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Author: Adam Abdi Adam

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Inspirational stories from different Muslim Communities
29 Episodes
Saima Juneja is a life coach and author of The Muslim Advantage. To learn more about Saima's work please visit https://saimajuneja.com
 I was honoured to be featured on Born 2 Resilient show with Ayesha IkramAn amazing opportunity to share my story and experiences working on my public speaking and communication skills.👉 tune in here on Ayesha's FB page to join LIVE SHOWS on every Sunday at 4pm BST uploads episodes on her YouTube channel and Podcast within 48 hours of the broadcast. Do subscribe if you haven't done so already so you won't miss these episodes packed with wisdom and transformational gems :Youtube👉👉👉👉👉👉
Karamy Singateh is founder of Omar Consulting, where he helps Muslim consultants and coaches create, grow & automate their business within an Islamic framework. Brother Karamy Singateh holds a BA Degree in Islamic Studies.To learn more please visit
Cordelia Gaffar is award winning author and speaker, Certified in Sports Nutrition. Cordelia helps female entrepreneurs to replenish themselves so that they can stay in tuned with their mission and purpose and powerfully impact the world. For the past two years, she have hosted the Replenish Me podcast for which I have been nominated Podcaster of the learn more please visit
 Mirza Yawar Baig is the Founder & President of Yawar Baig & Associates. He is an international speaker, coach, trainer and facilitator, specializing in leadership in family businesses. To learn more please visitWebsite www.yawarbaig.comYouTube Channel Islamic Lectures Channel Leadership Lectures Author page: Books Quotes https://yawarbaig.tumblr.comLinkedIn Leadership is a Personal Choice is also on Google/Android on this link:
Robina is the world's first Inside-Out Happy Marriage Coach working with Muslim women. She supports unhappy, frustrated and angry Muslim wives to have a happy, harmonious and deep loving relationship with their husband.Robina is also a writer, speaker and the author ofWhen My Heart Was Unveiled.To learn more please visit If you want to get in touch with Robina feel free to send message to
Hafsah (the founder of The Confident Muslimah) is a Confidence coach, public speaker, community worker, entrepreneur and mum of 3 with a proven ability to help others find the best in themselves.  She has years of experience in delivering talks, running workshops and coaching women around the world. She is most passionate about helping women be comfortable in who they are, to help them push past any barriers holding them back and to raise their self-belief so they can take positive action towards their personal and professional goals with long-lasting confidence.To learn more about the work of sister Hafsah please 
Sister Kathryn Jones is the founder of the Back To The Fitrah Academy.  Her mission is to make a difference in the Muslim world by empowering Muslim adults and children to realise their potential through learning about the innate resilience and mental health that all human beings possess.To learn more about Kathryn's work, visit  
Wael Ibrahim is best known for his work on fighting the pleague of pornography addication and the harmful impacts of irresponsible media. He is international speaker, trainer, teacher and a certified a life coach. 
Ayesha Ikram is a transformative coach,speaker, facilitator and a Navigator within the NHS  She frequently appears on Islam channel Urdu in various TV shows, ‘As a Transformational Coach’ and a ‘Guest speaker ’, in which she aspires to change people’s lives through her powerful message of the Inside-Out Paradigm. She is also the founder of ‘Ayesha Ikram Transformative Coaching' and ‘Beyond Abundance’ Coaching Muslim Women. Her online training videos, webinars and podcasts are a source of inspiration for many Muslims and spiritual seekers of all faiths. To learn more visit 
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