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This episode is about risk-taking! --- Support this podcast:
This is a recording from the Progressive COGIC Sunday Night Bible Studies series, featuring Sister Icelisia Tolbert. --- Support this podcast:
This is a recording from the Progressive COGIC Sunday Night Bible Studies series, featuring Sister Icelisia Tolbert. --- Support this podcast:
Are you a fiery e-mail sender? I used to be one of those folks too! In this episode, I share some ways that I have become more thoughtful in my approach to addressing this when emotions are high! --- Support this podcast:
I didn’t know what to name this episode but I discuss the miracle God performed for me this weekend, the pastor’s sermon last Sunday, historic black women like Dawn Staley, Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Heaux Tales, Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination, and Willard Carroll Smith, II. --- Support this podcast:
If you are like me, you start the year with a refreshed perspective on what's possible. The change of the calendar year offers the possibility of something new and exciting. There is something amazing about a fresh start. Then, the realities of life set in. Before you know it, it's February and things have gone back to what they were the year before. It doesn't take long before you hear yourself saying, "I can't wait until this year is over!" With Spring blooming, we have the opportunity to re-center ourselves in our goals, reevaluate our expectations, and prayerfully consider the direction we will take in our lives, relationships, careers, and overall wellbeing! Twitter: @SWSthePodcast Instagram: @SWSPodcast Facebook: @SWSPodcast --- Support this podcast:
Freedom to Focus #140

Freedom to Focus #140


God gave me the freedom I needed to focus through some unlikely and uncomfortable circumstances. I get it now! I am praying and sharing with others who may be in similar seasons of life. --- Support this podcast:
My trip to Bath and Body Works helped me to realize that we often forget about Black-Owned businesses. This is my tribute to them. Buy a black-owned candle rather than participating in the prostituting of Black culture at big box stores. --- Support this podcast:
Dream Anyway #138

Dream Anyway #138


DO you remember the story in the Bible about Joseph, Jacob’s son? Joseph was eventually sold into slavery by his brothers, manipulated by his owner’s wife and eventually vindicated and promoted. Joseph had a gift for dreaming and interpreting dreams. It created a stumbling block for him among those that were supposed to love him the most. “HERE COMES THAT DREAMER," they said when the see him come from afar off. --- Support this podcast:
A sermon preached on January 30, 2022, at the Progressive Church of God In Christ in Sacramento, CA. --- Support this podcast:
Your church needs a communications strategy. That's more than a few social media pages. You need an intentional way to keep your membership informed and embraced. Listen to learn more! E-mail me: Twitter: @SWSthePodcast Instagram: @SWSPodcast Facebook: @SWSPodcast --- Support this podcast:
What did David mean in Psalm 23:5 when he said "my cup runneth over?" Over the last few weeks, I’ve endeavored to enjoy a cup of coffee at home. While I’ve had one or two slip-ups, I’ve been relatively successful. In an effort to encourage me, I’ve purchased a variety of flavored non-dairy creamers and themed mugs. I forgot what was on the cup when it took it out of the cabinet, rinsed it, and placed it on the Keurig plate. My goal was to make half of a cup because it was pretty late at night. After the coffee brewed, I noted the sheer irony…. A half-empty cup of coffee in a cup with the words, “my cup runneth over.” Naturally, my mind wandered and I started asking questions? What did David mean in Psalm 23:5? --- Support this podcast:
This is an edited version of a lesson shared on Sunday, January 9, 2022. The lesson chronicles the experience of Jacob, who is on a journey back to his hometown of Beersheba. God interrupts his trip in an unexpected way, building upon the promise he made to Jacob's father and grandfather. I discuss how we can use Jacob's experience to better understand the "why" of the seasons we endure. --- Support this podcast:
I watched all of the seasons of Insecure and am so sad to see it go! In this episode, I recap my experience with the last season and discuss some takeaways that resonated with me. --- Support this podcast:
Whatever system hurts you will generally become the target you point at when the next system makes you feel liberated. True liberation is when you are free from systems and targets! When God gives me the grace and strength to forgive the people who hurt me in my last system, HE even frees me from the system that manipulated my vulnerability. MY pain is just gonna be my testimony. Not my weapon. I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m trying to live healed. Source: Article --- Support this podcast:
This is a sermon I preached on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at the Progressive Church. --- Support this podcast:
This episode was recorded on December 13, 2021. --- Support this podcast:
I'm handing out tips for getting in the Christmas mood! --- Support this podcast:
The Sacramento Airport had my car towed. I wanted to share some transparent thoughts about how I have been dealing with it. --- Support this podcast:
Thanksgiving Etiquette is essential... I gotta say what some of y'all may not have heard but need to know! Check out my original Thanksgiving episode, too! It's episode #127. --- Support this podcast:
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