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New technology is impacting how attorneys and legal services providers operate. Technology offers the promise of increased efficiency and productivity; however, knowing which tools are right for you can be challenging. Legal Tech Tips with Eve is here to help. Building a book of business requires a combination of skills, many of which incorporate technology. Are you taking advantage of these opportunities? There are so many professions within the legal industry, yet, we are all independently navigating these waters. Eve Barrett, CEO and Founder of Expedite, believes there is a better way to bring the legal industry together to share knowledge. Join Eve each week as she interviews members of the legal field who are harnessing the power of technology to grow their businesses, stand out in the marketplace, and are having a blast doing it!
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Howdy! Wanted: Court Reporters and Captioners. Mosey on over to Park City, Utah on September 18th, 19th, and 20th, sit a spell and Git 'Er Done! The committee members have created a weekend Rodeo that is sure to rope you in from the get-go! Yee-Haw!!! Book now so you don't get BUCKED OFF!As an avid fan of disrupters and innovators, it's my sincere honor to promote the Wild West Roundup Convention for court reporters and captioners to be held in Park City, Utah this September. It takes a passionate committee of trailblazers who selflessly dedicate time, energy and resources to shake up the antiquated and traditional convention. This unprecedented approach to a convention is sure to make history. FOUR state associations are bringing reporters and captioners together for three days of informative seminars, training, networking, and fun!  Listen in as Lerryn Roberds, committee member/Arizona reporter, shares what's in store for y'all at this inaugural event! Seriously, this is the EVENT OF THE YEAR! 
Coach Henry

Coach Henry


It's a new year and a new decade. The technological revolution has been unleashed and is transforming the legal industry. The time to evolve in now. Our purpose on this planet is to become the best version of ourselves. We need to constantly be asking ourselves to bloom in a bigger way. On this week's episode, 'Goal Coach Henry' talks about the importance of setting goals, then explains how he guides his clients along the path to turning dreams into reality. Setting goals, believing in them, and ultimately achieving them allows us to remove the obstacles to understanding our greatness. If you're wondering where you will be in a year, five years, ten years, this podcast is for you. Enjoy!
Do your 2020 goals include obtaining reporter certification? Perhaps you're exploring a federal officialship in another state. Maybe you're looking to move to a state that requires the Register Professional Reporter certification. Are you interested in increasing your speed and accuracy with a focused program? Have you thought about entering a realtime contest at your state or national convention?If you answered 'yes' to any or all of the above, then you'll want to listen in as MaryBeth Everhart, marketing manager for Realtime Coach, talks about the many features and benefits this program offers. Whether you're a student or a realtime contest winner, Realtime Coach has something for everyone. The subscription-based program is a lot like the "Peloton Bike"'s a transformative experience, tracking your progress and pushing you to new performance levels. And, remember, the payments are 100% tax-deductible. Plug in the code PODCAST2020 and receive a FREE UPGRADE from RC Pro to RC Ultimate! That's a savings of $120/year. Enjoy!
The gig economy is a working pattern for individuals who hold self-employment status and pick up 'gigs' or a string of one off and short-term jobs, then receive payment for their services. This working style is becoming increasingly common in many professions, even legal industry professionals. The benefits are clear. They include flexible schedules, the ability to work remotely, even the opportunity to select projects that interest them. The gig economy provides an environment where legal professionals can tap into all the resources they need for their businesses. As we prepare to launch Expedite: Generation II, I've asked Lucas Peterson, paralegal and gig economy worker, to join me on this podcast to explore the future for the legal industry and how it's poised to take advantage of this gig explosion.  
