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Author: Mike Mallow

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A West Virginian and a West Virginian in a strange new land. Will the miles erase the Mountain State memories?
60 Episodes
The finale.  Every new beginning (The Fossils) comes from some other beginning's end (West By Pod) It's been fun!
A recap of the last year of podcasting (404 file not found) • COVID • More on Sugar Grove Station • Sexy Pumpkin Content
UFOs. UFOs again. COVID. Politics. Will will admire this documentary forever.
55 - That's A Good Doc

55 - That's A Good Doc


This episode is a nerdcast. The greatest Christmas present in the world (arrived three days late) • Pokemon • Spoilers for Soul and WW84 • Bad and Good Double Features.
New show, new time zone. Snow • Toaster Maintenance • Shopping Cart Maintenance • Blame it on Butterball • Mike Makes a Right Our producer is Martha Williams.
The Final Episode. The Death of Crabapple Jim • Leaving West Virginia • Streaming (Star Wars, of course) • Halloween • Spooky Electoral College.
51 - SOLVED mysteries

51 - SOLVED mysteries


Robert Stack Eternal Voice • NEOWISE • Poo Bear, Eatin' the Poo Bear  • Billy Jeans
Dad Jokes • Bats and Social Distancing • Best Picture Winner Sonic the Hedgehog • BLM and West Virginia • Lost History Lessons • Dad Jokes
The Peperoni Roll Tree

The Peperoni Roll Tree


Hazel answers West Virginia trivia questions and tries to fly.
The Mask of Zero • There Can Be No Coke In Pendleton County • Murder Fans • Tiger King • Tom Sawyer’s Secret Island • Mask Control • Apocalypse Bingo
Grocery Store Strategem • Bidet logistics • Fallout 76 Fallout • Canceled Movies • Why Don’t Finger Fing? • Aunt Light Magenta • They Might Be Thespians • Despair This Pair • Let’s All Go To The Winchester And Wait For This Thing To Blow Over.
Corona • Legacies • March Marchness Bracket Rundown • What is a Bog? 
The Titular Question • Conspiracy Theories • McMillions • Horses • Girls • Horse Girls • Appalachian New Year • Sanctuary! • The Problem with the Second Amendment
Crabapple Jim on Evolution • Elementary PTSD • Mike and Jason Movie Review Hour (Won’t You Be My Neighbor, Parasite, Knives Out (again), Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, Doctor Sleep)
Taxes • Death • Taxes and Death • Death and Taxes • Taxes From Death • Doghouses • Raisins • Wizard of Oz for Some Reason • Household Tips with Crabapple Jim
Cat Attack! • Alternate Careers • QBasic • Feeling Old Again • Lemon & Chainsaw Table Read • Most West Virginia Things • Spousal Car Retrieval
The Inglorious Return of Crabapple Jim • Down with the Sickness • Lemon & Chainsaw • Part I of Up the Holler • Fandom's Exit Ramp • Introduction Etiquette 
The final regular episode of 2019. Episode Titles • Ghost Babies • Ghost Movies • Leaf or Squirrel? Sponsored by the Franklin Moose Lodge.
Via Frittata

Via Frittata


The kitten is fine now. Halloween Costumes • A real West Virginia Ghost Story • Climbing Seneca Rocks • Falling Down Via Feratta • Fall Traditions. Here's a link to the WV Ghost Story referenced.
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