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Author: Gregg Fauceglia

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Helping sales leaders succeed in the world of modern sales.
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To succeed in sales you must have productive days every day. The key to being productive daily is identifying your most important tasks and committing to doing them.
The 12 Biggest Mistakes B2B Salespeople Are Making Today. What are they? There is a lot of interesting conversation about the state of B2B sales. I’ve listened to the conversation and decided to add my thoughts but in a more practical approach. Today I’ll begin breaking down each of the 12 BIGGEST mistakes.
6 Shifts in B2B Sales

6 Shifts in B2B Sales


B2B sales has always been hard. The question is have you taken time to recognize the six dramatic shifts that have impacted B2B sales since 2009. I recognized them - in some cases the hard way - and share them on this episode.
If you’ve been in sales over the last ten years you’ve heard the statement that the balance of power in sales has shifted from the seller to the buyer. It’s one way of attempting to explain why sales has gotten more difficult. Is this statement true? Is there more going on?
Sales has changed. Got it. Let’s adapt to this new reality. We’re going to be exploring three areas where we need to “get better” - hat tip to Jim Rohn - to continue to be effective sales leaders. I’m excited to be sharing this content with you as we learn together how to adapt and succeed in modern sales.
She hung up on me!

She hung up on me!


The cold approach to finding new clients can be hazardous today. Be careful!
To succeed in the world of modern selling you need to focus on professional development, not more sales training. In this episode I share some of the topics I recommend you consider. I’ll add to the list and make more information available on each topic to help you learn about and explore each.
Traditional sales tactics aren’t as effective today because the prospective client is better educated about your product or service and just isn’t as likely to respond favorably to these tactics. In fact, you may end up turning them off if you’re still using them. In this episode I discuss why leadership development is more appropriate to succeed in modern sales.
While a lot has changed about modern sales. Some aspects of sales haven’t changed. In fact, some things are now more important than ever if you intend to be an effective and successful sales leader.
Brian Tracy once said to be successful figure out our what the six most important things in your business are and focus on them daily. That was 20-some years ago. Today, you must focus on one thing.
As our industry changes we sales leaders need to be aware of new resources which can help us stay relevant to our companies and/or clients. Two new resources I encourage you to investigate are SalesTribe and SwarmSales. Each are focused on helping you operate effectively at the leading edge of sales.
The Sandler Sales System was developed in 1967 by David Sandler. 50 years later, with millions trained, the Sandler system is still very effective. What is unique about Sandler its emphasis on the qualification stage rather than the closing stage. And, if done correctly, the prospect will close themselves and move the transaction forward.
Review: SPIN Selling

Review: SPIN Selling


On this episode I share my thoughts on SPIN Selling. The premise of SPIN Selling is questions persuade more powerfully than any other form of verbal behavior. The SPIN sequence was developed after the researchers watched more than 30,000 sales calls. They noticed the successful sellers didn’t just ask random questions but that there was a distinct pattern to the questions they asked. Have a listen then grab a copy of this sales classic.
Review: SNAP Selling

Review: SNAP Selling


The first sales methodology I’ll review is SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath, first published in 2010. SNAP Selling is first about understanding how the frazzled customer thinks. They are overwhelmed and have limited time. SNAP Selling is a framework to begin understanding how the buyer thinks, how to put them in the right frame of mind to be receptive to learning about your offering and how to gain insights that will help put you in the best position to win the business.
Each day over the next 14 days I’ll analyze one of 10 popular sales methodologies. Then I’ll share which I believe are the top three and why. Finally, I’ll reveal which one I believe is foundational and why. It will be fun and informative. Thank you for listening!
Cover a lot in this episode. Last week at Funnel Hacking Live was a terrific introduction into increasing conversions using sales funnels. In coming weeks I’ll be breaking down the Top 10 Sales Methodologies in use today. Also - and always - exploring Leadership as a way to become a sales leader.
If you’ve been in sales for 10 or more years you’ve seen how dramatically B2B sales has changed in that time. Interruption sales tactics ie. “ambushing” the prospect by cold calling is no longer effective. Sending cold email is almost as bad as prospects receive in many cases hundreds of emails per day and aggressive filters have you in junk mail more often than not. You’ve got to find other ways to schedule time with your prospect and of course you need to make a great first impression but also need to know how to manage the call. There is a lot to this. Focusing on your professional development is a key part in becoming an effective B2B sales representative today.
I offer part-time sales management and sales person development services for business owners of small to medium-sized companies. On the podcast we’ll explore the ideas and tactics to grow sales and develop the effectiveness of your sales people.
The Importance of Follow-up

The Importance of Follow-up


I’m having success converting leads which had been marked as “not interested” in our CRM app. There are several reasons why someone may decline your proposal. But if enough has passed it may be worthwhile to circle back and see if they’re in a different frame of mind. You may secure the sale!
Situational Leadership is a framework which guides leaders in selecting the correct behavior to influence followers based on their readiness to complete a task. When applied to leading sales teams Situational Leadership can be used to incrementally improve the performance of the middle performers of your sales team.
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