Join me this week as I talk to in-house corporate attorney, Colin S. Levy. I followed Colin on Twitter many months ago as his daily tweets intrigue me. According to Colin, "Technology has opened the doors wide open to new ways of thinking about and delivering legal services. It also has inspired and continues to inspire an array of new innovations within the legal industry." Colin recently published a blog entitled, "The Technology Seduction". We chatted about the background for this article on this week's podcast. Listen in as Colin explains his thoughts behind legal tech! Follow him on Twitter and visit his website @  
This week I sat down with Anthony Powell of Tampa, founder of Legal Linda. Legal Linda is the most advanced artificial intelligent chatbot for law firms. This technology has been designed specifically to help law firms convert more leads 24/7 and streamline their intake processes. Join us as Anthony explains his inspiration for Legal Linda, how it's saving solo practitioners and small firms time and money, and what differentiates his product from others. Learn more at
This episode is for military spouses, family members, and transitioning veterans seeking a portable career that's in high demand, provides global job opportunities, and a lucrative paycheck. In this interview, I talk with Nancy Varallo, Executive Director of Project Steno. Nancy explains how Project Steno's 'Cover Your Bases' program brings awareness of the court reporting and captioning professions to military bases nationwide. Between the Department of Veterans Affairs educational funding opportunities and Project Steno's tuition and equipment assistance programs, the sky's the limit for the military community! Listen in as we explain how there's NEVER been a better time to learn a skill (within 24 months) that will change your life.
The power of positivity is something we hear and speak of quite frequently. But how often do we practice what we preach? Join us this week as our guest, Sasha Bodden, explains how she consistently seeks opportunities to expand her brand and engages with leadership to cultivate positive development. Sasha shares the secrets that allow her to stay focused, balanced, and POSITIVE. If you are looking for a motivational podcast that will boost your attitude, have a listen! 
Whether you're designing your first product or running an established company, you need legal guidance. Need answers to questions about business formation or contract law from an experienced attorney? Want to make sure that your business is following General Data Protection Regulation requirement? Plan to register a trademark for your brand, design or product? Listen in and learn as Business Attorney, Erica Diangelo, explains why she chose this path in the legal field.
Are you an official or freelance court reporter looking to 'level up' by decreasing your editing time while increasing your income? Are you a scopist and/or proofreader interested in maximizing your your time in every way through quick tricks with the editing software? If you answered yes, then you must join us this week as our guest, Lee Walker, explains the genesis of her consulting company, Stenolytics. Lee's goal is to meet you where you are in your journey and help you determine the CaseCATalyst software features which will help you in your day-to-day work. Jump in, listen, and soak up the magic.  
Join us for another exciting episode with Brent Britton,technology lawyer at de la Pena & Holiday's San Francisco and Tampa offices. He is also the managing partner of the Tampa office. His focus is emerging companies, intellectual property, and technology transactions. Co-founder of several startups, Brent writes and speaks frequently on entrepreneurship, creativity, ethics, and the philosophy of happiness and success. Listen as this fellow 'Mainiac' explains how his adventurous path led him to where he is today. Thanks for joining us, Brent! 
Are you interested in utilizing today's technology to brand yourself more effectively? Do you want to know where to find the best events to promote your services and skills? Have you thought about how you may fit in to tomorrow's world? This week we chat with Ryan Clabby, account executive with Elevate, a public relations company out of Tampa, Florida. This ambitious young man shares information that will help you connect, learn, and grow. As the saying goes, it's not what you know, it's who you know, and Ryan will explain why "There's no heart that a smile can't reach." Have a listen and let us know what you think! 
RealTeam Dream Team!

RealTeam Dream Team!


Stenograph developed GAME-CHANGING TECHNOLOGY and knocked it OUT OF THE PARK!Are you a CaseCATalyst User? Have you heard about the newly-released version 20 that incorporates RealTeam? Is your interest piqued?  Are you interested in diversifying your product line by incorporating a new revenue stream with RealTeam? Do you want to build the Dream Team to up your game?  All these questions will be answered in this week's podcast!  CaseCATalyst scopist, Natasia Booth, and realtime writer, Lee Walker, join us this week to explain their personal experiences with RealTeam. Join us!
