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Author: Nathalie Savell

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Welcome to the Step-mom Strong podcast! Where Step-moms come to get growth-oriented support, tips and tricks as they navigate the complex terrain of blended family life. Show notes can be found at
21 Episodes
Sometimes the most loving, healthy approach is to back off and REALLY recognize that your stepkids are not your kids. Lori explains why and how helpful this method can be. Be sure to check out her podcast, the Nachokids podcast at!
Casey is an amazing positive discipline parenting coach with 2 teenagers of her own with such good wisdom about connecting with kids and the importance of building relationships. It's especially helpful to hear her perspective on the kids that are the most difficult to connect with! Find more from her on the Joyful Courage Podcast.
How to Shift from Victim to Empowered regardless of your challenges! Using the concept of thoughts become things to Empower yourself as a Step-mom with Julie Kleinhans, of Successful Kids Revolution.
The process of hanging in there, and when you're in it for the wrong reasons!
How to you raise your kids to have a healthy relationship with sex and make sure they're not getting the wrong ideas? Dr. Lanae (aka Mama Sutra) answers this and more on today's interview!
I had a blast in this interview with Naja Hall as she discusses how she overcame her Stepmom challenges, her phenomenal book, "Girl, Bye" and the type of work she now does with stepfamilies.
Tracy is an amazing Step-mom Coach with SO MUCH experience regarding parental alienation and wisdom that she's come to so many trials and tribulations! Can't wait for you to hear this!!!
Ready to leave overwhelm, self-doubt and resentment behind? Ready to enjoy your romantic relationship and feel like yourself again?
I absolutely loved this interview with Step-mom expert Nancy Landrum and could so relate to her story! She speaks so powerfully about how her love was so lost in resentment and parenting conflicts and what she and her husband did to repair their relationship. Very powerful stuff!
Hear from the Empowered Stepmom Squad- their tips and tricks for successful blended family holidays!
Comments (3)

Abigail Van Maaren

I'll be listening to this episode again with my hubby!!!❤️ so much good info!!! and so applicable

Jul 11th

Amanda Roney

This recording is blank?

Mar 13th

Amanda Roney

I really like this podcast, but the audio is really bad sometimes. It can be really hard to hear, so you turn up the volume and then it gets super loud.

Mar 12th
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