwaukee's fabric for more than 40 years!!! From its grocery and deli/market to cafe and catering (and plenty of gifts, too), Beans & Barley has got you covered for any occasion. 
In this episode, Adam and Steve sip and chat with Katy McHugh, owner of Sip & Purr Cat Cafe. As Katy explains how she didn't know how much she didn't know about cats, we learn all about her journey in launching the cafe, choosing the East Side, and how one navigates the cafe and the lounge, even if you're allergic to cats! 
Keep it simple. That's the focus of the conversation Steve has with Nate Arkush, founding partner of FreshFin Poké. As the first poké bowl restaurant to open in Milwaukee in 2017, Nate and his team have quickly expanded from the East Side to across the city. And Nate's journey goes from Las Vegas to Chicago and back. Listen to find out more about FreshFin Poké and why Milwaukee. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Indeed Brewing, FEW Spirits, Koss Stereophones, and Transfer Pizzeria Café. 
In this episode, Adam and Steve chat with Julie Brandenburg, owner of beSOUND music studio. beSOUND goes beyond your average music lesson as a safe, welcoming place to help people become more creative. The three talk more about how Julie got started, why she launched the studio, and Adam's dream of singing and being in a jam session. Super fun, as always. Thanks for listening!
In this episode, which is not about politics, Steve and Adam sit down with Jason Rae, Secretary of the Democratic National Committee. Jason shares more about how he got the role, how and why Milwaukee got the Democratic National Convention, what the DNC wants the people of Milwaukee to know about the decision to go virtual, AND his favorite Milwaukee things in a fun, rapid fire round of questions. Thanks for listening!
In this episode, Adam and Steve talk with Steven Wroblewski, owner of glowmke, a company that designs Milwaukee icons in vintage, glowing neon light. A transplant from Texas, Steven LOVES Milwaukee! He shares more about how glowmke came to be, his fav city spots to brainstorm, his desire to partner with local artists, and more. Take a listen, then tap over to to sign up for early access and discounts leading up to their product launch on Wednesday, 8/26. (you can also see their work on Instagram @glowmke!)
In this episode, Adam and Steve talk with the team behind Milwaukee's FOR-M program, an initiative of the Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition (and powered by We Pivot and The Commons) to support and grow Milwaukee's tech startup ecosystem ( FOR-M is FREE and takes a community-based approach to offer tech startup founders the guidance, connections, and support to kickstart their business concepts. Joining Adam and Steve are Kathy Henrich (Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition), Maggie Fernandes, (We Pivot), and Joe Poeschl (The Commons). 
All the feels in this one. If you like making art in a fun, inviting environment, this is a must listen! Adam and Steve sit down with Alex Zens, owner of NEIGHBOR art studio on Milwaukee's East Side. Alex shares her journey to launching NEIGHBOR, her go to art tools, and more. Oh, and they all discuss something about Floafers, but you'll have to listen to get the scoop (giveaway deadline extended to Friday, August 17!).
We love, love, love this episode! Adam and Steve are in awe after chatting with Sara Arenas from Judy's On North. Sara brings passion and positive energy to running the restaurant, welcoming "family", and making the experience extra special. Learn more about how the family took over what was formerly Jalisco's, what's behind (or inside) their famous burritos, Adam's obsession with mezcal, and, somewhere in here, how to access the secret drink menu at Judy's on North!!
In this episode, Adam and Steve have a lively and humorous conversation with Nick and Cary from Third Space Brewing. In addition to the story of the origins of the brewery, including how Nick and Cary got hired, you'll also learn about how beers are named, upcoming new beer releases, Wisconsin IPA Fest, and BREAKING NEWS about their Instagram show, Sippin' With Sales! For more info on products and WI IPA Fest, head over to
In this episode, Adam Derus and Steve Glynn learn about poke from Andy Zheng, owner of Fusion Poke. From his inspiration to starting the restaurant, to his focus on the customer experience (and his LOVE for Milwaukee), you'll get all the info you need to jump in and enjoy Fusion Poke. For those of you already familiar, you'll truly enjoy Andy's passion and story.
In this episode, Adam Derus and Steve Glynn chat with Jesse Masche, owner of East Side Pilates and Phlox Boutique. After growing up in an entrepreneurial environment, it was no surprise Jesse ditched the 9-5 to pursue what keeps her active, motivated, and growing mentally and spiritually. Learn more about her journey and her tenacity in getting through the pandemic by offering online subscriptions, Zoom classes, and more. Oh, she also educates Adam and Steve on many things that the average person already knows. 
In this episode, part of the East Side ON series, hosts Adam Derus and Steve Glynn sit down with Peter Dietrich, co-owner of Tavolino (wine, pasta, pizza & more!). It's true you can spot passion a mile away and Peter is full of passion for building relationships through amazing experiences. Learn more about the origin story, challenges over the past few months, and his approach to providing great service one guest at a time. If you have a question about the restaurant, you can reach Peter directly at For more on the East Side, visit
In this fun episode, Tia, Adam, and Steve sit down with Elise Strupp, Event & Programming Manager at MobCraft Beer. Elise, a former English teacher, shares her journey into beer, how MobCraft found its way to Walker's Point, how crowdsourced beer actually works, MobCraft virtual pairings (including donuts+beer just in time for Father's Day - visit for info), and more! Thanks for listening, and love to our sponsors: Transfer Pizzeria Cafe, Koss Stereophones, Indeed Brewing, and FEW Spirits.
In this episode, hosts Adam Derus and Steve Glynn have a hilarious conversation with Mama's Boy Salsa owner Chris Koncki. This is officially the first episode to be recorded virtually while everyone was physically in Greendale. World record. Look, this is some darn good salsa. So jump in and learn more about how it came to be (selling salsa at the mall), how it was named (is Chris really a mama's boy), and what's next (building from legacy). Thanks for listening!  
In this episode, Steve Glynn and Adam Derus take a virtual road trip to visit FEW Spirits' founder Paul Hletko in Evanston, IL. Why? Because of damn good bourbon. In full disclosure, FEW is now the official bourbon of the podcast. That said, it’s one of the best bourbons we’ve tried. In fact, one of their whiskeys recently won world’s best. Listen in as Paul talks about his origin story, family legacy, and staying in touch with those you love through bourbon. Oh, and what he loves about Milwaukee.
In this episode, host Steve Glynn talks with Izzy Hops owner Mike Vitucci on the inspiration behind Izzy's to the emotional business impact of the current environment. Mike has a true passion and endless dedication to his craft, which really shines through in this episode. As well as his enthusiasm for the positively fun vibe of the East Side. Show sponsors: FEW Spirits, Transfer Pizzeria Cafe, and KOSS Stereophones. Thanks for listening!
Jump in and hang on as hosts Adam Derus and Steve Glynn get the scoop on Parking Lot Theatre from founders and community entrepreneurs Anne Koller and Manny Lara. Inspired by a desire to safely bring people together while utilizing unused spaces, Parking Lot Theatre delivers everything Milwaukee in one family-friendly stop. It debuts on Friday, May 29th, so visit now for all the details. Take a listen, then get out and *safely* experience Milwaukee!!
What's the ultimate business plan? Quit all of your jobs and start your own company. Yep. Sometimes you have to be ready to invite those things into your life. In this episode, Steve Glynn and Adam Derus chat with Waxwing owner, Steph Davies. They talk about what's behind the name. Being nervous cool. Sippy cups and vodka secrets. Taking things week by week. Oh, and Adam's birthday shopping extravaganza. Take a listen, then *safely* get out and experience Milwaukee.
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