Join us this week as we chat with two Texas superstars in the court reporting field, mother/daughter duo, LuAnn and Sally Gill. This inspiring story will keep you on the edge of your seat! As a brief resident of Texas back in ’92-’93, a piece of my heart remains in Texas. There’s just something very special about the spirit of Texans, and these two wonder women epitomize that genuine southern spirit. LuAnn and Sally explain their journey to build a business based on relationships, quality products, and integrity. Bravo, if you’re listening, send a producer and get a camera crew following this dynamic duo! Enjoy the episode.
Demetrius Robinson, Esq., is a business and tax attorney at Robinson Legal Group in Columbus, Ohio. From working at a top financial institution to a big-four accounting firm, Demetrius has represented the interests of a variety of clients. When he's not spending time in dedication to his country in the Ohio Army National Guard, Demetrius enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three children.Demetrius joins us this week to talk about business, entrepreneurship, law, startups, and legal technology. He is working diligently to educate attorneys on the advantages of using technology. You will love his predictions for the 'ones to watch' in the future. 
Are you looking for a cost-effective software program to produce PDF's, e-trans, condensed transcripts, word indexes, et cetera? Then join us as we chat with Brian Clune from YesLaw, the leading provider of video and transcript synchronization services, transcript storage, and transcript production solutions for the court reporting industry. Acquired by Stenograph in May of 2018, YesLaw has an amazing line of products, repository, a free trial month, and their IT support will customize your transcripts with you. And the best part? YesLaw is a budget-friendly alternative to other products on the market. Even if you're currently using YesLaw, you absolutely must listen so you get the MOST out of this phenomenal product. Brian is a pure delight as he uses a storytelling method to broadcast the benefits.     
Today we’d like to introduce Josh Blandi and Jeff Cox from UniCourt! Unicourt is a nationwide case research, tracking, management, and analytics platform. It allows organizations to reduce costs, increase productivity, make data-driven decisions, and identify marketing opportunities. They have roughly 50 million cases in depositories ranging across state, district, and appellate courts. Not only is this information searchable, they are working on analytics for all that data. The goal is to be the place where legal data is more accessible, collaborative, and affordable. For the latest trends with tech in the legal industry, subscribe to Legal Tech Tips with Eve. Listen as legal experts and leaders share insights about the legal industry. For more information, questions or suggestions about our podcast, please feel free to email us at
If you’re a Case CATalyst reporter and you’ve recently heard of RealTeam, then you’ll find this podcast has TREMENDOUS VALUE. As a Case CATalyst reporter, I will confess that I’ve been envious of Eclipse reporters with Connection Magic for many, many years. Stenograph took longer than we may have hoped to develop a similar feature, but now that it’s here, it was WELL worth the wait. Case CATalyst, version 20, includes the highly-anticipated, game-changing feature, RealTeam.  In this episode, Jim Kuta, senior project manager with Stenograph, joins us to answer YOUR Facebook questions about RealTeam. We also touch on ‘Edge for Case CATalyst’ and the recent email that just went out regarding the pricing structure for 2019.
This week, ‘Realtime Rich’ joins us and talks about his ‘100-day Challenge, 15 Minutes of Daily Steno Practice’ program. Rich Germosen, realtime speed champion in several states, as well as at the national level, explains why he started this program in 2014. What started as an obscure group of dedicated writers quickly grew into a large group of loyal and committed reporters on a mission. Practice, Practice, Practice!Research shows that it takes three weeks to form a habit, and a few of the reporters in Rich’s group have hit the three-year mark with their consistent habit of practicing 15 minutes every day. Rich is a fabulous mentor and motivator. Listen in as he explains how his program can help YOU reach your goals in 2019!!! 
By now you know that technology is the key to staying relevant in any profession.  But how can technology transform the way you do business in the legal industry?  Today on the Legal Tech Tips with Eve podcast, Eve interviews Dane Heptner, a visionary young attorney who is stepping outside the comfort-zone to network, speak and shape the future of law in Florida. Dane explains how technology can be utilized to save time, space and money when it comes to brick-and-mortar law firms.  What does the future hold for the next-generation attorney? Join us as we speculate how technology is transforming tomorrow's attorney. Listen now!
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