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Author: Ross A. Cessna

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Inspiring Spirituality and Aiding Alchemy

Do you like spiritual topics but find most people in this circle miss the mark on a relatable and practical application?

Welcome to The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast an exploration of magickal, philosophical, and spiritual growth.

The exploration of these topics is achieved through interviews, discussions, and monologues.

The topics can range widely!!

Ross is a self-described techno shamanic gutter poet peddling his back alley philosophy and chaos magick infused spirituality.

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Episode 175 - Embracing the unknown allows for surprises
In the New Age we are often presented parroted ideology absent of actual substance. It’s uncommon to encounter individuals capable of exiting the carousel of conventional conversation of groupthink and braving the wilds of their own brain. Terence Mckenna said a shaman is the figure at the beginning of human history who unites the doctor, the scientist, and the artist into a single notion of care-giving and creativity. As we stand at a turning point in human history the shaman archetype is needed now more than ever before. Today’s guest, a modern mystic in her own right, embodies the traits of a true shaman and then some.Her presence is helping heal the collective consciousness by exposing the truth of her experience, she is a witness to the liminal space between our world and what lies beyond the veil, boasting a name that invokes the essence of an elvish warrior priestess while exhibiting a beauty that is only surpassed by the intrigue of her aura, her wealth of wisdom and her innate ability to positively impact our paradigm.An artistic essential oil apothecary, intuitive tarot reader, reiki healer and teacher.Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Eranah Adorjan.———————Eranah’s——————Ross’ Become a supporter of this podcast:
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