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The Jamcast is a round table discussion previewing The Jambar’s stories for the week while also discussing local and national news. But that’s not all, The Jamcast will discus a wide variety of topical issues such as sports, opinion pieces and pop culture. Don’t miss The Jamcast on Thursday’s from 10am. The Jamcast, The Student Voice of Youngstown State University.
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On this week's episode: Rachel, Dante, Brent, Amanda and Briana discussed this week's stories in The Jambar, the upcoming homecoming activities at Youngstown State University and the two day fall break.Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
On this week's episode: Nate, Brent and Brian recapped the crazy MLB game 5's from the night before and talked NFL. Nate and Brent disused their trip to Iowa, visiting Notre Dame and the "Field of Dreams" movie set.Follow The Jambar Sports on Twitter @TheJambarSports
On this week's episode; Brent and Nate talked MLB post season and what teams they think will make it to the World Series. Also, the guys discussed their road trip to Northern Iowa for the first Missouri Valley Conference match-up of the season. Then, sports editor Brian Yauger called in to make his NFL game picks.Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
On this week's episode; Brent, Brian and Nate had a blast talking sports. Nate and Brian discussed their interview with Jeff "Money" Wilkins earlier that day and the boys recapped their NFL picks and made new ones for this week.Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar 
On this week's episode: Rachel Gobep, Brent Bigelow, Alyssa Weston, Dante Colella and Amanda Joerndt talked food, food and more food. With the Kitchen Post in Youngstown being named one of the top 31 restaurants in Ohio it sent the crew on a food conversation for the ages. Also, we discussed how the Newman Center has provided home-cooked meals to YSU student on every Wednesday for the last 40 years. And of course we talked so much more, take a listen to find out.Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambarYSU
On today's show; Brent Bigelow, Nate Hawthorne and Collin Headly discussed the MLB regular season quickly coming to and end, the NFL quarterback carousel and made their week three picks. The guys also discussed throwback NBA jerseys and the new 30 for 30 Dennis Rodman documentary. Don't forget to share this with your friends.Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambarYSU
On this week's episode of The Jamcast; Rachel, Brent, Alyssa, Amanda and Dante recapped the very exciting and eventful week in news. The San Fransisco 49ers were in town for the week as they practiced on the Youngstown State University soccer field and Ron "Jaws" Jaworski came to campus for an interview for JambarTV. And to keep with the theme of football, Amanda talk about local brewery, Penguin City Beer, selling their beer at Stambaugh Stadium. Alyssa talked about a local poet on campus and so much more.Don't forget to share the show and follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
Today on Igloo Review; Brent, Brian and Nathanael Hawthorne talked more Antonio Brown issues, the MLB, recapped last week's game picks and much more.Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
On today's Jamcast; Rachel Gobep, Alyssa Weston, Amanda Joerndt, Brent Bigelow and Dante Colella discussed the closing of The Vindicator and the effect on The Jambar. They also talked about the special Vindicator issue of The Jambar the staff made to honor the legacy of Youngstown's city paper. Also, Rachel, Alyssa and Dante discussed the behind-the-scenes of JambarTV and how it was created and the growth of the multi-media journalists. Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambar
Igloo Review is back! Brian Yauger, Brent Bigelow and Dom Joseph discussed the legacy of The Vindicator's sports section. Brian Yauger had the chance to talk to Vindy sports editor Ed Puskus about his time at the newspaper. Then the guys picked high school football games and discussed the NFL's season opener and also made their picks.Follow The Jambar on Twitter @TheJambarYSU
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